I wish this website was easier to navigate!

Discussion in 'Rants and Venting' started by Bonfxy, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Bonfxy

    Bonfxy New Member

    How relieved I was to find a website where you can read other women's experiences of what is a very frustrating, embarrasing, and sad condition that you have no control over. But it is also frustrating that the website is so difficult to navigate! Arrrrgh - but also glad its here it makes you feel less alone!
  2. Bonfxy

    Bonfxy New Member

    At least it gives me something else to moan about other than my non existent hair!

  3. Jerseygirl

    Jerseygirl New Member

    I am new and trying to learn my way around.
  4. Randi

    Randi New Member

    I think I may agree

    I kind of feel like this website is very quiet... all the inspiration and optimism was from years ago... and no one is talking anymore- are they all cured?

    Perhaps they aren't on here speaking about it because they have moved on and don't feel so bound by this anymore- which I guess in itself inspires hope that I'll have that peace of mind someday too...

    but for now, this site seems a little deserted- but having you write that it is difficult to navigate- perhaps that's my problem as well. I just haven't found everyone yet
  5. Women's Hair Loss Project

    Women's Hair Loss Project Administrator Staff Member

  6. Randi

    Randi New Member

    That would be awesome
  7. cathy13

    cathy13 New Member

    I am new and can't navigate at all either. I am also computer illiterate and can only do basic things. Hang in there as I am trying too also. I need to hear hope and know that I wont die if I have to get wig. My hair was always my crowning glory and what everyone noticed. I'm glad you are here.
  8. Sabina

    Sabina New Member

    I have just joined and it does seem like lots of the posts are quite old. I am just trying to learn my way around as this is the only forum I have ever joined. It seems like a great way of sharing stuff about an embarrassing and deeply depressing condition. I have only recently discovered it was happening to me. I am 55 and never thought this would happen. I can't accept that my receding hairline will never grow back - and could get a lot worse.... ADT least this site is somewhere I can write down these things at 4in the morning ....is anyone out there?
  9. Dominique

    Dominique Member

    We are here viewing posts but don't always have a comment-this site can be a little trying to learn to move about in- having said that though, I love it and am so glad its here for us to rant or cruise about while we hunt for help with our hair loss. I am 61 and have hair loss issues. It started slowly in my late thirties, all most didn't notice it, but it ramped up after 55 and now its a full blown loss. I have searched for help from specialists and my own research. So I feel your pain. Join the network here and you will see even more posts and suggestions for your hair loss. Mine is bad, but not bald as yet, I am using many things in combination to slow it down and am having some success. My shed is much less which is good because there is not a lot left on my head to shed. You are among friends here, we care! good luck and post any success that you have with your hair loss, WE WANT TO KNOW!