is it seasonal?

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    I have noticed over the last year thst staring in May or June I start shedding like a cat. I do color my hair (only roots) every six weeks, but once the cold weather comes, it slows down and my hair starts to grow again. I am taking multi vitamins, with biotin and all the other vitamins for hair, but it does not seem to work. I am healthy, aside from arthritis, not on any meds, work out 7 days a week, and am about 122. I eat well, not alot of fat, and little to no stress, no kids. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!:eek: I always had beautiful hair, now at 43, it is starting to act older than I am.
    Is anyone else shedding seasonally like me??????
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    It's interesting that you mention seasonal hair loss, because I have noticed that my hair loss tends to be more in the summer then winter. My sister has noticed the same thing with her hair.
    I started taking a multi vitamin about a month and a half ago, and my hair loss has decreased.
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    I noticed a couple of years ago that my hair loss was distinctly seasonal and cyclical. I'm 61 now, and well through menopause, and I've always had fairly thick hair. This may have been going on throughout my life, but it wasn't until I hit 54 or 55 that I started noticing the pattern of significant hair loss for three to four months beginning in July every year. It stops pretty abruptly in late autumn and does seem to regrow pretty well.

    My doctor hasn't been able to offer much advice, and a recent test for thyroid issues didn't show me to be in a range that requires additional medication.

    I'm quite healthy, eat properly, exercise and all that stuff. So I'm thinking it's probably some genetic thing going on.

    This year I'm giving some supplements a try--iodine (via kelp) since my thyroid test was borderline, and selenium to help the absorption of the iodine.

    I'll repost in a couple of months to let you know if this helped at all.

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    Hi I am new to this forum and I was relieved to notice that Lucy4 has answered a question I was getting worried about. I was aware last year (2008) that my hair seemed thinner than ever around July/Aug. I am 57 and wondered and worried that it may be due to hormones or shampoos etc. I was living in Florida at the time and washing my hair the fewest times possible which was every couple of days to help minimise shedding.
    Since last year I have taken Biotin, MSM, Vit C supplements, keep an eye on my diet etc etc and changed to SLS free shamppos. Then I found Megatek and bought a bottle of that in November '08 which I used a lot initially and then less, as new growth appeared. My hair grew longer and got thicker. Around March I suddenly had the best head of hair I had ever had - until now - August 2009 when I've found my hair coming out in strandfulls when I comb after shampooing. It does alarm me somewhat as my hair is extremely fine. I wondered if boosting my growth with Mega-tec lead to a faster shedding or whether it was not using it so much or whether it is actually a seasonal thing?
    Anway thanks for your reassuring post Lucy4.
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    lazy--only time will tell if this is a seasonal thing for you too. It took me three summers to finally see the cycle I go through (and like you, many moments of alarm). I guess that's the beauty of hindsight--at least I'm reasonably sure most of it will grow back. Not much consolation when it's happening, though. My hair is fine like yours, but thick. So when it starts coming out in "strandfulls", it really gets my attention. I've started to keep track of these "cycles" on my calendar for future reference.
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    I just went to get my hair colored and was, of course, complaining to the colorist about my thin hair and she said she was loosing hair as well that it was her time of the year and she looses it the same time year after year.
    Hope this helps
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    Yes thank you, it does reassure me. I wasn't absolutely sure what previous years were like regarding shedding as I have had some sort of trauma or anxiety thing going for the last few years which have been through the summer/autumn time periods. From my parter suddenly dying 5 years ago, sorting out material and financial issues, and afterwards selling my house, moving to the USA and finally getting married. It's a wonder I didn't pull it out myself!!! Thanks again all of you for your kind responses.
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    Seasonal hairloss

    This is an interesting topic! I have found that my hair seems to fall out more in the summer months too. However, it does not seem to grow back because it is just getting thinner and thinner, which gives me moments of dispair. I don't see any regrowth.

    I know my cat loses a lot of fur starting summer and then gets his winter coat in late fall. But gee, I am not a cat! However, there could be something to it.

