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    In November of 2007, a girl named Lisa wrote to me sharing her hair loss story and wanting advice. Her story is quite long so I will link to it here:

    On March 15, 2009 Lisa wrote on that page to update everyone on her hair loss situation. If you visit that page you will see the 28 comments including Lisa's last update. But I'll post it here as well:

    I actually haven’t been to this site in sometime now but was thinking about it so decided to check it out. My name is Lisa, and I wrote the above story over a year ago. I went to one of the “Best” derms in the country Dr. Howard Baden who at first told me I probably had fpb. After seeing a few other derms and an endo for pcos I was just not satisfied with the results. The others really didn’t know most of them said TE or they would say well if Dr. Baden says it’s fpb then it most likely is. Well, I went and got a scalp biopsy because I couldn’t take it any more. Results showed that it was in fact TE. It’s been one year since my bipsoy and since then my hair has stopped shedding, has grown and is back to normal. So in my experience the change in hormones, and stress from the abortion caused my hairloss. I hope this helps and the biggest thing is hope. I prayed and prayed and this website seriously helped me out alot. So try to stay strong and take care of yourself. Get a second and a third opinion if you need to. One thing I learned is that you need to be proactive with your health. Once I called Dr. Baden and told him about the test results being negative he said “oh, then I guess it was just TE”. Very insenstive. I wish you the best of luck. -Lisa

    I want women to know there is hope, everyone's hair loss is different and caused by different things, and though our stories are similar, no two women are alike. I know how desperately we all need stories of hair loss recovery and I'm so glad that Lisa came back up update all the ladies. But remember this, often times we don't hear those stories because once a woman's girl loss situation is done and over with, she is probably so glad to just move on with her life and no longer sees the need to participate on the hair loss support networks. Just because you don't hear a ton of success stories it doesn't mean they don't exist. Plenty of women experience Post-Partum shedding (including my sister-in-law, the hair-goddness) and it grows back. Plenty of women have that same thing happen from stop the pill and it grows back just the same.

    I think the most important thing is to get a correct diagnosis, fist and foremost. See multiple doctors if you have to. I never saw a point in false hope, but I do STILL hope and I do think it's extremely important to remain positive. I hope that I can keep the hair I still have for as long as possible, and I hope and pray that I have the strength to deal with whatever comes my way. And maybe somewhere deep inside I do still have that hope of 10 years ago, that it will all grow back. :D

    I know my own success story won't come in the form of getting my hair back, my success will be complete acceptance and moving forward. Shaving it off, wearing a lace wig, whatever it may be. Life is short and we are definitely NOT our hair. One of my greatest fears is waking up one day an old woman, and realizing I wasted my life... Years and years of my life on thinking and worrying about my hair. What will it matter then, when I'm close to death? Do we count the follicles in the grave? Live today, live now.:>
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    Lisa, What was prescribed to you that helped the hair loss stop & also stimulated new growth? Or did it go away on its own? In my own research i believe that DHT is what affects most of us with hair loss, i was told i had PCOS (Ovarian Cysts) about 2 years ago or so & that its ok because theyre not large. That was it. My GP didnt suggest anything to prevent further symptoms. I have battled acne FOREVER, hirsutism is there, but not bad... painful period is there too... & now my hair loss - the worst symptom thus far. Has anyone here tried DHT blockers? Other than spironolactone? I asked my GP if i should go on this & he said its a duretic & id be peeing all day so he basically turned me off it. had i gone on this 3 months ago when i asked him about it i believe my hair loss may have slowed down if not stopped. I am off to see a naturopath healer today which is pricey but worth it. Im a big fan of natural medicine & believe that if we treat the underlying cause there is no need for prescription drugs. I also spoke with a medium/healer i know & she told me its all due to stress, maybe not stress youve felt lately but years of stress you have been through... it catches up to you one day. Hormones are definietely out of whack regardless of my blood test results showing they are normal, as my GP has told me. I dont feel that they are balanced, i have a very low libido, something i didnt have say 3 years ago, this started same time i was told i had PCOS. Acne, depression also which comes with acne etc... So how can my hormones be balanced? Excess androgen causes a lot of things in women to go crap basically. Skin, hair... I dont want to go on any prescription drugs but if they will help stop the symptoms while i treat the underlying cause naturally then i will. I cant lose my job over this, i am 24 & have been with my partner over 3 years, we have plans & me going bald... aint one of them nor does it fit with my plans. Anyway, if anyone has had good/great/excellent results with any medication, natural or prescribed... PLEASE let me know. I will greatly appreciate all the help that is given during this hard time.
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    I totally agree with Vee DHT is the enemy :mad:
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    I salute you Lisa for being is brave enough to share your success story. I am also very eager to have my hair back after losing it on chemo drugs. I love hearing success stories because I would like my self esteem to be uplifted also. So, thank you for sharing this wonderful story.:)