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    Not true!!

    i know what you're thinking is common but it is not true. when i ran to my hair stylist to get it cut i also got it colored....i felt like a new woman so i had to do something rewarding! then i had to go every 4 weeks to cover that darn grey (im 43) at my roots. keep in mind i never had hair loss i had hair that ALWAYS shed after it reached maybe 3 inches. my gray roots were always coming in after 4 weeks of me doing root touch up myself. so maybe for those who were going bald this could be true but even though i felt as if i were going bald, i wasn't. my crown was completely covered...it just looked like crap! had i gone real real short nobody would have ever noticed but i refused to go short. and even if i did the shedding would still go on so i would still have 200-400 hairs falling so by keeping it as long as i could i could pin it up to prevent hair from being all over the place. it was awful, i hate thinking about it:(
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    Elizabeth, so you never had diffuse thinning at the crown, or a widening part?
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    My hair shedding was ALL over and no widening part because it always grew but then fell out after 2-3 inches so if I had cut it short I would look normal.
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    UH OH!! lost a lot of my hair but this time it was my fault!

    the story has a happy ending but i almost died a few weeks ago! i had all these long beautiful curls and i decided to celebrate by getting bright red streaks...my stylist had to bleach those streaks prior to applying the bright red dye and it looked fantastic. until about 4 days later when all of a sudden i began to shed and shed and shed - i thought this cannot be happening to me, my ferritin is up WTF????? about 10 days after my hair dye all my long curls were gone and i had to get my hair cut short. that morning i cried so hard (which i NEVER do) b/c i finally got my hair back and now this? my dr told me it was definitely an allergic reaction to the bleach & then being under the blow dryer plus the moment i got my hair dyed my scalp was really itchy. i never had that reaction before. i was beyond scared that it would never stop shedding but it recently has. she told me it could take 6 months for a scalp to heal but im hopeful its less time. my grays started coming in so i did my own color at home last night and for the first time ever my scalp started to burn a bit...i usually do a box home color every 4 weeks to cover any grays coming in. at first i thought it was something i did wrong - my iron/my lysine - but now i know it was that damn bleach! thank goodness! now i know i will never get streaks again i am very happy with dark brown locks :)

    has this ever happen to any of you? if so how long for your scalp to be healthy again? i am doing deep protein treatments so now my hair has never been shinier and it is growing back fast...oh yeah my dr suggested taking folic acid in addition to my daily biotin to get longer hair faster and i think it's very effective. ive added that to my daily routine.
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    hi elisabeth...im so sorry this happened to you :( at least you kmow to steer clear of harsh processing. what about colored hair extensions for highlights or lowlights?

    unrelated but what was your ferritin cocktail again? i was tested and my ferritins decrrasing! im so discouraged ive taken my iron pills faithfully as well as iron rich foods
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    ferritin cocktail:
    ferrous fumarate+500mg Lysine+1,000mg Vitamin C


    have you been doing this? if so, for how long?

    right now my ferritin is around 115, up from 31 (when i was losing 200-300+ hairs daily). the shedding completely stopped around 6 weeks after i began the cocktail 2x a day at which point my ferritin was around 50.
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    by the way, i do not believe i would have had the success i did if i did not take lysine 2x a day.
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    Elisabeth- can you go into a little more detail, ie: how much Ferrous Fumarate and what protein treatment you are using? thanks
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    hi elisabeth...in all honesty ive only taken one 325mg at night with l lysine and have ate during that time. i got lazy. before i was strict and knly drank with oranje juice. i guess i need to buckle down and stick to how youve taken it. i did get the go ahead to double up on the iron supps. did you do twice a day with l lysine or three a day? thx :)
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    Hi All,

    In December my ferritin was 11, i got it up to 28 as of last week. my derm wants me between 70 and 100. I will be taking ferrous gluconate (recommended because of stomach issues) once a day, along with vitamin c (in form of emergen-c drink), and l-lysine 1000mg. I also use Rogaine. For the past 3 years my ferritin level has gone from 15 to 21 to 31 and back down to 11.. now up to 28. can't seem to get past the 30's! Hopefully this will help... before 3 years ago i had perfect hair... does anyone know if there are any side effects w this combo? also..total side note but i've noticed some forehead wrinkles and i googled it ...said it could be related to rogaine. but i don't want to take that as the truth until i hear from u guys...
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    hi lana
    ive also read rogaine can cause forehead wrinkles. i stopped using the 2% because it made my hair dry and crunchy. it looked unhealthy. im in the same boat i got my ferritin up to 32 but it decreased to 23. i started out at 9. ive uped my iron to 650g day and 1000 mg l lysine along with orange juice. my dictor said most ppl can get ferritin that high. but i dont buy into that. good luck :)
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    Iron Scared

