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    Hey all,

    So im glad I finally found a place online to talk about my problem. I am a 21, almost 22, year old female who has been suffering with hair loss since I was about 17. In the past year, and then 3 months, it has become progressivley worse. My mother and father are just starting to admit that they see a problem...they were too upset by it before to fully admit it (which of course doesnt make it any easier on me). They would tell me it was a " self-fulfilling prophecy" and that i was driving myself crazy for no reason.

    About 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS because I only got my period 4-5 times a year. My LH levels were a bit high, and thats how the diagnosis was confirmed. My main complaint to my gyno, besides the sparse periods, was hair loss. She prescribed me sprionolactone, 50mg, which was then worked up to 200mg. In addition, I was on Femcon oral birth control. My hair fell out at a steady rate for the first 3ish years of my hair loss, and has recently picked up. I ran out of birth control pills about 2 months ago, because my insurance didnt cover Femcon and my gyno no longer carried samples. (I had tried other BCP's in the pastthat didnt work as well for me). I went two months without being on BCPs, then my gyno was able to find a years worth of Femcon samples for me at her other office location. Starting today, I am back on BCP because I feel as if it might have attributed to the increase in hair loss within the past few months. I have been taking Biotin for the past 2 months, which I dont see any real effects from either. During the time Ive been taking it, my hair has been falling out MORE, but I dont know if its from the biotin or another change that that took place.

    I have also been off spironolactone for the past few weeks, because the prescription ran out and my gyno and I were not too sure that it was even helping that much. She wanted me to see a dermo before I refilled the spironolactone prescription, to see if he had any other ideas. I saw a dermo last week, and he took some blood to test for iron, testosterone, and a bunch of other things. I have to wait until the 29th to go back and get the results, but even one day feels too long. I hope it is just a deficency, but I eat very healthfully, workout, and do all the right things. Also, I have distinct hair loss, with my hairine receding and the part in the middle of my head growing wider each week.

    I have NEVER in my life experienced something as upsetting as what I am going through right now, and no one understands. This is really not an issue for someone my age, usually. I started using Nizoral shampoo, but its doing absolutley nothing, if not making my hair fall out more. When I shower, I lose at least 15 thick, full strands of hair. When i brush, its even more than that, probably about 20. In the hours following the shower, as my hair dries, I lose another solid 20 hairs. Were not talking short hairs, or thin hairs here, I mean thick, healthy strands of hair falling out in my hands. For the rest of the day, i lose 1-2 more hairs each hour, and when I wake up in the morning, about 5 fall out as well.

    This has gotten to the point where its all I think about during the day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have fits of terror about being bald. My hair has been severly depleted within the last 5 years of falling out, but if it keeps up at this rate, I dont even want to think about what I will look like in 2 months. I have never been so terrified in my life and I am running out of hope. My mothers father is completley bald, and went bald in his early 20s. Other than him, no one else in my family has suffered this the way I have.

    I am going tomorrow to see an alternative medicine doctor, he does acupuncture. My father sees him for unrelated things and believes he can help me. I would do anything in this world to have my thick, long, strawberry blonde hair back. I know this sounds conceited but I know no wig can ever recreate the hair that I have/had. My whole life I got compliments on my hair, and I feel like what I am going through now is some sort of sick payback for being so lucky.

    Thank you all for listening, Im so glad I have somewhere to get this all out! I will follow through any suggestions or help you may have.
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    Sorry, I didnt notice that there was a complete section for people to post their own stories. If someone who has the capabilities would like to move this thread to that forum, go right ahead!

    I heard from my dermo yesterday, he said i had low iron stores but that everything else was normal. he didnt give me a number of how low, and said we would talk about it at my appointment on the 29th. I went to the natural market and asked the lady what supplements were best for low iron stores, and she gave me something callled floradix iron+herbs. Ive looked up it and it has great reviews online, so we will see. I am skeptical that this is the root of all my hair loss for the past 5 years, but having something to go on at this point is really nice. Do any of you have experience with low iron stores and regrowing your hair?