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  1. I just want to say I have been obsessed and depressed about my hair loss for nearly 2 years now. (back to back bouts of aggressive telogen effluvium, the first caused by anti-depressants and the second after stopping my birth control in efforts to get pregnant).

    Sometimes spending time on this site really helps, makes me feel not alone because I have few people - really none at this point - who are willing to listen to me rattle on about my hair loss anymore.

    Lately I've been checking out youtube videos of girls wearing face front wigs - there are so many videos and so many wonderful ladies who show you how to put them on, wash them, rock different looks - and that has really helped me these past few days. It makes me realize there are so many options out there - they don't have to be expensive or complicated (ie glue/tape!). Just thought I'd share as this is something that has helped me feel better - knowing however bad it gets - and it's close to being pretty bad - there are options. The videos really help because you SEE the girls in the wigs - and they look amazing! Way better than my bio hair has looked since this shedding began. There is one girl in particular who taped herself shaving her head and said 'this is for all the girls out there with alopecia' - and then talked about how there are options.
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    Yes, I have been going through this for a couple of years as well. As soon as I finally got a "topper" I've been a little happier. I keep telling myself cancer isn't why I am losing my hair so think and pray for those who do instead of feeling sorry for myself. I am very thankful my husband keeps telling me.."Honey, I didn't marry you for your hair."

    I'd like to have something I could sleep in. Any ideas?
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    Hey there Inspiring ladies,

    Thats so treue this forum i just so good the threads are interesting and the members are also very active here, they share motivate and suggest so many good things. I am a newbie here., but I am already loving it.:)