invisible hair restoration

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    hi all,

    so today i stumbled upon an invisible hair (TM) restoration solution. it's basically skin to skin extensions. there is a salon in nyc that will do it. i am wondering if anyone else has experienced this??

    i am pretty excited.

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    skin to skin hair restorations

    Interesting........I have a very good friend in Nyc who can check this out for all of us if you know the name of the salon.

    I have had hair extensions for 3 years and just took them out. It worsened my hair thinning:eek:. I had 3 different kinds and they were all expensive.
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    hello, you think the hair extensions made your hair worse? was it because you had them on for a long time, or just having them in general?
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    When the Hair transplant respects the elasticity of the tissues and the width of the strip is not too important respecting the laxity of the skin, the scar obtained after the hair transplant is usually thin or even very thin. Moreover, the technique of the trichophytic closure is a refinement that often permits to have an almost invisible scar.
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    Generally extensions are made from either real hair or synthetic hair which are interlaced into the hair and then stuck or heat-sealed to stay in place.