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  1. Piyu

    Piyu New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I am in Melbourne, Australia. and here we have a lot of laser clinics which promise hair regrowth. I visited a couple of them. The treatment ranges from 5K to 10 K AUD. followed with a life long continuation of their shapoos, hair tonics and some herbal tablets. The shapoos are suppossed to be removing the buildup of surface DHT. the hair tonics and herbal pills promote hair growth. The laser activates hair follicles. Some of the centres also suggested to take some sort of birth control pills. The main treatment is for 8 to 10 months 9in my case) followed by a lifetime usage of their products. Its a big investment and spending probably 50 to 80 $ per month for the rest of your life. Just wanted to check before commencing on any of these, if anyone had tried these and if it worked for them ?
  2. ShinyObjects

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    Whilst never one to degrade a treatment I haven't tried, laser therapy for hair is widely disagreed over and even the evidence that "proves" it works (usually done by a laser company) shows a difference that isn't really visible/noticeable.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind trying it, why not? but I think there's a cheaper alternative to the clinics, certainly I don't think 5-10K of Anything is worth it for a trial?
  3. erin87

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    Hi, I've been wondering that too myself.
    I live in Madrid, Spain, and the places I've gone to have offered me a treatment that is also pretty expensive. The treatment is similar to the one you described.
    In my case, I would have to wash my hair everyday to prevent the acumulation of oil (which is what is causing my hair loss), apply an ampoule on my scalp three times a week, and a laser treatment as well once a week. This would all be for three months and from then on, I would have to use their products to make sure the hair loss doesn't continue.
    They didn't garantee regrowth. They did say that because of my age (I'm 19), and the fact that there is still hair on my scalp, it was probable that I would get some of my hair back. But they didn't assure anything. They did insist on the fact that this treatment would at least reduce the oil, "save" the healthy hairs and keep them thick and decrease significantly the hair loss.
    I would love to commence the treatment but the money pulls me back. What if this is all a waste of time and (a lot of) money? I wouldn't mind paying it if I could be sure it were to work, but I don't know.
    Please let me know if you have any information on the results or if you know anyone who has gone ahead with it. I wish you the best of luck.
  4. sunny4458

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    I used Laser for 6 months where they guaranteed results (hair loss stops) or you would get your money back as a credit towards a hair integration system. Well, I went faithfully and he even let me go 30 mins ea time. Now I have Russian hair extensions bought with the credit from the laser treatments! Thats my story. I can't imagine it works for very many people otherwise the results and experiences would be posted all over this world of Baldphobic people.
  5. saratee

    saratee New Member

    I used the hairmax comb for 2 years as instructed and got zero results. didn't see ANY improvement or even decreased shedding.
  6. Beatles4

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    I was thinking of buying the Hairmax lasercomb this Saturday, but after doing some research and reading this, I am not going to do it. I am on minoxidil (for men) 1x day. Seemed to help for year, then I started losing hairs again about 4mths ago. Seems to have slowed down. Could this just have been a shedding phase? My hair has thinned but not bald yet, altho using toppix on top. I am very upset about this....
  7. Cassy

    Cassy Member

    I am on my 7th month of lazercomb. I had a large shed for 5-6 months. Then over a 2 week period the shedding slowed. This last month my shedding is the least it has ever been. I also have some small hairs growing in. Its not a huge amount but it is something. Maybe it is worth a try.
  8. Cassy

    Cassy Member


    I am on my 7th month of using the lazercomb. I had a large shed for 5-6 months. Then over a 2 week period the shed slowed. This last month I am shedding the least amount I ever have. There are some small hairs growing in. I use it everyother day. Maybe its worth a shot.
  9. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    Hi Beatles,

    I purchased my laser comb in November of 2007, well before it receive FDA clearance for treating women's hair loss, and have used it faithfully ever since. Like Cassy, I use mine every other day - and for a longer period of time than the directions specify. The directions say to use it three days per week for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. I use mine every other day and it takes me much longer to cover my whole scalp than 15 minutes. I don't see how it is possible to cover your whole scalp in only 15 minutes when you have long hair. It takes me at least 30 minutes, sometimes a little longer. It's kind of a hassle but I like what it does so I'll keep using it.

    Take care,

  10. questioning

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    I went to a laser place in Michigan. The gals told me that I would definitely get hair growth in the thin places and that the lasers would not work while I was on rogaine.. I stopped the rogaine and they had me in the lights for an hour 2-3 x's per week.. I can't tell you how much hair I lost.. I went from just needing Toppik.. to needing a hair piece...!! If anyone in Oakland County is reading this... don't go to R
  11. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    They told you laser will not work while using Rogaine? That is absolutely not true - and stopping Rogaine abruptly like that is one of the worse things you could. They should never have told you that. I hope you recover what you have lost. You probably will but it still gets me really steamed up that they would tell you that. Obviously, they are not a good place to go for treatment.
  12. Cassy

    Cassy Member

    I use both the lazor and %5 rogaine. Go back on the rogaine and keep up the lazor. I would question the place you are going to they gave you wrong info. Maybe find a different Dr.
  13. Tiny

    Tiny Member

    I too am using the Hairmax Laser Comb, I have faithfully used it for 5 months now. The place I purchased it from says it can take up to 6 months to start seeing actual growth and thats by using it 3 times a week for the recommended time of 12 minutes. I asked about the Rogaine and even though they are not in the market of selling that product, I was told it couldn't hurt to use a hair growth stimulant. Of course I've read all the articles that everyone has written and they to specialize in the DHT shampoo, conditioner, vitamins and Enzyme Complex Concentrate that they recommended you use with the laser comb but like stated, it's quite costly. I've been on Rogaine now for 3 and a half months. I 've noticed hair growth in my frontal and sides, not enough to get out of my hairpiece but its a sign of encouragement to keep up with what im doing and hoping by next year at this time most of my hair loss situation is a thing of the past.
  14. treela

    treela New Member

    Hey Cassy How is it going with the laser comb almost a year later?
  15. Cassy

    Cassy Member

    I am still using it every other day. I really think it helps. I have had some set backs with thyroid meds. But the lazer comb is something I will do the rest of my life. It is the only thing I have tried that I can say I have seen some results from.
  16. Tiny

    Tiny Member

    are you still using the rogaine?
  17. Cassy

    Cassy Member

    I am using the rogain the days I dont use the lazer
  18. erin7111

    erin7111 New Member

    My experience with laser treatments

    I have been going 3 to 4 times a week for a half an hour each time for 3 months. I have also been using Rogaine 5% faithfully once a day, at night for around the same time frame give or take a week. I have MINIMAL regrowth. I don't attribute this to the laser treatments as the regrowth is where I put the Rogaine. Laser targets sides and back of head, no regrowth on sides and they are thinning too. :( So I am going one more month and will reassess after that. Not looking good though. I hate to say it...
  19. Ricky Martin

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    JEANNERN1 New Member

    Laser helmet is working for me!

    Hey, I am excited to say that my Laser treatments are showing new hair growth in temporal, frontal area. I started using a laser helmet August 14, 2013, every other day for 25 minutes and I am excited to see short, but definitely NEW baby hairs.

    My regimen:
    1) Shampoo hair first (massage thoroughly), rinse, then while still damp, 2) spray fine mist of Niacin solution (I made from Niacin powder).
    3) Use laser helmet for full 25 minutes on clean scalp every other day.
    4) Take hair supplements daily.
    5) Use only anti-DHT shampoo and products.