It's been awhile, but I'm back.....and so sad!

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    Hi! I'm back! I had to take a break from here because my hair issues were consuming me. I was able to forget about things for a couple months. For those who don't know or don't remember, I am 39 now and I started losing massive amounts of hair at the end of April and I was diagnosed with telogen effluvium back in May. It is speculated that it was triggered by any or all of a combination of a flue like illness leading to a 10 pound weight loss in a short period of time, followed by a somewhat crash diet to keep the weight off. The derm said I'd shed for about 4 months. Other sources I read said 6 months, so I was able to keep reassuring myself that things would get better and hang in there with a decent attitude. In July things got pretty bad and my hair just looked so awful and thin that I cut it from mid back length to shoulder length. I kept holding out hope that things would get better in a couple months. Well, my magical 6 month mark came and went......and my hair is still falling out!!! It looks awful, and I cry a lot. I miss the thick hair I used to have. I am obsesssed with scrutinizing people's magazine, on TV and when I go out in public. Everyone has such thick beautiful hair....except me. I don't know what to do. I've been taking iron (my ferritin was 24 if I recall correctly), vitamin C, Biotin, evening primrose oil, multivitamin and some other things. I need to get my levels rechecked to see where I'm at, but I'm assuming still low on the ferritin since my hair is still falling out at a much greater rate than "normal." I do have some short hairs which I guess is regrowth, but I do notice that some of the short hairs are falling out too. I've also had thinning of my eyelashes and eyebrows, but it has all been diffuse. I don't have any bald spots, but I feel like my head hairloss is more on the top and sides than in the back. I'm just so heartbroken that this is not stopping. :mad::(:confused: My mom's hair has thinned, but she has thyroid issues and has had a hysterectomy. Her sisters have full, thick heads of hair and they are in their 50s. Why me?

    I don't get a ton of support because everyone tells me they can't notice that much. Those who can notice (my husband, mother in law, etc) tell me it doesn't really is just hair and my brother in law was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, so obviously I get the "it could be a lot worse" talk. I'm glad it is not cancer, but on the other hand it is still so stressful and hard for those who aren't experiencing it to really understand. I'd say I've lost over 1/2 my hair with no end in sight. :(
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    Im sorry your feeling so sad. I know what it feels like to be completely and totally consumed by your hair. From what I've read with TE its all about removing the trigger. Have you tried seeing a naturopath? I saw one recently and found her very helpful.