Is it AGA?

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    Hi all,

    I first started losing my hair a year ago (previously posted in low ferritin topics!) as my ferritin was 5. Got it up to 70+ by February 2014 and shedding slowed and eventually stopped.

    Now, shedding again! My temples have gotten thinner. I did have an episode of ferritin dropping again in April, and in May I was diagnosed for having severe inflammation in the bowel (was passing blood and mucus, sorry for visual)

    My hair has started falling again now and no one seemed to be looking at is as anything other than a symptom. I paid to go to a hair clinic which uses a proscope (basically magnifying thingy) to look at your hair follicles and diagnose type of hair fall.

    He showed me the images of my hair and pointed out a sort of jelly substance of the follicle, saying this was blockage due to DHT and I had androgenic alopecia from what he suspected. He then said the computer had to complete a calculation to confirm this and then wouldnt let me see the screen which I thought was pretty suspicious. He basically told me I had lost a third of my hair and he was sure I had AGA and the only successful treatment is laser therapy with them, which comes with a 30 year guarantee and costs 4500! I agree some follicles looked blocked, can this be due to anything other than AGA? Just he also showed me images of the length of my hair and it had specks on and he said this was the blockage coming unstuck...I thought maybe it could be the dry shampoo I applied earlier in the day?!

    He then started to say because of my still undiagnosed bowel/iron issues, it may be that my hair naturally restores itself and stops falling out and stays at this level but its unlikely to get better than this. So basically he said I could be cured if the period of stress was cured. Here is me thinking AGA is genetic with no cure ;) He also said he couldnt say how quickly it would progress because apparently my follicles are pushing out the blockages..

    So tbh, I'm not sure if he's telling me a load of bull*** or not. My parting hasn't gotten wider but I have noticed hair loss in my temples. However I lost hair here when I first shed, then it did grow back, now it has shed again. Also my hair loss hasn't really been gradual but pretty dramatic; he said I've lost a third of my hair. In 1 year!

    People out there with AGA, does this sound like your experience of it? I just dont wanna start getting treatment for something I don't have :( but dont want to delay in case I do! So depressed about it :(
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    For me, I wanted proof of the cause of my hair loss so after getting blood tests and everything coming back normal, the next step was a scalp biopsy. Turns out I do have AGA and was told to use Rogaine and take Spironolactone.
    It sounds like your suspicions are justifiable. He "suspected" he "was sure" and he wouldn't let you see the computer screen. Sounds fishy.
    Do a search for "laser therapy" before paying for something that may or may not work.

    Good luck!
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    Hi GRL,

    Thanks for replying! What has your experience of AGA been? Does what the man at the hair clinic say accurate in terms of AGA? What was the pattern of your hair loss and how much/quickly did you lose hair?

    Thanks :)
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    I can only compare what he did to what my dermatologist did.
    He ordered labs and once they came back as normal, he suggested a scalp biopsy. There is also what is called a "pull test" where the doctor pulls some strands of hair and if they come out easily, then that is another way to determine. I did not have that done so I can't say much about it other than what I've read on here.
    I am not familiar with the methods used from a hair clinic but I have a pretty good idea that if the only successful treatment was laser therapy, as he claimed, then we'd all be doing that instead of investing in high dollar wigs, taking numerous vitamins, using topical treatments...and on and on. My advice is to give it more thought.

    As for my pattern of hair loss, it is the sides and crown of head. I've always had thin hair but it got thicker as I got older. In my 20's I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I also went on the pill. I never had an issue with it becoming any thinner at that point. In my 30's, I had 2 kids and it seemed to have gotten thicker, I could still slightly see my scalp but I had more hair even though it was thin so I never noticed and I also went back on the pill. I had an endometrial ablation at 38 so I didn't need to get back on BC. At 40 is when I hit "dred shed". March was my birthday so from then until now, I have lost a considerable amount, my scalp is becoming more noticeable to me and the hair around my face is so wispy it feels like spider webs. June was when it hit me that it's gotten serious. My hair was wet and plastered to my head from swimming and after getting out of the pool, I went in the house and glanced at myself in the mirror. I was startled to see how different it had now looked. I started paying more attention and that's when I knew I had to take action.
    My mother has diffuse thinning on her entire scalp but she used to work in a hospital and claimed it was from radiation, and that she was even pregnant with me which is why my hair is so thin. That's all I've ever known to be the truth until learning otherwise from here.

    Here is something I wish I knew about sooner..Nizoral shampoo. I haven't had any growth but compared to how much I was shedding, it has reducded. I started using it last month and then started taking all the necessary vitamins.
    I threw away the spiro and will not use Rogaine. I haven't read much success in either.