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    Alright ladies. You know how when your shopping and you want the perfect item, u find something you like but decide to keep looking. But you keep going back to that one thing because it's just right? Well, that's kind of how i am with these. hairlines. I try all these ideas, but in the end I go back to the clear nail polish at just the edge of the lace. It works awesome. All you do is tap it with a makeup brush in the final stages of drying to break up the shine. I did the bonding with tape and glue as they said. I left a little tape sticking out the edge, and then used the polish. Over it. It just seems to make the most natural looking hairline.

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    I think it looks beautiful!

    It does not look wiggy or fake at all. It looks beautiful. How is the bonding going now? I have recently gotten a clip in unit and I love it, but I want it all of the time. I am considering bonding. Please, tell me anything you have learned.
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    Hey Suzie. Wondering how things went with your Vivian fox wigs and bonding and such. Fill me in.
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    Hi. Thank you all for such informative information. I just ordered my first topper and will have it installed February 12th. This decision has been so hard. I started loosing my hair at 40. Over the past 9 years I have tried everything and spent thousands of dollars just to hear from numerous doctors that it genetic and nothing can be done. This year alone I've spent a total of $5000 on hair extensions, dermatch, special shampoos, medication Only to be back to what I guess I new all along that I need to wear a hair piece. My stylist has asked me to consider shaving the top that it will bond better. I am prettified that something will go wrong and it will come off. I am having nightmares about it. Has this ever happened to anyone? BTW the photo is me at 40 I stopped taking pictures , vanity or depression don't know but it is what it is.
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    Hi Rebec,
    I have been wearing a topper for nearly 3 years and it has never come off. i never shaved my head (even though my stylist has tried to talk me into it many times.) You can bond over your hair but the attachment does not last as long and getting all the tape and glue off is not very pleasant. I recently switched to bonding with tape and adhesive only in the front, and the sides and back are attached with micro links. That makes it much easier to remove the topper but I need to go back to the salon every three weeks for service and reattachment.

    Try not to be so scared of the topper. Once you get used to it, it will change your life. Good luck!
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    Thank you. I will post a picture once I get my topper on. I don't feel comfortable at all about getting my hair shaved so I am not going to let her do that. One day at a time .
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    If a bonded topper doesn't work for you why not consider integration or a volumizer? I personally get quite upset when salons suggest you shave your hair, there is absolutely no need to, if you've got too much hair for a bonded system the answer isn't to shave it off, the answer is to choose from a volumizer, hair integration system or a wig. You can get all sorts of bases, silicone (which stretches), lace, PU ... so many options so that the right system fits you perfectly. xx
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    queenofthemacabre- Could you please expand on the hair integration system? I promised myself that 2016 would be the year I find a solution but so far it seems like the only options are:

    1 shave/bond
    2 wear a wig you take off at night
    3 bond a wig to your forehead
    4 reprieve system

    Do you know of any other solution. I am getting desperate to find something. Hairloss has bleed into every part of my life and I can no longer live like this