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Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by andiew, May 25, 2011.

  1. andiew

    andiew New Member

    has anyone tried the joan rivers great hair day fill in powder? i use to do this on my own with non shiny eyeshadow matched up to the colour of my hair. but this stuff is supposta stay on a lot better and be waterproof! would be so nice to go swimming again and get my head's been years :(
  2. andiew

    andiew New Member

    i just got my 2 packs for around $50 including taxes and shipping. the packaging is kinda chintsy...the mirror fell off the compact as soon as i opened it. it seems to work better results then what i got from eyeshadow or loose face powder though.
  3. Sukhi

    Sukhi New Member

    considering it

    I want to start swimming and am wondering if this stuff is as good as it says. Does it really stay on through swimming? I would be worried it would start dripping.

  4. andiew

    andiew New Member

    i'm still not brave enough to go swimming...not enough hair :(
    however it does seem to stay put until you wash it out.
  5. Sukhi

    Sukhi New Member

    Hi AndieW.

    I would not say that I have a whole lot of hair that would cover up my scalp, but just enough to either wear toppers or use concealers. I actually would be wearing a swimming cap as I am really not comfortable about showing any bald areas to the public.

    I am considering the Joan Rivers product when leaving the pool. I'm 5 minutes from the pool, so I would much rather shower at home. It would be from the time I leave the pool to when I arrive at home. I don't want to damage my topper while swimming.

    I guess I should order it and try it out at home and see how well it stands against water without shampoo. :)
  6. GW07626

    GW07626 New Member

    can you use these products if you are also using Rogaine type medicines? Do you have to wash it off twice a day?

    Also this seems expensive, do they have some kind of pencils or sticks to color the areas around the parts? Brown hair color.