Is it normal to hate my first wig?

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by Clara, Jun 20, 2013.

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    My name is Clara and I found this forum out of dispair. It seems there's no one I can talk to about my alopecia - I'm even considering finding myself therapy sessions just so I can vent but then I live abroad (I'm Spanish, living in Lithuania) and I'm afraid that language might be an issue. Oh well.

    Sorry for the long intro. I just wanted to ask one thing. I bought my first wig three days ago and I HATE it. It doesn't look in the least like my own hair (well it's a good wig and it does look like somebody's hair, just not mine!). Also, somehow the lady at the shop convinced me to get a blonde wig when I'm dark haired. Not too blonde, it's more like mousy blonde, but still not my colour.

    Anyway, so I tell myself I have to get used to it (everybody says it suits me because I have light eyes) and then I try to wear it the whole day through, but it REALLY itchy and I can't stop scratching it and all I can think of is going home to take it off and BURN IT.

    What should I do? Should I force myself to get used to it? Is it going to be the same with every wig? Should I try some other wig (are Rachel Welch's really that good)? I bought this one for €100 - is that too cheap?

    Thanks for reading. I really needed to write this. I hope someone has some thoughts about it?
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    Hi Clara,
    You have come to the right place! In fact, you should also join our main network at There are SO MANY of us on the same journey as you, so you are definitely not alone....this is a difficult journey, but the wonderful news is that there is SO MUCH hope and you will soon find some supplemental hair that you feel VERY comfortable with.

    Please know that this is COMPLETELY normal, what you are going through. In the beginning when you try to find "helper hair" that you like and feel comfortable with, there WILL be some trial and error before you find the PERFECT hair for you...this is only natural.. Goodness, I went thru a few myself until I found hair that I LOVED:)

    Most of the time it is recommended to look for a style that is VERY close to your natural hair both in color and style. Sometimes we are lucky and find something that looks good that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to how we normally wear our bio hair, but this is not normally the case.

    If you do not feel comfortable in the wig you have, then by all means continue to look for something that you DO feel comfortable in, because you will be wearing this for a long time and YOU need to feel happy and comfortable:) Don't force yourself and pressure yourself to like this blonde wig. Is there any way you can return it at all?

    It DEFINITELY will not be the same with every wig...that's the good news. Jon Renau wigs are supposed to be very good, and yes - Raquel Welch's are also good. I think you should take some time to look at some more wigs online and read reviews as well as watch some video reviews. There are a LOT of reviews posted by other ladies on VogueWigs and also at RealLife Wigs (both photos and video reviews). Then you can also visit the VIMEO channel put together by RealLife Wigs at Also there is a wonderful YouTube Channel called Wigs by Patti's Pearls with a lot of amazing video reviews. CLICK HERE for Patti's YouTube channel.

    There truly is the PERFECT hair out there for you, so DON'T let this first one make you feel despondent:) Just hang in there and keep trying.

    And come back here to write whenever you need to... we are here to listen and help you out as we can:)

    Hugs to you and may God bless you xx
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    Dear Ciella, thank you so much for your kind answer! I so needed somebody "who gets it" to tell me it's OK not to feel confortable on a wig stright away (my mum blames it on me because i didn't try on any more wigs, I just trusted the stylist). I will definitely try and find a wig that looks more like my real hair (I hope I can get a refund for this one!). Thanks again and God bless you too :)
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    Clara, most synthetic wigs and many human hair wigs have an alkaline base added to them to prevent bacteria or mold. Many many people have allergic reactions to it. This is normal as it is ammonia based. Put some exzema grade lotion such as eucerin or aveeno on your scalp (it won't hurt any bio hair) use it thick and leave it in while you do the following. The softer and more moisturised your scalp, hair, and wig are, the less likely they are to "poke" because they slide off each other. Some of the itching are sharp hairs poking like just after you get a haircut. Soak your wig in 1:4 apple cider vinegar and water mixture for about an hour. This will neutralize that alkaline base to make it more skin friendly. Then rinse it and soak it in water with liquid fabric softener for 15 minutes. This helps soften the cap material.Then wash and dry the wig and your bio hair or scalp like normal.. Dry well. Look inside your wig cap for any hairs poking through and pull them back out where they go. When u try it on it should be a lot less itchy.
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    But... Of course, don't do any of that if you plan to try to return it. Make sure you are comfortable with the way the wig looks first.
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    If I had the money to afford a really nice, well made wig, I would wear one...
    great way to try out new hairstyles too.
    And no, its not weird.