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    Thank you for taking the time to post in order to help others with the same issue. I have started loosing hair daily for the past year and it is really thin. I am 43 and thought maybe it is menopause or cause I am old and just had to accept it. I do have fibroids which leads to heavy periods. I am going to try what you are doing and hope that I grow my hair again. It is heart wrenching because it is not only for cosmetic look to feel confident and good about ourselves but it is important to feel normal at work/school, etc. I hope this works for me, thanks.
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    This has given me so much hope. The idea of going bald at a young age is a depressing thing. I'm 26 now but I think I've been losing hair since I was 22. That feeling of sweeping the floor and seeing the nest of hair you created, pulling hair off your clothes constantly throughout the day, and the worst is cleaning out that shower drain. I'm always envious of other peoples great head of hair. Sigh, so sad...

    I went to my dermatologist 2 years ago to have it checked but he said he couldnt find a cause. Since reading your response I immediately (2 years after it was done...) asked my doctor for a copy of my lab results. Here's the iron results:
    Iron total: 54
    Iron binding capacity: 364
    Saturation: 14.8%
    Ferritin: 15

    Ridiculous! At least two of those readings are on the extremely, extremely low end of "normal". Just goes to show that we can't always trust the doctors every word. I'm going to try the iron fumarate cocktail and up these levels. Hopefully I'll be able to get great results like yours. Thank you for sharing!
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    How do I raise my ferritin without overdosing on iron?

    Hello, I’ve been on this cocktail for about two weeks now. I’ve been taking regular iron pills from the grocery store until my order of Ferrets Ferrous Fumarate comes in from Amazon. I ordered a iron blood test from a private lab shortly after starting and my ferritin was 27 and saturation also 27. I saw my GP a week later and she ordered another blood test, my ferritin actually went down slightly to 26, my saturation went up to 34 while my TIBC, transferrin, UIBC are on the very high end of normal, and my Iron serum being over the limit. My doctor told me to stop taking iron supplements. How do I get my ferritin higher without overdosing myself on iron?

    Also, just FYI I am looking into other options to gain more information on my health. I am curious if I have any food allergies, maybe celiac, or a ‘leaky gut’ which can be caused by parasites or candid yeast. I’m planning to order more tests from a private lab since my GP doesn’t seem to know or care much. I also plan to do an elimination diet.
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    Thank you for sharing and I'm so happy for you that you've finally found a solution and peace. This is nearly a year from your original post, and while I didn't follow the thread to the end to see when the most recent post was made, I'm hoping you see this, or the thread is still going. My thinning hair (fine and curly, like yours) is apparently hereditary. My bio mom, and my sister both have it. Unlike my mom and sister however, I have a very different, clean diet. I think malabsorption might be an issue though it hasn't been diagnosed. Anemia does run on our side of the family also. I am slightly anemic. What I'm wondering is if the cocktail has any chance of working for me, considering the hereditary factor. I noticed no one else has mentioned this.

    Thanks in advance and happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    girls please see my brand new forum posts....i have major updates. i went overboard with the ferritin and lost all my growth and that's why i disappeared for the last 7 months. but i am cured now (i hope this time!!) and discovered so much about how our bodies work with iron.
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    Elisabeth and anyone else who has tried the iron regime. My level was 40. I bought the same iron pills you did and the l-lysine. A few questions. Why do you also do the vitamin c? How many times per day did you take the cocktail to feel like it was working. I'm currently taking it 1x per day and started a week ago. So far no changes noticed :(
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    Vitamin c boosts the iron absorption....I took it 2 x daily for about 3 weeks before seeing a difference. I took the first dose around 1pm and then again around 5pm.
    All the best, stay positive++++
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    Thank you Elisabeth. Did you find afternoon times worked better than a morning and a PM?
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    no, it was just impossible for me to take in the morning since I drink coffee and the rules for taking iron are no caffeine within 2 hours and on an empty tummy. so I would finish my coffee around 10am, would eat around 11am and then take my 1st pill at 1pm...eat around 2pm then take my final pill around 4 or 5.empty belly means 2 hours after you eat and no eating for an hour afterwards. so you need a 3 hour period.
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    I saw a dermatologist and he wants me to try laser comb. Has anyone tried this.? I am new to this site. Thankyou for any help. Julia Josephine