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    I have been using the i grow hair rejuvination laser for over 3 months now, but haven't noticed any improvement in my hair. I actually think it's getting worse. I was curious to know if anyone else out there is using this laser, and if so, have you seen any improvement? This darn thing cost about $700 and I'm afraid I may be wasting my money and time. Help please!
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    Low Level Laser therapy

    I wrote earlier and stated I was going to do everything humanly possible to stem the thinning. I am better, and feel that using low level laser therapy has helped. I am going to a salon for treatments and will soon be at end of my three month mark. I am shedding more than the normal hair loss daily; however, this may be good. My hair is healthy looking and I have a good number of newly sprouting hairs. My hair dresser does not know so I wanted her reaction over the months...Last week she said" something good is going on with your hair." I can see regrowth.
    My regime was/is:
    minoxidil 5% twice daily
    propecia 2.5 five days a week.....cut back from 7 times weekly and in another month will go to 4 times weekly.
    nizoral shampoo twice weekly
    salon laser treatment with Alpha Laser LX 60 machine weekly and hair treatment weekly....I have a laser brush( part of the hair treat center package) I use three to four times between appointments for 20-25 minutes each time.
    It is a year long program. No guarantees....however, I am astounded by the number of women I see at the treatment center. I will have an evaluation end of my 4th month and report back. Many women I speak to are seeing realistic progress......the operative word here is REALISTIC. The individuals who seem to fair best are those who have been thinning less than three years. Those with five years of thinning say moderate results......if your hair follicle is dead and not producing hair, then this wil not work.....It is controversial...but you can research this option yourself. It is pricey...I am not recommending any one do this....I am just self-reporting.
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    I wrote earlier and shared I was doing low level light therapy and wanted to follow up on my progress. I am nearing the 7 month mark. There is a difference. My overall hair looks better. My crown has more volume. My left temple area is thicker. I have new growth that is about 11/2 inches long that shows where I part my hair. No, it is not all back, nor do I expect it to be. But IT IS BETTER. When I stand in the bright sun light you cannot see my hair. I am not using cover up concealer as much because there are areas that I no longer need it. My stylist tells me my hair is definitely thicker.
    Is the the laser? Is it the rogaine, or propecia? I don't know. I talk to women weekly when I have my laser treatment....many say they see a difference also. Some do not. I have 5 months to go and will report at end.

    i am not trying to sell this concept. I am an older woman and have spent my life in a wonderful career and money was not a concern. I am simply trying to find an answer for me. This has helped me.....not given me back 100% of my hair, but definitely made me more secure about my situation.
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    Dear mdm2208,

    I read that you tried igrow, and since it's March 2012 now, I wonder if you see any results from the helmet? I am about to invest $700 in this and I would like to hear from you if there is any positive realistic results.
    I have been having severe hairloss problem in the past 2 yrs and need serious help.
    Thank you.
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    I am almost at the 1 year mark. I used a plan with a high lever laser in a hair loss clinic. Twenty monutes once a week plus hand held comb/brush 3 times a week for 20 minutes. I am better......My hair is still thin but not as thin as it was a year ago. Did the laser work miracles? No....but I believe it helped restore and give me back some growth. Please know I also use rogaine and take propecia. I use Joan Rivers "good hair day" along my part when it is really bright and sunny out. If you looked at me in a normal light and didn't know what I have gone through with this fight to maintain, one might not know I have a thinning problem. I will keepon with two to three laser treatments a month at the clinic and continue using the medication. This is expensive...so each must decide on their own...I would recommend trying the laser. However, I cannot say whether it will work for you...more hair equals better results.
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    Hello ladies,
    i've done the laser treatment for 3 months 2 times a week and then i definitely saw improvement, but a few months later hairloss was back with a vengeance and I just can't afford to pay the ridiculous sums of money they ask for sessions at the laser clinic.
    I'm trying out a shampoo Clear, new on the market here and the hair loss is considerably less most days. I've become a skeptic when it comes to endless supplements and spending money on product which does not give results.
    I still have a decent amount of hair on my head for it not be too noticeably to others, and have sort of also come to terms with the fact that one day I will just need to invest in a proper human hair full lace wig. They don't look too bad. That's where I'm at at this point.
    Tired of fighting this a little

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    Hi ili, thank you for posting about your laser experience. Do you know what laser was being used at the clinic?
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    As per my knowledge there are 3 types of laser technologies used in the clinic they are Diode and intense pulsed light, alexandrite, the ruby but which one to use depends on the kind of hair treatment under gone.
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    I personally think it's a waste of time. I have never seen any proof that it is really effective. If it were, all of the old timers on the forum would be using it. Right now, finasteride and minox are your best bets.