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    since increasing my l lysine to 1000mg from 500 three weeks ago ive noticed my hair texture change drastically. its more bouncy and has a bit more life to it. my shedding has decreased as well. i started researching it and it produces collagen and the body doesnt naturally make this amino acid. to top it off its hard to get adequate amounts from food sources so the best way is supplementation. it said its hard to overdose on it. many suffering from alopecia claim its stregthened hair and regrew it.
    i really feel this could be a missing link in hairloss. i watched a few good u tubes ill post on it :)

    also it blocks dht from attaching to follicles
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    Thanks for posting this :)

    I've just started 1000mg l-lysine. I've stopped iron as my Ferritin is 83 and I don't want to overdose. I also take high strength zinc with added copper.

    I'm having a bad day we went away camping last week and it's destroyed my hair plus my partners daughter has given us all headlice again whilst away, I'm devestated - my scalp is bright red!!!

    I had a full blow panic whilst away as I lost so much hair I lost such a big chunk by the campfire all we could smell the rest of the night was burning hair!!!
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    hi LM im so sorry about your trip and the lice etc. please keep.taking the lysine!

    update....my shedding has gone down a lot and the texture of my hair feels way better. my hairs long way from.where it was a year ago but im convinced the lysine is what has caused the change. possibly the iron as well. im takjng 1500mg lysine a day which is three 500mg capsules. worth a try!
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    I saw a trichologist yesterday and she told me to stop my vitamins as they react with my anti depressant.

    My GP has taken me off my contraceptive pill as it's left me with too much oestrogen in my system.

    I might ask her about my vitamins before I stop them.

    On a positive note my hair is apparently full of regrowth and my thinning is diffuse although I notice it more on top but the Trichologist said it's the same density throughout.
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    Hi Twinmom,

    How's your progress going with the added l-lysine? Is it tellogen effluvium that you're going through?

    Just totally fed up right now. My ferritin is def around 60 by now cos it was 53 the beginning of this month. I've been on Saw Palmetto and other DHT blockers for the last 15 days, but honestly I don't see any change. Heavens knows what triggered such a shed, because the only other times I've had sheds has been post partum.

    Please let me know your progress. I've been doing 1000mg l-lysine for the last 10 days.....that small hair is still falling. I used to get a good head massage for 40 mins every week till it started falling around mid March. Since mid March, I feel like if I touch my hair it will all fall off.

    Exhausted, frustrated, upset................whole load of emotions going on right now. I can't understand how my life has changed in the last 1.5 months. Ofcourse my hair has been thinning for a few years now, but I've never ever had a shed like this before.
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    hi will..
    i definitely understand! its the worst feeling being out of control of our body and something that affects our physical appearance. the most frusterating is being told were healthy and nothings wrong. i dont buy into that even for men who bald. its not normal for hair to be lost ans not grow back something had to trigger that!
    i find my shedding seems less but some days are better than others. im hating the texture its so fine and brittle. also at my hairline im getting curly fine hairs that ate fuzzy. maybe this is miniturization im not sure but its just odd. im trying to taking thjngs day by dat. im still getting small hairs falling out too.
    may i ask your age? im 42 almost 43 so i feel hormones are at play. i see an endocrinologist may 29
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    Hi Twinmom,
    I'm 38. How long has your hair been falling? Have you tried any topical ointments to unblock DHT from your follicles if that's what's really causing your hairloss?

    I'm trying to take it one day at a time too. BTW, I don't believe in endocronologists who practice modern medicine. After my 3rd delivery my TPO (thyroid peroxidase antibodies) was > 1000 (they dont measure anything above 1000) and I was told by a very good endo that I'll have to live with it for the rest of my life.

    My homeopathic doc however has managed to get it bouncing back n forth for the last 1.5 yrs and now I'm at 300. Still high, but way lower that what it was. It's a work in progress.

    I don't think that's what affected my hair though. Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Maybe for me this is the DHT stuff.

