I'm IN NY.. Please anyone help!! I feel so alone and helpless

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    No the mouse doesn't make sense for my hair, I don't wash it every day. I know it's easier said than done but try not to get so upset, your kids don't care one iota what your hair looks like or if you even have any at all. Try to focus on the positive, you have beautiful babies and you're healthy, hair is just hair. I think you can send a private message via the profile page, not sure.
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    I went out today and had to wear a hat all day bc I don't wanna b in sunlight.. I heard the liquid makes it look more oily and greasy.. I don't wash my hair everyday either.. U have to with mousse? And now I've been reading all this stuff about rogaine causing deep wrinkles and circles and it's making me more scared to try.. Have u tried aldactone? Do u know of a place that has good toppers? I think I read about one in LI.. The thought of thinking about that makes me want to cry..
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    I've just been reading through this. From my research on hair loss especially after pregnancy, the hair loss that you experience is telogen effluvium. You can read up a bit more about this. Sometimes prolonged telogen effluvium can lead to chronic telogen effluvium. Usually, there is an underlying cause of such chronic hair loss. A hormone test would help. Sometimes your body could be producing more testosterone leading to androgen-related hair loss. I do know that some doctors would prescribe birth control pills to deal with androgen-related hair loss. But there will be side effects over prolonged use. You could also have nutrition related hair loss that only a full count blood test can reveal. Stress also increases hair loss. Also if it is telogen effluvium, my doctor did tell me that it will take time for the hair loss to stop. Through some major shock in your body, be it either pregnancy, a car crash, anesthesia and major surgery etc, your hair enters the telogen phase where most of it will start falling out.

    Sometimes this will go on for months on end before finally becoming normal and then the hair growth begins. For some women, the hair loss is great and for some not so much. Each person is biologically different. Some women, after such rapid hair loss would have a sensitive burning scalp, this is because the rate at which you're losing hair is far more that what your body and scalp can handle. Eventually, the hair loss will taper off and new hair growth will begin. For some, the hair will go through several cycles even producing sickly thin hair before it falls out and eventually produces healthy hair. Folic acid, iron and Vit B and Vit D will assist in producing thick healthy hair.

    I say all of this as was told to me by my doctor when I went through major surgery in 2013. He gave me peace of mind and what he did tell me was a reflection of my hair loss situation. He said that the hair has to fall in order for new hair to push out of the scalp. Normal hair loss is up-to a 100 hair strands a day. There never can be a complete stop to hair loss. How else will new healthy hair grow.

    But I pray that your hair loss stops soon and your new hair starts growing again. Just be strong, find a good doctor and investigate your hair loss. Spend time with your kids, devote time and love to your kids and stop worrying about hair loss and be positive. Get hair extensions if you must until your hair grows back. Get highlights to make your hair appear thicker instead of completely dying your hair. Above all of this, be happy and healthy. Love your life.