    Anyone else scared of iron overload. I tried the regimine for a week but I became paranoid because I was feeling very tired. Fatigue is a sign of iron overload and my serum iron has always been good (only my ferritin is low). I stopped taking the pills but I couldn't get in for a blood test until more than a week later. My numbers were fine (ferritin was actually lower - went from 32 to 28). I wish I had been able to test myself sooner though. I am still very scared of having too much iron in my blood (even if I have very little in storage).

    Anyone else have ferritin issues with still perky serum iron?
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    thats a good pt araby id not thought of that. i did ask my doc tho she saud itd be ok to double it :)
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    Thanks for getting back to me!! Let me know how it goes with you... Curious to find out! Have you been on iron supplements this whole time? Even when it decreased? My derm also told me that sometimes ferritin blood tests can be funky and aren't always precise
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    The only issue I had was digestive issues.. But I switched to a different kind and that seemed to help. I think typically if you stick to a regular iron supplement you should be fine. You could also just take a normal women's daily vitamin if you're afraid of too much iron.
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    hi elisabeth...just wondering what yiur ferritin levels are at and sheddung update regrowth? thx :)
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    that shouldve read... my.doctor said most ppl cant get ferritin high but ive seen many online that have

    hi lana...yes ive been taking one 325 mg and ine 500mg l lysine daily since sept. between dec -mar i got lazy and ate foods before taking my iron and it decreased 32-23. im doing it correctly now no food 2 hours before or after. ive also switched to liquid iron fumerous. we will see if it makes any difference. im not holding my breath
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    forgot to mention... my naturopath got me takkng delicorice chewables for my gastrtis and boy do they stop the pain!! also he has me taking digestive enzymes and liver pills to raise my ferritin. i really feel a lot of hairloss is linked to stomach issues and absorbtion as a result
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    Hi twinmom, I just took my blood test yesterday and my dr ordered a full lab that included vitamin b, vitamin d, and my irons so I will know in a few days. But I think my ferritin will be around 120. I started off at 31 so that's a fast and steady climb.
    Yes all my shedding stopped and my hair is growing thicker I think since I also added 4mcg of folic acid to my vitamin regime. So I take that and 5,000 mg biotin each morning when I wake up.

    My scalp is still itchy sometimes from when I bleached it like a dumbass 2 months ago. My dr told me it takes a good 6 months for the scalp to heal but I cannot find any info online about this and I'm hoping it's less time. It's not the end of the world just annoying!
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    Question on L-lysine

    Hi everyone,
    I've been reading these posts for the last few days. I've had thinning over the years now with scalp definitely showing. In Nov of 2013, my blood tests showed ferritin 20 and iron sat 17. I was definitely anemic. I started on iron (just 129mg/day). My DHT came back <5. I'm not sure whether that was from the He shou wu that I'd been getting from my previous I was also doing acupuncture with a very good acupuncturists.

    However, since the blood tests came back, I started out with a different accupuncturist. My hair was coming back really good. Dec, Jan, Feb till mid March. My hair had gotten pretty thick. My ferritin in Jan showed 37, though don't how much my saturation was. I have to say that every 2 days I was also taking Saw palmetto with nettle extract (for what reason, I know not)

    Mid march I got a cold and for some reason, my body got extremely week and I could hardly stand. It took about 7 days for me to start feeling normal again. I'm not sure whether my iron dipped in this time, but something happened. I was also done with my Saw Palmetto by Feb end. Starting 16th of March, I noticed some of my new hairs in the shower and after that every time I washed my hair the number of new hairs falling was just increasing. I am now back to the Nov 2013 point. Very disheartening.

    I did do some blood tests Apr 5th and they did show my estrogen slightly high, testosterone levels slightly high, but within the normal range. Don't know what the DHT was cos we didn't do that test. My ferritin was 53, but my saturation was 14.

    I've just resumed on the Saw Palmetto. I guess I'm wondering whether the 14% iron saturation is causing it. Should I be taking L-lysine too?

    Please please let me know. I need the falling to stop and the growing to start. I know it can come back because it was coming back so well those 3.5 months. It was just amazing.

    Thnx much