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    new hair

    Hey Elisabeth!

    First off, I love you. You gave me hope. I just wanted to know, when your hair was shedding, did you have little white bulbs on your hair strand (at tip)? I had hair loss for about 8 years and only now I noticed new hair coming in around the thin areas on my head, but still lots of hair shedding, INCLUDING my new hair, they fall off so fast and easily. The baby hairs vary from 1 inch to 3 inch when they fall, did you have that as well?

    please keep me posted. Also, how is your hair now?
    hope to hear from you!!!!
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    hi affy,
    thank you for the kind words! yes, ALL my shedded hair always had the white bulb at the end. my shedding came to a complete stop once my ferritin level reached the 40's. but im thinking that maybe that wasn't normal either - i had under 5 sheds a day and i think we're supposed to be more than that. today i am shedding but thats because of the chemical allergic reaction i had when i added highlights 2 months ago. but its a different kind of shed b/c my hair looks great! before it looked awful and there was MUCH MORE shedding. today its more like the amount of shedding all my friends have. i will post my blood results when i get them from my doctor hopefully tomorrow. i do prefer the 5 strands a day to this even if my hair were to be long and healthy because im a clean freak & i hate seeing hair anywhere! my son has shoulder length hair and its absolutely everywhere driving me crazy :)
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    I agree! Nothing is worse than finding hair everywhere ughhh. But when you were shedding..did only long hair strands fall or baby hair/new hair as well? Because my new hair are growing in but sheds as well. Really sensitive to the touch it just easily falls :(
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    hi affy
    my new baby hairs fall out too. ive heard its the follicles healing but its hard to say if its aga or not. its so frusterating being in the dark with this condition. its good youre still growing hair tho id focus on that to get you thru :)
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    I hope so! But you know it's like once you see new hairs falling you begin to loose hope. But im still not sure what's causing the loss. I'm in Saudi Arabia and doctors here are all the same. My iron is like in level 12, they say im not anemic. come on!! But didn't check ferritin.
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    that sounds like a ferritin level 12 and if it is thats extremely low. get on some iron supps and l lysine
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    Thanks for sharing your story. I also experienced hair fall for so many years and until now still finding the best solution. I'll send you a message for my personal questions.
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    I am finding it hard to cope this week. I have been on this regime for a month or so. Shedding decreased slightly (shed 10 - 20 less after shower) after 1 month and I have been on it for at least 5 weeks now.
    My scalp is showing more and i feel depressed everyday and can't do my revision.
    I will retest my ferritin after May but it feels forever to reach 50 from a 22.
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    Samantha are you using liquid ferritin? Its easier to absorb. it takes time and also remember some shedding is the new hairs pushing the old ones out as your hair growth cycle is repairing itself from being iron deficient. Sending huge hugs xx
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    Thank you twinmom! Ironically i have really bad side effects from liquid iron. Im on ferrous fumurate 3x a day now. I really dont think i have significant regrowth although i do have new hair popping up all over my scalp. I also have low vitamin D and need to increase 30 points to stop the shedding. Im very fed up now as I also fear for another trigger (I have been on BCP for the first time for 6 weeks and went off it recently. Luckily I still got my period after stopping the pills.) I know not every women experience hair loss after stopping pills and my body was perfectly healthy until i didnt eat properly for 3 months along with horrible anemic symptoms. xxx
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    DHT= dyhydrotestosterone, the saw palmetto and nettle block its production in the hair follicles its presence is what causes the folicles to weaken and shed hair, it sounds like your hair loss may not be due to ferritin...
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    Hi elisabeth!
    Is it possible if you could send a picture of all the meds you take? Esp the ferretin please! I can give you my email if that's easier . Plus I was thinking, you said you now lose up to 5 strands a day? When it's natural to loose 80 to 100 a day right? So I shouldn't worry if im losing up to 100 a day. It's not considered thinning?
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    Is your new hairs thinner than your previous hairs? Mine seems like it. They are thinner but they have a bulb. I am so confused! I know I'm loosing about 100 a day, doesn't seem more. Now, I think the hairs that grow back are thinner but they are growing so it must be a malnutrition. So I hope!
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    Elisabeth, may I ask exactly which brand of ferrous fumarate you were taking? Was it Ferretts Tablets Iron Supplements (325 mg Ferrous Fumarate) from Amazon.com?
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    I'm sorry, I see now that you already answered my question at the bottom of the first page. Thank you!
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    I have been away for a while due to many things, but just wanted to say that this post has given me the most hope I've had in a long time! I am going to the store tomorrow to get the vitamins you suggested! Thank you!
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    Elizabeth and those who have found that ferritin was the answer: do you shed short hairs as well? My hair has been thinning consistently for the past 5 years at least and I thought it was the pill, but I have now been off it for 2 years and if anything my condition has gotten worse. My scalp is very sensitive to hair pulling, and leave a trail of small, medium, and long hairs on pillows, couches, and in my bathroom.

    I have had a few traumas over the years (shoulder surgery, bartholin cysts), but I don't think they are responsible. My mother has thinning hair, and I am terrified this is a genetic condition. My doctor said the pill could have been the trigger (I was on yaz for years and loestrin for one year before stopping when I noticed more hair loss).

    My only other suspicion is that adderall is the cause. Has anyone found a connection?

    Thank you!
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    Hello love,

    I've never been on birth control nor any kind of medicine or drugs except vitamins. Now I am thinning extremely bad for the past 8 Years and I am now 26 with my scalp showing. I have noticed excessive shedding, ranging from long hair to short hair. I've lost so much short hair all over my pillow shower chair clothes you name it! It's also much thinner than my original hair. Meaning my hair lost its thickness. I personally think it's severe anemia, I would check that. If you will check your blood, ask to check for the following.

    Folic acid
    vitamin d

    Wish you luck. I will be checking my blood as soon as I can and keep you posted

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    Hi . I saw a trichologist who actually recommended this about 5 years ago! I have had 10 years of ALOPECIA AREATA, 10 patches a time. TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM and now to top it all off AGA. androgentic hair loss no hair is fallling at all and it has got 50% thinner in three months but i havent seen any hair fall. Will the iron work on gentetic thinning do you think? I take Fersmal which is a strong liquid iron.