I don't know what to do anymore. :( Please read...

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    My dermatologist told me to go on 5% of mens rogaine for my "normal mild thinning" (was August 2013) at the time. I was experiencing a lot of hair loss and I thought it could be the consequence of my using antidepressants in the past in addition to Accutane. After Accutane ( February 2012) I noticed a lot of thinning but nothing compared to what I have been experiencing this past year...

    After using Rogaine, my hair started falling out in clumps so I stopped using that (was on it for 20 days)... If it was so normal why did she put me on such a harsh treatment? My hair was way better off before Rogaine vs. after Rogaine. :(:(:(

    Since then there has been more and more hair loss. Now I am starting to think that it could be the birth control I am on. I was switched to a generic form of Yaz after Apri last July. They say it can take 3 - 6 months for it to be fully in your system so it would make sense, but then again Rogaine is what really did it so I don't know. The only reason I am on birth control is to help regulate my periods. I am scared to go off of it because I feel like everything may go to hell (hormones, mood, and acne coming back...)

    At the same time, I am sick of losing hair! I am only 26 and I used to have 3x the amount of hair than I do now...

    I am afraid that if I don't do something it will continuously fall out. I can't take it anymore. I am crying right now because I feel so helpless.

    It's frustrating and I feel like doctor's don't help. The last time I saw one she told me to use Rogaine, which destroyed me. After all that hair loss, I don't think it ever restored back to what it was...

    So right now I am trying to find somewhere different other than Aurora to go, to see a dermatologist. I know some do full head exams, and I want this to be done!

    Can anyone please recommend a good place to go? I live in Milwaukee, WI.

    I hate when people say oh stop worrying about it, that only makes it worse. I am literally losing 2-3 clumps a day and I am at the end of my rope. I need to see someone, or talk to someone..., do something in addition to doing more research on my own.

    For those of you in my boat, what kind of vitamins do you take daily? What shampoo, or conditioner? I take biotin, fish oil, vitamin d, in addition to a women's supplement which actually has vitamin d (1600 iu) and biotin (300 mcg) in it. Could I be over doing it? How much is needed? I will look this up as well, because maybe overdoing it with vitamins could be harmful... Doctors Ive had in the past said that it was fine to take an additional vitamin d and biotin supplement because once your body gets what it needs, the rest gets kicked out...


    I exercise a lot, and did lose a lot of weight in the last three years, but its been a slow weight loss process so I don't see why that would dramatically affect my hair. I eat decent, always can do better but I get a lot of veggies and fruit, protein shakes, chicken, Almond Milk..., etc. Overall, a good diet.

    Thank you,

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    have you had your ferritin checked? if its low 40 or under it can cause shedding. im so sorry i know exactly how you feel! its terrifying and the doctors dont treat it seriously. when it ruins your life and quality of living then it is important! also red meat is very important to eat. execising can decrease ferritin levels so you may need a supplement. id ask your gp about your ferritin level. u tube it theres lots of info on u tube. good luck and were here for you :)
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    Thanks TwinMom

    No I haven't had that checked. I've never heard of it. When I see a dermatologist I will bring this up. Wouldn't you think it would be common sense for them to check anything relating to hair loss? It's just frustrating that doctors don't take this seriously. And it is ruining my life. I don't feel attractive or like myself. I've just been in a weird fog the last couple of years.

    I want to be hopeful but at the same time feel hopeless. :(

    Thanks again for your response.
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    surprisingly many doctors wont check.ferritin and if they do theyll tell you 12-100 is normal but no its not! low ferritin can cause anemia and hairloss. i was losing mine in clumps and found out i was at 9! 40 and above is normal but over 70 is optimal. im taking liquid iron 325 mg twice a day but its important to do this thru your doctor as too much can ruin your liver. always go thru your doctor. you get a blood test for it. hugs and vent anytime. you can buy hair clip in toppers to add thickness and disguise thiness while your hair shedding tappers off.
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    u tube telegen effluvium. it sounds like you have that and the good news us it usually grows back. id not make too many changes. the rogaine made my hair fall out too and drued out so i stopped.
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    also if your dermotologist doesnt help you look into an endocrinologist they look at hormones and your system as a whole. bloodwork etc
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    Well maybe I will just find one of those instead of seeing a regular doctor about this because I have a feeling I will get no where.

    I will definitely look into this.

    Thanks again!
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    Isn't telegen effluvium after a hair transplant, additional hair loss as a result of the transplant?
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    TE can happen as a result of many things...post partum,stress,illness,surgery,low ferritin and hair transplants. its when a lot if hairs go.into a resting phase then.shed so as a result theres more shedding tham growing. thats where the hair becomes thinner density. it can last many months but it usually grows back
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    Hello Michelle if you are thinking it is the bcp it very well may be. I know that's what happened to me , you may have a shed coming off but then you will be off and finished . Biotin and iron are good to take . It is your decision to make and I know it is not an easy one . Hugs Debbie
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    What does this mean?
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    Twinmom - thanks again. The "resting phase" sounds like what my hairs been going through. I just hope it grows back. The Rogaine made my hair a lot worse and it hasn't been the same; however my hair looked decent for a short period of time after (I was using thinning hair products from Lush.) But after that it went to completely lifeless and got to the point where I didn't want to wear it down because it would get all over, plus it just doesn't look nice at all.

