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Discussion in 'Iron' started by ladyV, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Is anyone else's head spinning when trying to figure out how to maximize iron absorption? Heme iron from meat, iron supplement, ok... take with Vit C but do NOT take with calcium. Tannins... avoid tea (and coffee?) 2 hours before or after iron intake. Kombucha tea, high in iron, but also high in tannins?! Beans.. high in iron, but also restricts iron absorption?!! Spinach, same thing... so many contradictions, just want my ferritin levels up to 70 and for my hair to stop raining out of my scalp. :(

    Lots of good and bad info online, anyone found a well-researched source they trust?

    One handy thing I read said that after consuming beets, the red color will be in your urine if you are iron deficient. It is *supposed* to give you red BM's only.. a good way to self-check iron levels.. have not tried yet but will soon... has anyone else heard of this method or tried it?
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    I have the same issue. I have been on iron supplements for 2 yrs. My ferritin hardly budges and when it was at it's max (from 24 to 50). Then at that point I switched iron pills because the one I take is too expensive. My ferritin fell 20 points and i'm back to square one. Essentially mine goes up 10 points like every 4 months and it's only when i'm really consistant but it never hit 70. I don't know if it contributed to the continuing hair shedding. My trichologist seems to think it did along with thyroid issues. I'm so over it. I can't revolve my life around all the iron rules. I have to take twice a day and just avoid taking it with milk or tea. I was obsessed my first year of it, but to be honest it gets so tiring and consuming. good luck to you.