    I'd suggest getting some topical ointment that has saw palmetto and nettle extract in it to neutralize DHT if there is any. Either that or a shampoo.

    All the best.
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    endo visit

    Hi Twinmom, How did the endo visit go. Having a bad day today. I thought the shed was subsiding, but yesterday it showed me it's ugly head again.

    Totally fedup. I just can't hide the scalp anymore. I look awful. More like a 50 yr old.
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    http://www.custommedicine.com.au/hair-loss/ :)
    this link has some really useful.info on it. it mentions that it inhibits the alpha enzyme that
    Turns testosterone into dht and requires a dosage of 700 mg a day.

    Hi will....
    Im.sorry but if it helps i still.have bad shed days but not as bad as they used to be. itll taper off but dont stop your regime.
    my endo app is may 29.
    What dht ointment would you suggest?
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    hi twinmom, I came across this site last weekend, "https://www.endhairlossnaturally.com/hairlossorder.dht.html". I read some testimonials. The ingredients look good.

    I feel orally taking a dht blocker would lower you blood dht, but if it's stuck in your follicles, it needs to be got out of there. This is just my logical way of thinking. If the l-lysine would get rid of it at the scalp by just taking it orally, then that's b great. Would you know if it does? Have you measured your blood dht levels? When I was <5, my hair was definitely growing. Ofcourse at the time I wasn't doing any topical application. Also that was the 1st time I'd ever checked my dht. My testosterone levels were also low at that point.

    My testosterone levels were doubled in April though still midrange. Dunno if this cause the dht to be created. Maybe it did.

    I'm at the same time trying a natural progesterone cream because my tests show that I'm estrogen dominant.

    Fingers crossed and hoping it works out.

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    Hi will...
    Do you know if my endo will check my dht levels? what is normal range for dht? Honestly im not getting my hopes up. i went to a derm appt and she didnt even look at my scalp much less my chart. hairloss seems to be of little importance to a lot of doctors. im curious to see where my hormone levels are at because im perimenopausal and i feel its definitely linked to this. that being said if it is hormononal it could be the dht attacking my follicles. the l lysine is supposed to inhibit the enzyme that converts testosterone to dht. i have noticed less shedding since taking three 500mg capsules a day. the texture feels netter as well.
    Have you used a dht blocker ointment?
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    I don't know if you're endo will do it specially if he/she is a modern day doc. The endo might also prescribe 'Synthroid' for a thyroid condition which will cause more hairloss. Search for some holistic docs in your area. I found one who's an hour away from me. He did the whole panel of tests. The DHT I specifically asked me and he had no probs adding that. He always tests my hormones....testosterone free/bioavailable/total, estrogen total, progesterone. I am going to ask for estradiol (which is 1 of the estrogens). Atleast my holistic doc is aware of dht and how it's created blah blah. None of my prev docs even heard about it.
    At present, the testosterones did double and estrogen was way too high. So yes, mine is def hormone related. He's asked me to meet him this month. I will be asking him to give me a blood test request for each month for the next 3 months as I wanna keep my hormones and iron in check. From then on, I will do it every 1.5 months and then every couple months.
    If you're getting your hair back now, keep doing what you're doing and also keep a good check on those hormone levels. Don't wait for the endo apt. Scout around for a good holistic doc and take an apt as soon as you can get one.
    I know we will be successful (even though i have my down days :)). Those follicles don't just die off. They take years to really die off.
    Are you willing to try acupuncture? Try finding a good one. I had to switch 3 to get mine that brought out all that hair. I will still continue with her.
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    Try and figure out your hormone levels by answering this questionnaire.

    After that, do a blood test and see if it kinda matches.

    Atleast once can continuously keep a check on those hormones based on these symptoms. Can't keep doing blood tests every week :(.
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    Lysine was rec to me by a thricologist years ago. it works well with iron. also is saw palmetto safe to take orally for women i have heard it can cause shedding once stopped?
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