I hate them all. My long (and sometimes violent)rant.

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    yeah, my family could be more supportive. one of my aunts pointed out my receding hairline to me, and then I was complaining about it to another one of my aunts who denied my hairloss saying "oh, but you were bald for so long as a baby, you're not losing your hair," and I just had to maintain that I am. I mean, sure, that's the fairy tale, ugly duckling becomes beautiful bird, and it's nice to think that that's how life is, but sometimes you're just stuck, and you never get to have that beautiful bird feeling and it doesn't matter if you're nice or clever or witty and have never bilked people out of their retirement savings...
    @Digress, I know it's supposedly petty to stoop to the low level of other people, but I'm sure your family is not comprised of a bunch of gorgeous and brilliant people, go ahead and bite back.
    ... and I can never help but think, it wouldn't be so bad if I had better bone structure, instead of baby cheeks and a slack jaw, I had something more strong, then I could deal w. the hairloss. I mean, I've never been that emotionally attached, cutting it when it got hot and messy was never traumatizing, but when you've got a baby-face, you need something so you don't go around looking like an overgrown infant.
    And let's be honest, it is hard out here for the single gals
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    @ star, how are the clip ins/extensions?
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    @Mathilde: thanks :) I'm tired of the crap they give me about my hair and I'm at the point where I'm not gonna take it anymore. I'm just really glad I'll be moving out in about 2-3 weeks for university, atleast I won't have to see/deal with them for 8-ish months..

    I'm sure you're a very pretty woman Mathilde :) if anyone looks like an over-grown infant here, it's me, as I don't seem to have lost any "baby fat" off of my face.. yeah, people still want to pinch the puffy things when they see me .. =|