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    Thanks for posting this. I too am from Edmonton and I hadn't seen this but it was very inspiring. I hope to one day get to that point. Time will tell.
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    Hi Nicole,

    I found the video helpful too. I liked that the women shared that it took her almost two years of tears before she was able to come to an acceptance of her hair loss. It seemed realistic.

    I still have a head full of hair although about half of my original with a widening part that extends clear to the back of my head but with proper styling and toppnik I can usually cover it. But some nights I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if today will be the day that it starts falling again. Other days I just want to stop all the treatments, spiro, Diane 35, Nizoral 2% and shave my head so I can move on.

    It's a rough road to be on. I live in Spruce Grove and have been searching for a support group but have had no luck. Do you know of any in the Edmonton area? Would you be interested in starting one. I know there must be other women in the area experiencing hair loss too. :>
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    Hi Dharma,

    I can totally relate to the tears that come from losing hair. I've been losing mine since I was about 19 and I'm 33 now. I didn't really notice too much though until the last few years, as I had really thick hair so I think the thinning took time but this past year or so it has become really bad. I can hardly find any ways to style it. I'm using Toppik too and it does work but the thinness of my hair makes it look so flat and lifeless. I'm to the point where I am seriously looking into a lace wig. I've been researching them all week. I'm not at the point of shaving though, although I might get there one day.

    I use Nizoral as well but none of the other things that you are using. I researched a bit about Diane35, do you find it is working at all? I'm nervous about taking medications but if I knew I could go on one that would help, then I probably would do it.

    I don't know of any support groups at all in the Edmonton area. I have found this site to be a great support (I have a profile on the other part of this site). I've met a lot of people who understand, which is so nice because up until a couple months ago, I was really feeling so alone. I still do at times but it is getting better. I have noticed that it seems like people are talking about hairloss in women a bit more. Hopefully it gets more acceptance. I think it would make a world of difference in how we all feel about ourselves.

    If you are interested in starting a support group, I would be interested in helping with that. I think it would be great. Feel free to send a private message and we can talk about it a bit more if you would like.
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    Hi again Nicole,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been on this journey for so long. I am 42 and have only been experiencing hair loss for a couple of years and like you not extremely bad until about a year ago.

    I wanted to address the Diane 35 question. I know Diane 35 is helping me alot, together with the spiro and nizoral 2%. I've been taking Diane 35 continuously and I'm on my 6th pack now. Just this past week I noticed a lot of regrowth on the sides and underneath. Not much on my part although it did iniatially seem to improve there when I 1st started. I think my hair texture changed and created the illusion of more hair but that was good too. I stopped my cycles completely with BCP because my hair folicles cannot handle any change in estrogen levels. The problem I have is given my age I know I cannot stay on Diane 35 more than a couple of years and then I will have to take a lower estrogen BCP. My hope is that some incredible breakthrough happens in the meantime, lol. I am that I have almost zero hair loss now. Maybe 5 or 10 per daily shower and of course during brushing but nothing unusual and the best part is the scalp sensations have stopped.

    The other thing I'll share with you in case you are discouraged about Diane 35 based on the internet feedback is that I feel wonderful on it. I am very calm most of the time. Less mood swings than before taking Diane 35 and no weight gain. It took me a while to get use to the spiro and then the bcp but once it settled in my system I was fine.

    I read all the negative post on Diane before starting it and because of them I ended up delaying taking it for months. But in reality Diane 35 has been around since the 70's and used for 10 even 20 years by some women without issue. It is referred to as one of the main defenses for women against hair loss. Nicole you are young enough that if it was effective you could stay on it for a long time. Well I hope some of this information helps. I would like to chat more with you and will connect with you on your private sight in a couple of weeks. :>
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    Any Edmonton salons/stylists that can help?

    Hello Dharma and Nicole,

    I am 29 years old and recently diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. I'm wondering if you have a hair stylist in the Edmonton area who is particularly good with masking the appearance of thin hair, or who is experienced in working with women who suffer from hair loss.

    Thank you!
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