I think I'm in denial and have been for some time...

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    I have always had hair on the thin side. I always lost hair in the shower and would notice it on the bathroom floor. I never thought much of it b/c I thought that this was normal. I'm 31 and was on birth control from age 14-26. I was on so many different pills that I can't even remember them all. I have 2 biological children and 2 stepchildren. I am the breadwinner as we can't afford to have both of us working with 4 in daycare. Needless to say I'm stressed to the max.

    After my 2nd baby 2 and a half years ago I noticed my hair dramatically changed. I also had my tubes tied at the same time that I was having my c-section. Hair started falling out a lot. My hairdresser noticed. I do get my hair dyed and have since I was about 17. I have premature graying and it's very noticeable. I have to go every 5 or so weeks or else I will have lots of gray.

    About a year ago, I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia. I have to go every 2 weeks and get vitamin b12 injections now for the rest of my life. I originally went to the dr. b/c of my hairloss and when he ran bloodwork, it came back that i had anemia. I've had some major stressors also in the past 2 years, divorce, bankruptcy, moving, starting a new job, supporting 6 people by myself. I thought my hair loss was b/c of all of these things so I've been giving it time hoping that it would stop. It hasn't. It's only gotten worse. I now have a definite bald spot right smack dab in the front on my hairline. It's really hard to conceal. My husband mentions it to me frequently and just recently he basically told me that we NEED to do somethng about my hair no matter what it costs. And we so cannot afford to fix my hair right now. I think that's another reason that I'm in denial - b/c I just don't have the money to fix anything right now.

    Last week I went to the dermatologist to get some moles looked at and I also asked about my hair loss. She pulled on my hair and I supposedly failed that test - she pulled a lot out and said that was bad. She showed me the scalp biopsy tool thingy and told me I did not want to have that done b/c it hurts a lot. She said that I should take rogaine, biotin and get more blood work done to determine if my iron was low. I haven't gotten bloodwork in a year so I am due. She scheduled me for a followup in 3 months. She also said basically that whatever the cause is, there is really not much she can do to help me whatever it is. As in - there is no cure for my problem so I should just accept it. At least that's the impression I got from her. She also said that stress is NOT a cause of hair loss. I find that REALLY hard to believe seeing as there is this little thing called TE!!! I'm beginning to think she really doesn't know what she's talking about at all. I had that feeling through the entire appt but I digress.

    I have mixed feelings about starting the rogaine from what I've read on here. What do you all think? What should I do next? I'm definitely getting the bloodwork done and I guess I could take biotin. But what else? Not sure where to go from here and still in denial that this is really happening.

    Oh and I think I"m going to be separating from my husband very shortly (another whole long story) and I'm terrified of even trying to meet someone new. I have body issues as it is. I'm definitely not the most confident person.


    I just feel so sick about this.
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    Hi - I'm sorry about all that you're going through. The derm doesn't sound very supportive - we see way too much of that here! She is right that having your bllodwork done is a good place to start. Hopefully you can rule out low iron as a cause - that's one thing. There are so many other causes, though. And an awful lot of personal opinions in response to your questions.

    I had the biopsy, and was diagnosed with AGA. Recent bloodwork though makes me question that - I have low testosterone and high estrogen. I was told to use Rogaine, take biotin and lysine. After a year of denial, I tried the Rogaine. I quickly decided I couldn't go that route, though many other people here have stuck with it and had success. I take slow FE and lysine with vitamin c (usually cranberry juice) every morning. I also take biotin, and I'm on a very low dose of spiro. I had my hair cut yesterday, and my stylist said that my hair looks much healthier than it has for quite a while, and we think that's from the biotin. It makes your hair healthy, and grow faster, but I have not seen or heard that it makes your hair grow in. Get your blood results, see if anything is off, take it from there. And stress? I personally believe it can cause hairloss, but many people don't. Not a definitive answer, just an opinion. Good luck :)