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Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by Beth, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Beth

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    This isn't toppik or dermatch, but it's what i have been using as of now.
    I notice that when my gray roots start showing, it seems to make the scalp look so much more visible. (i'd say young ladies may not have to worry about this, but I started going gray in my early twenties, so this may be of use to even the younger ones)... Anyhow, what i do is, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply, and purchased a color stick to match my hair color where I could touch up my roots. It looks like a giant lip stick I guess you could say. When I touch up my roots in the front that are showing, i purposely rub a little on my scalp, then take my finger and rub it in. The color blends perfectly with my hair, and helps blend my hair in better. I do not use a lot of this product, just a few dabs in the front, and it does help to hide any scalp that is showing. This wouldn't be something i'd think you'd want to rub on your whole head, but it does seem to work decent for minimal hair loss.
  2. Angela

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    Very cool Beth!
    Thanks for posting this.
  3. VictoriaG

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    I use something my Color Mark, a similar product but it's more like a mascara. I can use it to cover gray roots, but not to rub on my scalp - so I'm going to have to look for the product you recommended! Thank you.
  4. valentine

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    Sounds like something I might could use, thanks:)
  5. ShinyObjects

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    Hi Beth,

    I'm always looking for alternatives to Dermmatch which I think looks a bit obvious, if this is good could you tell me what it's called?
  6. Julia David

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    Instant hair color touch up stick instantly touches up roots between regular hair color applications and blends away gray. Tween time applies like a lipstick and washes away with shampoo.