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  1. Elissa

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    Just something funny I noticed...

    The "hair loss expert" dermatologist I have been going to... the one who pushes Rogaine and expensive laser treatments on all his patients.. IS BALD!!!! Umm.. why on earth would a HAIR LOSS SPECIALIST be BALD? What-- he doesn't want to use his own treatments?
  2. Women's Hair Loss Project

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    Hi Elissa -

    Your post sort of reminded me of the dentist my mom took me to when I was a kid, that had black teeth. LOL! :D

    But, in all fairness, some people may not be interested in treating their own hair loss, or are beyond treatment. Like George Costanza is likely not going to be a good responder to Rogaine at this point, he's way too bald. But yet that doesn't mean Rogaine doesn't work for *some* people. It does, just not everyone.

    On the topic of lasers, I just don't think they work for hair loss.
  3. Milo

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    My expert dermatologist has LUSH hair. Speckled with grey. Quite attractive actually.....

    Which I think is very unfair... sometimes I wonder if he actually understands... especially when he dishes out aloof or harsh comments...


  4. kawawa

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    Who really know?

    He is bald because because mostly Hair Loss treatments are hit and miss and don't work. Laser? No way! Doesn't work. Rogaine? Hey, it can't hurt and may keep it from falling out for awhile. Sorry to say I don't have much faith in all the meds and docs. If there was really a cure then we would all know it. I have come up with a thousand reasons that I could have lost my hair, but who knows?

    You are young so hopefully yours will rebound, This happens sometimes all on its own. I say eat well and use some sort of shampoo that blocks testostrone. Not Nioxin!!!!

    Good Luck
  5. Gigi31

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    Is there a shampoo that blocks the testosterone? I had bloodwork done and my dermatologist thinks it's Adrogenetic Alopecia. I also have high levels of DHEA-S. Haven't moved forward to anything right now though. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  6. divinem

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    Physician, heal thyself. . .or at least heal me!