I'd trade if I could...

Discussion in 'Rants and Venting' started by Metalmom, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Metalmom

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    At 56, I'm physically fit and trim. I don't have a varicose vein to my name. Skinny ankles. Smooth décolletage. No forehead lines.

    I'd trade any of those for a few more hairs.

    But life don't work that way, n my personal spiritual belief is that I don't order God around by asking for things.
  2. Georginajaneb

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    Hair loss sucks yeah. However have you ever considered that you are fortunate to have had your youth and beauty before menopause? I'm 22 and losing all facial and head hair due to a freak condition that means I don't produce normal female hormones - can never have kids, can never even think about it. I have gone through menopause in my early 20's and lost everything. Sometimes it's good to think about the bigger picture and be thankful for what you had when you had it.
  3. Metalmom

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    This forum isn't about establishing a pecking order of who is entitled to suffer most and whose ordeal is more valid than someone else's.
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