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Discussion in 'Iron' started by VictoriaG, Jun 3, 2009.

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    I've been taking slow FE for 2 months now. I've always had low iron levels, but none of my doctors told me to take it. I asked my PCP if I could/should, he said yes. How long does it take to see results, assuming that is part of my problem? My Ferritin was 27 last time it was checked. I know everybody is different, but could it be helping this quickly?

    Also - what are the chances that my shedding is from 2 different things - AGA (based on the pattern and a biopsu result), and low iron?

    Thank you.
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    Hey Vicki!
    I just posted about iron..we are on the same wavelength..haha!

    I think there is a good chance many of us have more than one thing going on that is causing our hair loss because I bet many people are on the low end of normal with the iron and ferritin and don't have hair loss. I feel like it can't hurt for us to treat the iron.. but as far as it being the one cause of anyone's hair loss, I would love to hear anyone's story if they took iron and it fixed everything. I wish we could hear more success stories on here.

    Your eyebrow hair loss still makes me think you have a thyroid issue (I'm no doctor, but this is just based on everything i read). Did you ever have your DHEA checked? (not the DHEA-S that Dr. Dumbass checked, but just "DHEA") I JUST learned yesterday from the internist who found my adrenal problem that low DHEA can cause HAIR LOSS. So that would be a big contributer for me! Now I am wondering how many women here have had their DHEA checked in their hormonal work-ups.

    And please please please get your thyroid antibodies checked (to test for Hashimotos) if you havent already. Thinning eyebrows is a big clue of that. (I know you know this already.. I am just bugging you cus I care about you :p)

    Okay-- i was all over the place with this comment and I don't think I actually helped to answer any of your questions.

    I just want you to get more answers! *HUGS* :>
    p.s. Your ferritin is higher than mine! You are beating me in the iron/ferritin race :D (We started taking the Slow FE at the same time I think) So yay for your ferritin!!!!
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    I promise, I will have those checked at my next appt, when I have to have my potassium checked for the Spiro. I value your comments and suggestions, unfortunately (you know what I mean) you know too much about all of this! Thanks, Elissa, have a good day. Oh - and I saw your numbers on your blog. That's great, hopefully you'll see the effects of all of that soon. :) xx