    My hair loss started when I was about 42 (I am now 65). It came out every time I combed or brushed. It was quite a shock.

    Recently, I had a mastectomy operation, and afterwards my hair started to fall out more again. It has stopped now, but I don't see any regrowth. Again, my hair has gotten even thinner. People who know me keep telling me that it's still ok, that it still looks cute (I am wearing it very short).

    Aren't we always more picky about our looks than other people?!

    When I had this first upsetting experience with hair loss a long time ago, I went to a dermatologist and he explained to me that once hair starts falling for one reason or another, it continues that cycle, and that this is about 12 weeks.

    I have tried a lot of things and, unfortunately, have to admit that nothing is really worth the money. I have even tried an Accutone CD that was supposed to help with thinning hair and playing it until I go to bed. I knew it was too good to be true, and guess what, it was too good to be true. I paid $150 for that. Oh, well, I am learning finally that maybe acceptance is my only sane way to handle this problem.

    At some point in the future, I may just shave off what's left and wear wigs. That would certainly take care of the whole upsetting situation. anyway, just a thought for now. Thanks, Athenai
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    Hi ,
    I mentioned in another topic area that if a person if having scalp & hair loss issues, they might stay away from shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, mousse & hairspray that have sunscreen in them . I have lupus & along with it I have Numerous allergies & sensitivities . One of my worst is to sunscreens & any product that contains them.
    The heat during the spring & summer would cause my scalp to itch & burn , and eventually 1 hot spot developed on the back crown area. The itching was as intense as if you had a flea bite that burned& itched nonstop.
    if you have a sensitivity or allergic reaction , heat makes it worse. Also alcohol makes it worse & most hair products for styling have alcohol.

    Just a thought that I hope will help someone!
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    seasonal hair loss

    I have constant hair loss all year long. Started aug of 07. Slows down a lot in winter, but never really completely stops. Then come late April, early May, Bam- Huge shedding. And ist last all summer, but may and June are really bad, and July & august are bad too but not quite as bad as may/June. And the bad thing is, every year it gets worse. I am frantic about whats to come. When the heavy shed starts, my scalp is burny, itchy, crawly etc. Sometimes light flaking. This also slows down a lot in winter. I am in Wisconsin so thought it might be some kind of alergy that starts in spring/summer. I am 61 and have extensive testing. I have seen countles doctors and none can tell me anything about this seasonal shedding. Most never heard of it. Has anyone else had any luck or information on this? I know Dr. Redmond does not believe in seasonal shedding, but I have yet to here his reply to any other reason. Also ,has anyone tried propecia? my newest doctor said propecia is better then spironolactone . Anyone ? Thanks. Kathy
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    seasonal loss

    I too have seasonal loss. For about 3 years now, starts horrid in May, goes horrid for 3 months, slows alittle after that, and is pretty slow Janury thruogh March. I am in Wisconsin. PLEASE PLEASE email me if you have seasonal heavier loss too. I am trying to get to the bottom of this. And each coming year is worse then the last. Thank you
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    Kathy~ I think we have similar stories--both in our sixties, both having some alarming shedding during warmer months, both getting nowhere with our doctors, and both searching for some answers. We may have different causes going on, but I think you just need to keep researching and doing your own trial-and-error

    My shedding has slowed to a snail's pace right on schedule, and I'm dreading what spring and summer will have in store. My regrowth seems to be doing better than the last few years. This could be because of the 10,000 mcg's of biotin I'm taking daily as well as trying to get more iron into my diet.

    I will continue to post to this thread when I have anything positive or negative to report with what I've tried.

