I Can't Feel My Hair!

Discussion in 'Rants and Venting' started by Women's Hair Loss Project, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Women's Hair Loss Project

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    I thought I'd start off this rant forum with something that has ALWAYS bothered me since the first year of losing my hair. I noticed that as it got thinner I began to not actually be able to FEEL it. It's funny how we take that foregranted. The feeling of the weight of our hair. I have sort of gotten used to that for the most part, but the part that seems to nag me is that I can't push any hair behind my ear, because that the sides and over density of my hair is so thin, there isn't enough thickness to do that simple thing.:mad:

    It was particularly irritating to me the last few days and this morning so I'd thought I'd share that here.
  2. bflygirl

    bflygirl New Member

    I that have issue too Y on the top of my head. It's "breezier" up there. When I wear headbands I feel a little more secure (added weight?) but lately I've stopped wearing them for fear I was pulling out more hairs taking them on/off.
  3. Women's Hair Loss Project

    Women's Hair Loss Project Administrator Staff Member

    Funny you mention headbands, I used to would wear those too for extra "FEELING" however since my hair is pretty thin, they start to feel itchy and scratchy against my scalp, so I too have ceased to use them.
  4. lisa1969

    lisa1969 New Member

    I miss the "cushion" I used to have at the back of my head. Now, all I can feel is skull. I used to have layers of hair there and now it feels so strange without it. And when I'm out walking my dog, I can definitely feel the breeze a lot more than I used to. :mad:
  5. Women's Hair Loss Project

    Women's Hair Loss Project Administrator Staff Member

    What about drops of rain.. GRRRR

    OMG!! YES! Skull feeling, I was just reflecting on that this morning as I touched the back of my head. Where is the hair padding? I could have swore I used to have some. :rolleyes:

    I feel the breeze and I feel drops of water on my scalp even if there is a slight drizzle. It's incredibly aggravating... then I see this girl:

    http://forum.womenshairlossproject.com/showthread.php?t=86 and I get inspired.
  6. VictoriaG

    VictoriaG New Member

    And after washing it?

    I have a turbie towel I used way back, when I had so much hair that twisting the stupid thing hurt my head because there was just too much hair in there. Now I gently put it on my head, pat my hair - and it feels like it's laying on bare scalp. My hair dries naturally in the same amount of time I used to spend blow drying it!
  7. finaleofseem

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    My dry time is quickly diminishing, too. I've kept my hair short for the past few years to give it some volume, but it's depressing to come out of the shower and see that I'm not imagining things -- it really is thinning.

    I don't think I've used a blow dryer on my hair in almost a year now, both because it reminds me of how thick it used to be, and I'm worried about doing damage. It's the little things like that I miss the most.
  8. kawawa

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    I must admit that before I got the topper that I hadn't "felt" my hair in years! I couldn't do anything with it. I couldn't pull it back because my hair was receding like a man. I can also remember when my hair got super thin and I joined a tanning salon to tan my skull because it look so white it was a grayish ball with my thinning hair growing out of it! I covered my whole body up with towel and clothes in the tanning booth and tried like hell to sit under it to make my skull a different color. I did this every day for 30 days. Sadly, it did not work at all. I am certain the tanning people thought I was like super human because I never got a tan. They refunded my membership without asking a question.
  9. happytobeme

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    confessions of a bald girl

    It's amazing how we take the "feeling of hair" for granted. I can't get past it. I used to throw my hair up in a messy bun or pony tail while washing my face before going to bed. Then when I'd crawl into bed, I'd pull the pony tail holder out and throw it on the floor to collect the next morning. Every night, I still reach for the at ponytail holder because I'm so used to it. Despite no hair, I still have to use shampoo AND conditioner on my bald scalp. I just can't get out of the habit. *LOL* This is a vent page and I've turned my post into "confessions of a bald girl".:)
  10. Angela

    Angela Moderator

    For the longest time I used to go to bed and pull my hair up before laying my head down on the pillow, and when I shaved it off, I was still going for my hair as though I had something to pull up before laying down.
    Now my hair is starting to be able to move in the wind or breeze so when it does, I feel like I have a creepy crawler in my hair. I keep scratching and moving it my hair because I think there is a spider or something there. Nothings there though...just gotta get used to feeling it move again.

    The worse thing about losing all your hair on your head and body is that you usually can't feel when something is crawling on you. I hated that.
  11. fragile

    fragile New Member

    safety blanket

    i used to love falling asleep on the train, my thick black curls were a perfect cushion, now i feel my skull on the window glass, and cant stop thinking about it, and also dont want to lean on my hair too much to not lose the little volume i still have :( argh this makes me want to just die :(
  12. divinem

    divinem New Member

    Wow, I never even considered this. :( I'm sorry for your frustration. Thank you for sharing it, so I know what I'm up against as this condition progresses, if it progresses -- who the hell knows. :mad:

  13. fragile

    fragile New Member

    fingers crossed it wont progress hun or they would come up with some break thru invention soon :)
  14. kellyjean

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    I can def relate. I used to wear my hair up in a pony all night because I hate how hot I used to get with my hair down. The ironic thing thing is, I used to HATE my thick hair, going to the hair cutter's and asking them to thin it out with layers. Now that it's actually thinning and falling out, it's all I can do to not break down.

    Haha, I hate it when it's windy as well (used to love it). I actually hold on to it because I'm afraid the wind will rip more away. LOL.
  15. KathyLI

    KathyLI New Member

    Sadly- I was just thinking that yesterday as well. The wind blew and I went to put my hair behind my ears and - nothing. I used to not be able to fit it behind my ear :( I feel it at the ends in the back as well- nothing there. Hopefully the day will get better...........
  16. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys New Member

    I agree with no cusion. I feel no cushion just a fine layer of hair over skull. When I wash it there is not much to lather it's like someone plucked out evenly 60% of my hair all over the whole head.