    The shedding/resting would make sense. A few people that do hair that I know suggested that this could be the case...

    What kind of shampoo/cond would you recommend using? Honestly I don't want to touch my hair at all.;( It just looks dirty, I don't wash it everyday, just every two or three days but it looks bad...

    I can't stand the thought of losing anymore.

    It just seems like there could be so many different causes. What kind of dermatologist would I have to see? I have to figure out what my insurance covers. Shouldn't each doctor specify in their specialty or area of expertise?

    I am not interested in going on any drugs or harsh chemicals like Rogaine so would they really be able to help me?

    It's worth having my blood levels checked, I will just have to be more specific about what I want to be done.

    Anyway please for those of you that can relate please let me know what your regimen is like with shampoo and conditioning, foods you eat, vitamins you take, etc. We need to help and support each other. I trust you guys more than doctors. The last time I went to one I did Rogaine then lost chunks of my hair...

    Thanks again Twinmom.

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    BCP is an abbreviation for Birth Control Pill
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    mrvitous26 - I'm also coming off of Rogaine, its just not worth to me. Made my hair even worse than it was before. I'm also shedding now 75 hairs today I counted. I'm using an onion treatment to try and control the excess shedding as much as possible. My temples are getting bald but I knew this would happen.

    I've read on several threads on different hair forums that you have to just stick it out until your hair cycle stabilizes and then you should resume normal hair growth. I'm going to get back on Viviscal because I feel like it help control shedding in the past. Shedding will slow down but the worst period is having your scalp push out all the hair that was dependent on Rogaine, and that may take a several weeks (I believe that say it take 4 months for the hair to start a new hair growing cycle).

    Just try to find natural herbs or vitamin that may help to decrease the shedding (biotin, stinging nettle). Do some research and see what herb help with hair growth. You can also use essential oils that help promote hair growth as well. That's what I'm trying to do. Use natural shampoos. I use Shea Moisture products because they are all natural and does not contain harsh chemicals. They sell them at Target and Walmart.

    Do everything you can naturally to control the amount you shed, I don't think you can stop it but if you can lower the amount of hair shed from Rogaine, that would be idea until your new hair cycle starts.

    These doctors are clueless and will only point you to chemical treatments, so don't waste your time.
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    Debbad- what antibiotic did you use for Folliciulitis? I wanted to start one tomorrow. I have amoxicillin. Please help if you can.
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    Thanks for this. Sorry I never responded. I guess I'm just so tired of thinking about this. :(

    Well the hair loss keeps getting worse. I saw another dermatologist and she wants me to get blood work done to check ferritin, thyroid, and anemia...

    If those turn out okay then I'm scheduled next Wednesday to have them do the scalp test. It's supposed to identify what the problem is. I'm hoping that once I know what the name of my condition is, I will be able to move forward.

    So many people told me to "stop stressing" or thinking about it. What's going on has to do with much more than stress. Besides, overall I don't really feel stressed. It's just frustrating when people make assumptions. Turns out this is some sort of medical condition. I shouldn't have put this off, but I'm glad that I went to see a better doctor. Thinking about all the potential things that this could be is only driving me crazy. Thanks again everyone for your support. You have no idea how much it means to me.

    I feel pretty low and like a huge piece of me is gone.

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    I too, stress about it continually. It is pretty scary and not knowing exactly why it is happening or if/when it will stop is literally terrifying to me. I have felt guilty about my feelings and have even been told - at least you don't have cancer - believe me I know I am fortunate to not have cancer but that does not mean my stress, fear and concern are not legitimate. I have found that researching everything has helped me to control my emotions. I am waiting for a return call from a dermatologist with the Cleveland Clinic specializing in hair loss but have been told it may be 6+ months before I get an appointment. Try to keep your thoughts positive....hope you get a diagnosis. Knowing is the first step to healing.
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    I'm just a newbie so I don't know squat. I just bought some Biotin today as well as some vitamin d as I read they helped. I did want to say though that it was cool to see so some from my neck of the woods! I'm from Milwaukee as well and around your same age.
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    Hi there, I am also from the Milwaukee area and I am going through the same thing. I believe mine may have been accutane induced. I am losing my hair along with my eyebrows. It's not alopecia areata either as I have been tested for that. The doctor says it's telogen effluvian, but I do not believe this is so. I stopped Accutane almost 2 years ago and it didn't start falling out until about 6 months after I stopped taking it. I read a very scary article here http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/v124/n6/full/5602839a.html regarding the effects of Accutane on hair. What I gather from it is that it causes cell death.