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    I just found this website, and I am very happy that I did. I have been really nervous about posting, so here goes. The last few months I have been noticing my hair has thinned quite a bit, im guessing I have lost at least 30% of my hair. Here is a bit of my background. Im 31, I have a panic disorder ( I used to be on zoloft and xanax, but I have been off that for 2 years now), and I have endometriosis and I take demerol for the pain. I am on bc pills, but from what research I have done, it seems to be one that doesnt cause hair loss (Kariva). And I have a fairly stressful job. I work an unpredictable schedule and long hours.

    At first I thought it was because my hair was very long and it was severly damaged by a bad highlighting experience. So I cut it short to stop the shedding and split ends. I chopped 11 inches off. At first I thought that fixed the problem, oh was I wrong. My hair kept shedding at the same rate. Not only was I shedding, the texture of my hair changed. It drier and brittle. I have always had fairly strong hair. I went into an absolute panic. I could not believe that this was actually happening to me, its been really surreal. I confided in my boyfriend and my mom. My mom thinks its nothing. My boyfriend has been pretty supportive. He says that he is going to love me with or without hair. So when I have a bad moment (which is frequently), he makes me smile.

    My days are very up and down. Sometimes I think Im going to beat this and other times I feel like there is no hope and I am going to have to start looking for wigs soon. And when Im down, Im down :(. I feel so lost and alone. Every girl I see in the office or out in public I am always looking at their hair, im always wondering how much hair is on my shirt, and how I dread taking showers. Im just so scared its all going to just fall out.

    This has envaded and consumed my life. There are times when I look at my thining hair and I feel like I cant breath and start to have a panic attack. I really dont think about anything else. Im so self conscience that people are noticing how thin my hair is. I know that I have a lot to be thankful for, but this is just crushing. I dont know what to do. Im honestly so scared and Im trying to find a way to get a handle on this and have hope, but its so hard. Im afraid that Im going to fall back into my panic disorder and have to get back on meds again and I do not want to go back there, but I feel like Im sliding back in that direction. Im trying not to stress, but I honestly cannot help it.

    In my research, I have only found a few success stories, and that worries me. I see so many different meds and vitamins that people are on and Im not sure where to really start. I did get Biotin and fish oil. I dont know how much I should be taking or what else I should be taking. I found some organic shampoo online that has biotin and saw palmetto, so Im waiting for that to arrive.

    I went to see my doc and he does not think that Im going to lose all my hair, but I stressed to him that is great that he thinks that, but I want to be aggressive as possible with this. He understood and did a whole big blood work up for me and I will go see him in a month or so to follow up and if nothing has changed, he is going to send me to a specialist.

    Im sorry that this is so long and all over the place. I have so much running through my head and Im trying to make sense of it all. I just really need some support and direction. Thank you for listening!
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    I can totally relate to what you're saying, I'm 33 and noticed the shedding a couple of months ago. I had waist length hair and have probably lost about 30% of it too. I also have anxiety issues, this is not helping! My lab tests showed that I have low ferritin, I'm really hoping that is the problem, but it takes months to bring it back up. I also had a scalp biopsy showing telogen effluvium. My derm told he thinks my hair will grow back once we identify and fix the trigger. So I'm taking a ton of vitamins and trying not to freak out. But my work is suffering and I'm having a hard time functioning, I've been having anxiety attacks and taking xanax again. I'm always looking at peoples hair now too and wondering if anyone notices my thinning. My husband can tell I've lost volume but says it's not obvious, I guess I'm lucky I started with a lot of hair. Have you gotten the results of your bloodwork back yet?
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    Biggscreek: I sounds like we are panic twins! ha. I have been having to use my Xanax a lot more often lately and I am not too happy about it. I am SOOOO glad that I have it though.

    I havent gotten the blood work results back yet. I think if I have not heard from my doc by the end of next week I will put a call in to him. Im so hoping that it shows something. This is frustrating since it could be any number of reasons why this is happening.

    What kind of vitamins are you taking and how much? Do you take them with food or without?
    Right now Im taking 1 biotin and 1 fish oil pill a day. Im trying to start off small at first since one of my panic triggers is medication. My bf keeps reassuring me that the vitamins are okay and will not hurt me, but my mind wanders sometimes and freaks me out! ha I just want to get on some sort of schedule with the vitamins.

    Thank you! :>
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    When my doctor's office called about my labs, they said everything was normal. I picked up a copy and my red & white blood cells were low and my ferritin was 17. Seriously, that's normal? :mad: I asked about that and was told to take an iron supplement. So now I take that with vit C and l-lysine, fish oil, primrose, and a hair/skin vitamin with biotin and B12. I don't like taking the xanax either, but sometimes it feels like it's the only thing keeping me sane.
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    I will definatly make sure to pick up a copy of my results so I can look at them myself. Thanks for the heads up on that!

    Im really hoping that the cause for my hair loss is low ferritin. It seems like I can do actually do something to fight it.

    Thanks for the info on the bioidentical natural progesterone. I will talk to my doctor about that when I see him next.

    Im getting really anxious to get my results back. Im ready to get a move on and start my fight in the right direction!
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    Thank you so much for all the information! I will look into that and talk to my doctor. :)