  13. newbs

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    Seasonal hair loss

    I have hair loss all year round, but it gets horrid starting in May and then for about 3 months of horrid, then slightly slower, and by January very slow. But each Spring it gets horrid again. I would like to know how long this has been going on for all of you who experience this spring summer heavy shedding. Have you treid anything? Lets try to put this together and maybe we will find a common thread. Is there any way to email each other? Kathy
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    Thank you so much for your post. Yes, we are pretty much the same, except my hair loss really never stops for any time. It just slows down a lot in January Feb. and March. Does anyone else get the itch, burn, and all those other wonderful scalp irritations in the spring summer? I even get that itch in Winter when my loss is the least. Is there any way to email each other to see if there is a common thread for us with this seasonal loss? Maybe we can find a common issue to help figure this out.
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    Burning Scalp

    My derm originally told me the burning was caused by stress but I didn't believe her. I have FPB caused by changing hormones and burning scalp is usually associated with low estrogen. I use to mind the burning more than the hair loss. It was so iritiating. Once I started treatment 200mg spirolactone and now Diane 35 along with Nizoral 2% daily shampooing I didn't have any scalp burn or sensations of any kind. Also since taking Diane 35 my hair has started to grown back. I was on Yasmin and it seemed to be helping then all of sudden it wasn't working anymore so I switched to Diane 35 and so far so good. I live in Canada so Diane 35 and nizoral 2% are readily available but you can also order them online according to some posts I've read. I definitely think the BCP was what stopped the burning. I'm 41 and perimenopausal so low estrogen. Hope this helps.

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    burny scalp estrogen

    I am 61 and so my estrogen is very low. But it is low all year round, so I can't figure why I have this heavy heavy shedding early May through summer. Shedding also in winter but not nearly as bad, and estrogen is low then too. So this is puzzling. I am thinking about starting HRT but the doctor wants testosterone in it, which I do not want as for the androgen thing. She thinks testosterone helps hair, skin etc. I know for some people it is good for that, but not for people loosing there hair. Anyone else agree? Also, since this hair loss started heavy, august of 07, with horrid itch, inflammed scalp etc. soon after, maybe 8 months or so, my fingernails got those lines in them. The ridged fine lines that run top to bottom. Anyone else with seasonal shedding have this nail thing or the itchy burny red scalp? Also , as I never had dandruff before, in my entire life , I get it on and off now. I am trying minoxidol and I think it is making that worse. I have been using minox for a couple months now to prepare for the spring, hoping it will help. Has it helped any of you with the seasonal heavy shedding?
  17. Dharma2

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    Hi Grankat,

    I'm don't know anything about seasonal shedding except what I have read on the internet. I'm incline to agree with you on the testosterone issue too. There is information all over the internet that supports that elevated testostrone can cause hair loss to women who are vulnerable to FHHL. I had my hormones checked and the Dr. tried to offer me both testostrone and DHEA along with Progestrone but no estrogen. He said my estrogen was low but not much. Well for me it is enough to cause my hair to fall out. So I decided to go with the BCP's although I would rather bioidentical hormone replacement I just don't have much confidence in the science yet.

    I had fingernail issues as well which I never experienced until my hair loss started. I had ridges that were vertical on most of my nails however since being on BCP they have completely smoothed out and are growing smooth and fast. I really believe getting my estrogen levels up has improved everything.

  18. newbs

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    Hi Dharma
    Whatever you do, don't let anyone talk you into taking dhea. I did that about 6 -7 years ago for 1 month, and started shedding like crazy. I stopped the dhea, and my shedding immediatly stopped. This had nothing to do with what is going on now though. If you google hair loss dhea you will see tons of people who lost hair after starting dhea. my hair loss now started 2.5 years ago, and is not connected to the dhea I took 6 or 7 years ago. Oddly, as I have had soooo many labs since 2007 og august, I did find my dhea level was skyrocket high. Normal for my age is 35-350. Mine has been as high as 1200 in June og 2008, to as low as 600 in May of 2009 and just this December it was 1075. My dheas is always normal and doctors say that is the important one. But if taking dhea supplement 7 years ago for 1 month had me shed, wouldn't it make sense that all the dhea I have now would be the reason for my shedding? But,,,, if that was the case, sometimes when my dhea is the lowest=600 my shedding was the heaviest, and visa versa, so it does not make sense to me. Where does all my dhea go? I also was just tested for blood dht levels and it was normal in the mid range. I was also tested for pollen,mold,grass, trees, mites ,dust etc etc as i thought it may be allergin related. But all okay and shows no allergy As for testosterone, I read that even though levels can be in normal range, there are some that are very sensitive to it, and can have hair loss from it, even with normal testosterone levels. My levels range from 12 to 52. But my estrogen is at the rock bottom of normal, for my age of 61. It was 15 last year and is about 5 as of November. Having it tested again Monday. interesting about your nails. So the estrogen helped that? Did it help your hair shedding? How many hairs did you loose a day when it was shedding? And for how long? Sorry for so many questions but I think if we can all work together on this, we may find someting out the doctors never will. I'm so happy to here your hair and itchy burn is better now. Or do you still get abnormal shedding?
  19. Dharma2

