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Discussion in 'Rants and Venting' started by Alicia Temple, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Alicia Temple

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    My hair has been shedding nonstop all day today. Now, while I am trying to do my workout I pulled out a tangled wad of hair from the back of my head. The tears won't stop.
    Here I am. No job. No drivers license do to seizures. I stopped taking the spiro and BCP both do to side effects. Now my hair is finally packing up and leaving me for real this time. I ask God what have I done wrong. Begging him not to do this to me. How am I supposed to find a job now with me losing hair? Im just pleading that I will be able to find one before it becomes too noticable.
  2. Dominique

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    I am so sorry that all these things are happening to you and all at the same time. I can tell you that it will get better. The hair loss often gets worse when your body is under stress, both physical and especially emotional. Often we can see our hair loss more than the public does but if you feel yours is truly noticeable then there are options that I have used over the years. Go on the internet and you will find that there are many companies out there who are now designing beautiful head scarfs, hats and head bands that are designed to hide thin or even worse hair loss. There are also very inexpensive wigs that look so much like real hair now. I have quite a few and I never pay more than 50 to 75 dollars for the short feather lite styles. Mostly though you just have to believe and have hope that it will improve and the patience to wait for that to happen and that is the hardiest part. For nearly every woman who is losing her hair there are times that their hair goes into a severe shedding stage that lasts days, weeks or even months, and then there are times that the shedding slows down or even stop for long period of time. Now you seem to be in the shedding stage and I know it is so depressing to watch so much of your hair fall out, but things will improve, that it what you need to have the faith and the patience to wait for, don't give up!! Besides, you (and every other woman) are more than just your hair, it does not define you, so wear those beautiful wigs and scarfs and flaunt your true beauty. People take their cue from you, if you act as if its not a big deal and you still see yourself as attractive then they will see you that way too!!! Believe me I live with this problem every day and have for years but I refuse to let it rule my life, both in my job or socially. I go about my life as if the problem isn't much of a problem and then it really isn't. You can too, you just need to have faith and it will happen!