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  1. Cattie

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    My beautiful red-headed daughter has lost so much of her hair. She is desperate to try the laser comb. Has anyone had any luck with this or is it a waste of money? She did try the laser treatment at a 'Hair' place..but it was 1,000$ and she cannot afford that ongoing. She said it didn't restore her hair but it did seem fuller.....PLEASE let me know your opinions/wisdom, etc. I too have hair thinning, bad (we both have thyroid issues). Thank you.
  2. Dorotea

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    Didn't work

    My sister tried it for a year with no results. Money down the drain. Can the thyroid issues be fixed? Then the hair will grow back
  3. Tracy C

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    Hi Cattie,

    I've been using the laser comb for years and I feel it does help. However, the single most important thing about treating hair loss is to find and treat the cause. Attempting to treat hair loss without treating the cause is a very steep uphill battle. It sounds like you already know the cause. Now you have to get treatment for it.

    Take care,

  4. Cattie

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    Thank you both for your responses. They are both vastly different but that is okay. Yes, as I shared, she has thyroid issues which she is addressing but feels as if she needs (as do I for myself too) to do whatever we can to keep the little hair we have if at all possible. I have sent her both of your responses and she can decide, because it is very expensive. Thank you so much.
  5. Tracy C

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    Hi Cattie,

    If you do decide to get one, ignore the directions and use it every other day instead of three days a week. Make sure to go over your entire scalp twice each time. It does improve your hair of you use it as directed but I feel it worked better for me when I started using it every other day.

    I am glad to hear you are addressing and treating the cause. Treating the cause is the single most important thing about resolving hair loss. Rogaine and the laser comb can treat the symptom but they do not treat the cause.

    To use myself as an example; I have androgenetic alopecia, which is a different cause that you have. I take an oral anti-androgen medication to treat that cause, which arrested my hair loss but does nothing to grow hair back. I use my laser comb and Rogaine to grow hair back. I started with laser for the first six months of treating my hair loss. Using the laser alone did improve the hair that I still had at the time noticeably. Then I added Rogaine and the two treatments used together worked much better. But after I started taking the anti-androgen to treat the actual cause of my hair loss, that is when I strarted to get really great results. If I were not taking that anti-androgen, I would still have been able to grow some hair back anyways - but it would have been a much bigger struggle.

    I hope this helps,

  6. molasses

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    TracyC, I am just beginning my journey to try do something about my hair loss. It has been coming out since I was about 27 but it was overall diffuse hair loss. At least that is what the docs said. Plus because it wasn't very bad at that time I didn't really treat it. Since I hit menopause 6 years ago it had been much more severe to the point that its obvious. Could you tell more about the laser comb, how it works, how much it costs etc. I went to a salon type thing and she gave me a sample treatment and then told me to price. I was both intrigued and skeptical. I'd never of using a lasers to treat hair loss but rather the opposite, to remove hair. Any info that you have would be very helpful to me so that I can figure out what I'm going to try. Thanks
  7. Tracy C

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    Hi Molassas,

    I don't actually know how it works other than what I can read on their website and from Dr. Bernstein. Here are a couple of links from Dr. Bernstein's site that may help answer that question.

    Using it has improved my hair though. So whatever it does, it is helping.

    Back when I bought my laser comb, they were about $500.00 when purchased directly from I see that the current equivalent of the 9-laser model that I have is still about $500.00. They also offer a less expensive battery powered 7-laser model. I do recommend buying it directly from Hairmax though so you can take advantage of the money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you.

    The lasers that are used for hair removal are a different type of laser from what is used to stimulate hair growth.

    As with any hair loss treatment, the key to getting results is to use the treatment and be consistent. I use mine every other day. Sometimes I need to skip a day but when that happens I get right back to it the next day. Your hair will start looking better pretty soon but it takes about four to six months before you will know if it is thickening up. From there it takes about a year to see the most benefit from using it.
  8. molasses

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    Thank-you Tracy C for that information. It is nice to know that the price is not out of reach especially with the guarantee.
  9. lwgj2012

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    Tracy, I have some questions regarding your use of the Lasercomb. You say to move it all over your scalp several times. Do you move your hair around with another comb in order to expose the scalp, or do you run it over your hair and it just penetrates the scalp through your hair? Also, do you use it with no product in you hair? Lastly, did you see an increase in scalp hairs (ie, a smaller part) or did it just fatten up your existing hairs? Thanks for your help, I am debating comitting myself to using one too.
  10. Tracy C

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    My hair is long so what I do is I comb my hair front to back then go from front to back with the laser first. Then I comb my hair from one side to the other and go from that side to the other side with the laser. Then I do that again for the other side. Lastly, I comb my hair back to front and go back to front with the laser.

    It takes longer than described in the instructions but it's easier for me to do it this way.

    Take care :)
  11. Julia David

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    Laser comb product is for women who are struggling with thinning hair, or have reason to believe they are dealing with Androgenic Alopecia. It can also be used by those women who are dealing with short-term hair loss (Telogen Effluvium) due to recent pregnancy, birth control, menopause, or any other medication or medical condition-related loss. The laser comb can be used along with any other treatment regimen you may currently be on, including Rogaine Foam, S5 Cream, Tricomin, Revivogen, or any topical or oral antiandrogens your physician may advise. In fact, we do not recommend that you rely on the laser comb as the only component of your regimen.
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    I just put the comb on my scalp. Is that ok?