I don't know whether I'm losing hair, or if I have lost hair or my hair is just thin

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    Hello, I'm 23 years old. I don't live in the US, so medical care here is not really that good, and it seems hair loss in women is less common around here (I live in a South American country).

    I never paid much attention to my hair until I was a teenager. Then I realized I had less hair than most girls my age, but I didn't really care that much about it, I kinda just accepted that I had genetically thin hair. My dad is going bald, my mom has thin hair... and so does my sister. So I thought nothing about it, but lately, it has been bothering me, because I've started noticing just how much hair I shed in the shower or when I comb my hair. Also because I can't really style my hair. So I feel, in a way, unwomanly and cheated by nature :(. Especially because most women around here have really thick hair and they seem to take their hair for granted, and some have commented with surprise at just how thin my hair is. Even my 85 year old grandma has a full, thick head of silvery curls, which I wish I'd inherited.

    I guess I've always shed this amount of hair because I don't feel "balder" than I did at 17, which is when I first started noticing how bad my hair is. Now I've realized, though, that I have some sort of sebum build up thing going on in my scalp... I wash daily and still if I scratch my scalp I have this sticky thing that sometimes hardens in little bumpy things that come with tiny baby hairs attached... so maybe this is contributing to my hair loss? I've always had dandruff control problems, but I'd never really paid attention to this "goo".

    I only have one bald spot but that's a result of a scar I got after I got chicken pox at 19, I got a really bad clump of "pox" right on my hairline and it left an ugly, big white scar, where I have no hair on, and on the surrounding area I have less hair.

    Anyway, I found a picture of when I was like 2 or 3 years old, and maybe it's my imagination, but it seems I had at least normal density. I think I've always had fine hair that tangles really easily, because my mom made me wear my hair short to prevent tangling problems (and the associated crying fits when detangling) when I was a child. I can't really remember how my hair was back then because as I child of course I didn't pay attention to my hair. Here is a comparative picture of when I was 3 y/o, and a current picture.

    I'm pulling my hair down in the second pic so you can see how wide my natural part is. My hair color also seems to have lightened, or maybe it's because of the light. Anyway my color is about the only thing I like baout my hair.

    As far as health is concerned, I've been on the pill since I was 19 and I haven't noticed any good or bad side effects. I never had irregular periods and when I first went to the gynaecologist he said I was really healthy, he actually prescribed my birth control without even doing bloodwork. But... he did diagnose me with insulin resistance. I've heard that insulin resistance can be linked to hair loss, but I've met many women with IR and no hair loss. Even women with thyroid problems and IR and no thin hair! Then again my mom and sister, who have very thin hair too, also have IR (more severe than mine) and they have PCOS. Well, my mom had her uterus and ovaries removed, but my sister struggles with PCOS, and she does have less hair than I do which is understandable because I don't have PCOS.

    Aside from my parents and sister, nobody else in the family seems to have alopecia, at least my cousins who are around my age dont. The only relative that I remember had alopecia was my maternal grandad.

    I also have quite a tight scalp which I've heard is linked to thin hair, but I don't know whether scalp flexibility is something genetic or it changes with time.

    I don't know whether my hair is like this just because I was born with fewer follicles than normal in my scalp, or because I lost hair at an early age and didn't notice. I would like to know, but don't know what to do. I also wish to know if I'm currently losing hair, but I'm scared of going to the dermatologist because I fear they'll either tell me there's no hope for me, or that they won't take me seriously. Sadly in my country women's hair loss is not even discussed so I fear the latter situation may happen to me. I'm obssessing so much about my hair, I'm getting really bitter that I had to be one of the rare females who have such little hair, who can't style it, etc. I mean, now I'm scared og losing hair, because I guess I could live with the amount of hair I currently have (though I'd love to have THICK hair!) as long as I knew it's not falling, but I'm scared that i may be losing hair and that i don't know and that maybe I'll be bald by 30... and I don't want that :(

    Sorry this was so long, but I'm really desperate.
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    I'm 23 too. I know how you feel, and my part looks similar to yours. I completely obsessed for months about it, talked about it nonstop to the point of annoying people, and couldn't stop running my hands through my hair to see if hair came out (it always did).

    I realized though, and it might just be something that has to 'click' in you... you will not go bald overnight. You just won't. So don't worry about that.

    Buy Nizoral shampoo. You can really only get it online I think because there is a shortage right now. It blocks DHT and it has helped a bit. It definitely does not leave that greasy film on your head if you don't wash for a couple days. I like it a lot.

    I found out I have a mild thyroid problem that may or may not be contributing to the hair loss... I just started medication for it, so we will see.

    Good luck :)
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    I think we might be in the same boat. I'm 35, but have had baby fine hair for as long as I can remember. Like you, it seemed "normal" when I was little, but probably by some time in middle school I started to feel like I was the only one of my classmates with hair as thin as mine.

    Fast forward to today. It is still very fine, and after around 32 I felt like it got more fine. I think some stressful life things contributed to that, as well as most likely change in hormones. I don't have alopecia, my blood work comes back normal, I lead a healthy lifestyle and generally try to stick to natural methods.

    Do you see signs of alopecia on your scalp or do you think you just have chronically thin baby fine hair? I've had a hard time finding anyone with hair like mine, to talk about solutions and what we can do to help it, so if you think you're in the same boat as me, lets keep in touch. I've experimented with a few things and have found some that appear to be working... If you go to my profile, you can see the threads I've posted about it.

    Until then, stay strong! Don't get bitter, there's no time for that! It will cause unnecessary stress, which could cause hair loss.