Iron stores down after 3 months on Iron.

Discussion in 'Iron' started by tonga4147, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new here and am wondering how it is even possible for my Ferritin numbers to go down while taking 325 mg of Iron twice a day for three months. When I started it was at 12 and now it is at 6. I have severe hair loss and between Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Anemia/low Iron it is no wonder I am practically bald. I am upset about this and at a loss as to what to do. Thank you for listening to me. I just needed to vent a little.

  2. Deborah

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    We are warriors together

    Regarding iron deficiency -- my advice is to see a specialist - even a pharmacist- soon as you can. Insist these levels be normalized. Newer research says that normal iron levels are too low and should be considerably higher. Never give up - draw in your power and take steps to balance iron, thyroid and hormones.
    I'll let you know when our research produces helpful guidelines.
    There must be a way through this if we do our part to gather the current knowledge available -- stem cell applications- blood platelet stimulation -- we are on the verge of new discovery.
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    I can relate to the frustrating hair loss from thyroid issues. I had beautiful hair until i was diagnosed Hypothyoid 2 years ago. My hair has been falling out ever since. I was told it would stop once i got on medication, didn't. I was told it would start growing back once i got on medication, didn't.

    I have been on 5 different medications, and doses for 2 years, and no matter what i do, it won't stop falling out. Everybody else i know that has thyroid problems has nice hair. I stopped even mentioning it to the doctor when i go, because all i hear is, it's just hair, don't worry, it will grow back. Or even worse, they just laugh.

    I wouldn't feel so bad if i was losing my hair from a disease that had no cure, but thyroid disease is treatable !!!!! So ok, i have to lose my hair from a treatable disease ???? That just shouldn't happen. This has totally ruined my life, my marriage, and my self esteem.

    I hope you find something soon to help get your levels up. It's horrible when everything you try just doesn't help. Take care.
  4. Deborah

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    About your thyroid diagnosis

    Perhaps the issue isn't thyroid. This could be other things -- get a workup with a naturopath - a physician with great sensitivity to hormonal balance and natural remedies. Take action to become unentangled from a negative outcome
    Your life is worth the effort -- you are a sacred, precious Being.
    See what else is possible.
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    low iron too after medication

    Gosh, the same thing happened to me. I just checked my levels two weeks ago and they went down 50% after prescription supplementation. She was like it's still within normal range--my point is not the number, but the fact that it decreased WITH supplementation. Something is wrong. I called today because the medication she called in is out of stock--I need to find the nerve to straight up ask for a) more testing to see if I have malabsorption problems and/or b) get an infusion. I'm tired of playing around. this is serious.

    i wish you luck. i know how frustrating this is.
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    I know this is a post from April but hopefully someone sees this! I have had the same thing happen. I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and have been taking synthroid for about 8 years. I also have very low serum ferritin. I have been taking ferrex forte plus 150 (she told me to take 2 but I have only taken one daily) for the last 12 mos. I have my levels checked every 3-4 months and as of Monday they are still in the 20's!! ARGH! I was at the endo yesterday and she wants to check me for Celiac since there has been no change with iron pills. I have read a lot today about blackstrap molasses and I am going to try that. Maybe for some reason I will have a better outcome trying that. Has anyone else tried that or have any other suggestions for me. I am a nutritionist (BS degree) and have worked in the field for over 12 years. You would think I could figure this hair loss thing out if it is related to my diet/deficiencies but I am just as confused. The only time I have not shed a lot was when I was pregnant three years ago. My hair loss was about 15 or so hairs a day from about my second month of pregnancy to about 2 mo after he was born. Then about 6-9 months post baby it was goodbye hair!! Other than that it has been from about 22-23 years of age to current (38)! Is there any hope??!!