List of Dermatologists specializing in female hair loss

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    I am a journalist and I just finished writing on an article for a women's magazine about female hair loss. I also recently began experiencing hair thinning and hair loss myself, so I know what many of you are going through and wanted to pass this along. I did extensive research and interviewed a number of dermatologists who specialize in women's hair loss. These physicians may not be as high profile as Dr. Vera Price but they are equally if not more accomplished and have impressive credentials. Hope this helps.

    Maria Hordinsky, MD
    Univ. of Minnesota Physicians
    420 Delaware St SE # MMC98
    Minneapolis, MN
    612 625-1493
    Dermatology, Transplant Surgery
    Head of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.Director of the Clinical Research Division in the Department of Dermatology. Her clinical interests focus on hair diseases such as alopecia areata. Her laboratory’s interests focus on questions related to cutaneous innervation and the effect of nerves and neuropeptides on the hair follicle.
    Dr. Hordinsky is a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, editor of the on-line journal ehairnews, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Women’s Dermatology Society. She has published over 40 manuscripts, 20 book chapters, 70 abstracts, and is a co-editor for the new Hair and Nails book

    Amy J. McMichael, M.D.
    Wake Forest University School of Medicine
    Associate Professor; Dir. of Hair Disorders Clinic
    Department of Dermatology
    Phone: 336-716-2768
    Medical Center Boulevard
    Winston-Salem, NC 27157
    Clinical/Research Interests
    • Hair and scalp disease
    • Pigmentation disorders
    She said that women are very good candidates for hair transplants and have a very high success rate.

    Rita Pichardo, M.D.
    Wake Forest University School of Medicine
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Dermatology
    Phone: 336-716-2768
    Medical Center Boulevard
    Winston-Salem, NC 27157

    Wilma Bergfeld, M.D.
    Section Head, Dermatopathology
    (216) 444-5722
    Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
    9500 Euclid Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44195
    Specialty Interests
    Dermatopathology, alopecia, pigmented lesions and melanoma, cosmetic dermatology, skin tumors, general dermatology.
    Past Head of the Section of Dermatopathology in the Department of Pathology and Staff Dermatologist and Past Head of the Section of Dermatological Research in the Department of Dermatology, at Cleveland Clinic. Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Dermatopathology Fellowship and Professor of Dermatology and Pathology, Dr Bergfeld’s specialty interests include clinical dermatology, dermatopathology, hair disorders, androgen excess, photoaging and cosmetic dermatology.
    Received the Women's Dermatological Association Rose Hirschler Award honoring an outstanding physician who has contributed to medicine and dermatology while enhancing the role of women in the Dermatology. Received the American Academy of Dermatology's prestigious Marion B. Sulzberger Award The American Society Dermatopathology in 2007 awarded her the prestige’s “Founders Award” and she was elected 2009 President of the American Society of Dermatopathology.

    George Cotsarelis, M.D.
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
    (Penn’s - one of the top Dermatology departments in the US)
    422 Curie Blvd.
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
    610-902-2400 (Patient Appointments)
    Clinical Specialties:
    Hair and Scalp disorders
    Research Area of Interest:
    Epithelial Stem Cells
    Hair Follicle Biology
    Cutaneous Gene Therapy
    Epithelial Carcinogenesis

    Dr. Anthony Oro
    Dermatology Clinic - Stanford University
    900 Blake Wilbur Dr
    W0001 MC 5334
    Stanford, CA 94305
    (650) 723-6316

    Dr. Janet Hickman
    Dermatology Consultants in Lynchburg, Virginia.
    1330 Oak Lane Suite 101
    Lynchburg, VA 24503
    (434) 847-6132

    Jerry Shapiro M.D.,C.M.
    Department of Dermatology
    Member of NYU Dermatologic Associates
    TWR 7 7R
    530 First Avenue
    New York NY 10016
    Medical Interests
    Diseases of the hair and scalp. Androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, therapeutics for hair diseases, hair biology.
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    Wow - thank you. I am in the NYC area and not too satisfied with the doctor I am seeing - can you please list what criteria used and what separates these on the list from others that did not make the list? Thank you very much !