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    Thanks for the information about the DHEA. It does sound odd that your sheds are high even when DHEA is lower. This hormonal stuff is so sensitive and subjective to each woman. No wonder we struggle to find success with this issue.

    I do believe the estrogen in the BCP is what stopped my hair loss. The Diane 35 has estrogen of 35 which is more than most BCP which are usually anywhere from 20 to 30. Also it has a testostrone blocker in it that other BCP's don't. I never counted my hair that was falling but I can tell you I have diffused hair loss and I figure I've lost about 50% of my hair. If I had to guess I would say I was loosing around 200 to 400 hair a day. I always had fine, long, dark hair but I had lots of it. I can now see my scalp in the front and my part has widened. The crown was affected too. I was using toppnik to cover but since starting BCP's I don't need it anymore. I have to wash my hair with Nizoral 2% everyday though or I can feel the dht on my follicles. I actually noticed my hair thinning a couple of years ago along with an increase in PMS (mood swings mainly). When I mentioned it my doctor she tried to give me BCP and antidepressants I felt it was a bandaid and thought I could fix it with natural suppliments. In February of 2009 it increased tenfold and I knew I had a problem. My derm eventually diagnoised me with FPB. I've been on Spiro since May of 2009 and added BCP in the fall of 2009. I know it's made a huge difference in the amount of hair I still have. Soon after starting the BCP my hair loss slowed dramtically and has not returned to any major sheds since. So I can't deny the estrogen effect.

    The fingernail issue was strange because it was something I had never experienced before but it quickly corrected with the use of BCP's too. Please don't apologize for the questions. I have and am still learning so much from these post. You are correct, we do need to work together. I can't imagine were I'd be today if not for the post on sites like these.
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    I've noticed the seasonal hair loss, too. I do have it all year, but it is much heavier in the summer, and sometimes in the spring as well. Some summers more than others, but always heavier.

    Anyway, I just found that a medical journal article was published last year about this topic. Maybe the general medical community will be learning of this. Here is a citation and summary of it. I can't find a full-text copy of the article itself, though... probably it would be available through a medical library:

    "Seasonality of Hair Shedding in Healthy Women Complaining of Hair Loss"
    By: Michael Kunz ; Burkhardt Seifert ; Ralph M Trüeb Published in: Dermatology . Volume: 219, Issue: 2, Date: 2009 , Pages: 105-10

    BACKGROUND: A number of otherwise healthy women with or without clinical alopecia complain of recurrent hair loss, presumably reflecting seasonality in the growth and shedding of hair. Objective: To test the hypothesis that periodicity in hair shedding reflects seasonal changes in human hair growth. METHODS: Retrospective case study over a period of 6 years of apparently healthy women with the complaint of hair loss. All underwent biochemical investigations, and trichograms were made. RESULTS: After exclusion of patients with a disease or on drugs known to cause hair loss, 823 women remained. Analysis of trichograms demonstrated annual periodicity in the growth and shedding of hair, manifested by a maximal proportion of telogen hairs in summer. A second peak seems to exist, though it is less pronounced, in spring. The telogen rates were lowest in late winter. CONCLUSIONS: These results confirm the findings of former authors who have indicated seasonal changes in human hair growth, though this is the first study performed systematically in a representative number of women.