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    My trichologist is confident that I have CTE due to low ferritin (22) and low vitamin D (34). I don't have visible thinning or a thinning crown or a wider part line but I have lost around 40% of my density and my part line has extended. My hairline has thinned out too.

    I can't stop reading people's horrible stories about AGA although I have no family history of hair loss. I dont even have a scalp problem but I can't stop feeling depressed.
    For example, I imagine how I would get a new trigger from stopping birth control pills after being on it for the first time for 6 weeks. My trichologist said that the pill probably wont even be as effective as I have only been on it for such small amount of time. And i do know only around 30% of women have hair loss problem due to BCP, but i can't stop worrying unnecessarily.

    I imagine how all the horrbile things happened on other people would eventually come to me. I thought I could feel better by reading HL forum, but I feel worse and worse and can't not get rid of it, even though my friends and boyfriend have been telling me to stop reading negative things.

    I am very impatient too. Have been taking prescribed meds to treat my low ferritin and low VD and havnt' got tremendous success yet.

    And now my hair is doing some weird thing to me, like if i stay over at my bf's, i lose around 10 - 20 in the morning, but only 2 if i stay over at mine!!!!
    I lost 10 - 20 less on shower day now so i shed around 40 to 50 and another 20 - 40 during the day.
    I shed probably 40 - 50 during the day recently at my bf's which has freaked me out. It;s like my hair doesnt want me to be with him but I really need his support and company.

    I know everyone on this forum is very friendly and helpful but I do feel very depressed after reading what people have been through. :(
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    Awww i totally can relate ive done this too. you see scary pics and stories etc but you can over obsess and that may not even be your situation.i try to balance it out by reading success stories. Google telogen effluvium recovery and read the stories that inspire. Dont lose hope. the amount of shed you described is actually not too bad. have you tried oils on your scalp at night. they can help. i use a hairloss mixture i bought.
    Dont over obsess for all the extreme cases out there there are even more recovery stories as well :) if it gets too upsetting maybe consider talking to a counsellor it can help reduce the anxiety . hugs
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    Thank you so much Twinmom! Im very concerned that low iron and low VD are not the only triggers of my hair loss. My shedding is not too bad but my hair is getting thinner day by day. My hair is not regrowing as much and I have developed depression from HL :(
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    A lot of us are in the same boat, sweetheart. I got the vitamin D and Iron under control but still dealing with scalp pain (inflammation) and I don't know what the hell is triggering the inflammation. So off to get my thyroid tested and testosterone levels tested yet again to see if there are any new developments I need to be aware of now that my iron and Vitamin D are at the healthy range. Don't give up because I haven't. My shedding has also reduced now that my Vitamin D level is up to 59 from 7 and I see hair coming in on my tempers but my front hairline and top of my head are in very poor shape and I don't see any regrowth in those areas. I still also have pain in that areas as well. So as long as the scalp pain is there I'm not hopeful of regrowth until that is addressed. :(
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    Cant find success story page