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    The difference is the physicians on this list have subspeciaties in the field of Dermatology which focuses specifically on hair disorders. They have additional training and certification in their subspeciality beyond a general Certificate in Dermatology. I selected these particular dermatologiusts because they are specialists in hair disorders, they've lectured on hair disease, written extensively on the subject in medical journals and are up to date on new breakthroughs and clinical research. I can't say they are better or worse than other dermatologists who didn't make the list.
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    looking for Dermatologist in South Florida

    I came across this site and have been encouraged by the information and the care that members seem to show and share with each other. I'm in need of finding a Dermatologist, Acupuncturist, really anyone that I can go to in South Florida, I live in Broward county (Fort Lauderdale) and work in Dade County (Miami). I just turned 52 last week and went through a bad divorce two years ago, and I think I've been stressing for the last 5 years. I started noticing some hair loss about 4 years ago in the front of my head, if I pulled my bangs back I could see my scalp. But I attributed to my stress and I've been in denial. I also have high blood pressure and have been taking medication for it for about 10 years. Currently taking Diovan. (Someone told me that some high blood pressure medication causes hair lost, I ask my regular Doctor but she said that the one I was taking does not) It seems that within the last 6 months, my thick wavvy hair, is now thin, not much body and when I run my fingers through my hair, I can feel that a third of my hair is gone. I'm no longer in denial, so now I'm freaking out. I've been reading different articles on line and came across something that said that if body lacks "iodine" that could case hair lost among other things, it suggested eating eggs, strawberries, seaweed and a number of other foods that contain iodine. I have not heard anyone on this site mention anything about this. I'm trying to relax and keep myself from stressing, but everytime I pass a mirror or run my fingers through my hair, it all comes back again. My parents who are now 86 and 81 both have thining hair, so I'm hoping it's not hereditary. I just want to get to the bottom of this and find out if its a dificiency, hereditary, stress or something else. I hope someone can give me some directions or advise. Thank you
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    Anyone in Georgia?
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    cant thank you enough for the info, was wondering anyone in Sounthern California.
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    Southern California


    Richard A Strick M.D.
    UCLA Medical Center
    UClA Medical Plz Ste 660
    Los Angeles, CA 90095
    (310) 794-1573

    He's also on the advisory council for the Naitonal Alopecia Areata Foundation
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    Hey, I live in Georgia too. If you find a good dr. let me know, I'm desperate.
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    Thank you very very much.
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    Recommend a Doctor or Dermatologist in Iowa

    How do I locate or which website could I go to find a Dermatologist in the state of Iowa whom have subspeciaties in the field of Dermatology which focuses specifically on hair disorders? :confused:

    Would the website of American Academy of Dermatology be a good place to start to find a reputable (and someone who is experienced & knowledgable in hair loss*) dermatologist in the state of Iowa?

    Furthermore, should I go to a Dermatologist or an Endocrinologist to determine the underlying reason for my hair loss?

    Thank you!! Appreciate any help that one could provide. LOVE that I have found this site. It's been extremely helpful and comforting to know that I am not alone. :D
  11. Have you come across any dermatologists in the Chicago-land area? Also, have you uncovered any updates on the research going on in hair restoration techniques and the potential it has for female hair loss?
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    Hi from your neighbour up north! :)

    Is there anyone in Canada-Manitoba?
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    Is there any one in the Maryland, DC, and VA area that you can recommend?
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    Hair loss MD in Georgia

    Anyone in Georgia?

    Kevin Berman MD., PHD.
    Atlanta Center for Dermatologic Diseases
    1265 Upper Hembree Rd., Suite 100
    Roswell, GA 30376
    Phone (770) 751-1133
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    Haven't see her but heard about a Dr Vera Price in San Fran. Supposed to be great.
    I am seeing a doc in Scottsdale next week. Will post my report!:)
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    chicago (city)?
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    Thank you Puppet for your extensive research!!! I would enjoy reading your article when it comes out. In your research, have you found that many women have been diagnosed with Male Pattern Balding? I am new to this site, and have been experiencing hair loss for about 4 years now. I don't ever see lots of hair loss in the tub, sink, etc., it must just not grow back??? I am new to all of this and would appreciate any info you have!! Thanks again!!! kari
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    Puppet's article

    What a great resource you are! Where will your article appear? I am sure we would all love to read it as well as write the mag's editor to tell them how fabulous it and you:):):) are!

    Thanks for sharing your info.....
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    Did you like Dr Strick? And if so why?
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    Do these listed Dr's accept insurance?

    Thanks Puppet. I have had hair loss since high school and I remember both boys and girls teasing me. For the past 2 yrs I have been using Dermmatch to cover up my shiny scalp :( Now I am 33 and have lost so much hair and self esteem that I have decided to go see a Dermatologist after Thanksgiving. I live in NY and found a "regular" dermatologist Dr. Emmanuel Loucas. Anyone heard of him - he is a Dr on my insurance network and thats how I chose him. Reading about him it doesn't look like he is certified in anything related to hair. Is this normal? Thats when I read about Dr. Shapiro in Puppet's post. I am not sure if I can afford to see him if I have to pay for the visit. Does anyone know if Dr. Shapiro accepts insurance? If he doesn't how much will an initial consultation/evaluation cost? I will try calling his office on Monday to check, but I was hoping someone here can help me. Wish me luck...I'm glad that we can all relate to each other's feelings....thanks for this forum...