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Discussion in 'Iron' started by Elissa, Jun 3, 2009.

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    Got my levels rechecked since I have been on Slow FE iron (2 pills a day) since the end of March. My levels are going up slowly but surely! (Copper and Zinc results are still pending.) Anyone know how long it usually takes to raise levels to a decent level (the target >70 ferritin everyone talks about)? By the way-- I just made a change and started taking the Slow FE on an empty stomach instead of with food (made this change after the last blood work) so I am wondering if it will help with the absorption and how quickly. I start treatment for the adrenal insufficiency (see my other blog on that) next week, so between treating my adrenals and continuing to raise my iron/ferritin, I am hoping for some more hair! Thank you all for being so helpful to me the past few months *HUGS* [​IMG]

    Iron: 46
    Ferritin: 13

    Iron: 75
    Ferritin: 18
    Transferrin Saturation: 22%

    Iron: 79
    Ferritin: 24
    Transferrin Saturation: 23.6%
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    I think I too have weak adrenals. Can you share with me how your doctor is treating that? What is the difference between ferritin and iron? I think my adrenals are weak and I have biounavailable copper problems. This is all guess work and from lots of time spent online trying to figure out my problems on my own since most doctors seem to be too passive trying to figure the root cause, they just want to give you something that might really hurt you to cover up your bodies way of warning you that something is wrong. I get mad at the lack of concern some of the doctors have. I would love to hear what your doctor had to say about your adrenal glands and if any of it is hleping you.