List of Dermatologists specializing in female hair loss

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    Help in Connecticut?

    I appreciate that you're sharing referrals here. Does anyone recommend a dermatologist and/or an endocrinologist in Connecticut (or surrounding states)?
    Thank you!
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    Where can I find your article, Puppet?
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    Who are you seeing in Scottsdale?

    Would you mind letting me know who you saw in Scottsdale? And also how was the experience? Thank you!
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    scottsdale doc

    I saw dr shelly freedman off 101 and raintree. Was not a good experience for me and can't recommend him. He was rude, negative and I left crying. Tried to sell me laser package despite being so rude and I have no interest in working with him but will explore laser elsewhere.
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    FWIW, Dr. Maria Hordinsky in Minnesota no longer accepts new patients. *sob*

    So Im currently in search of a different doctor in the area who will specialize and be helpful. I'll let you know if I find one. Feeling a bit hopeless. :(
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    Scottsdale experience ..........

    Thanks for the confirmation Wantresources! I too visited Dr. Friedman in Scottsdale and was totally unimpressed. No 'bedside' manner at all and rude. :mad:

    For those in the Scottsdale area you might try Eric at Evolution or Adam and Eve medspa. I really liked both of them and they offer a complimentary scalp analysis which I found interesting.

    Unfortunately I live quite a distance so am unable to commit to the 2x per week plan. Ordered my laser yesterday and will share my experience.

    Thanks to all for your stories and support.
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    Oh my Gosh, he was rude to you too?? What is the deal? My hairdresser stopped referring to him......

    What laser did you buy? I have the laser comb but the more I learn about laser combs, not sure it does much. Thanks for the other referrals. All of this is making me want to buy the laser and go into a new business!

    On a positive note, I just read that the company that manufactured Latisse is working to come up with hair product with similar key ingredients given latissee works great on eyelashes and eyebrows. I have used Revitalash (much cheaper) and I have found that they have a new GROWTH product called NU HAIR. I ordered........and will post info about it.
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    I'll have to look up the info on the laser I purchased. It's a helmet type and I 'know' it's going to work for me!

    Funny you mentioned going into business as I'm thinking the same thing as I live in a small town and there's no one doing it here. Might as well be the first!

    Will get back to you on the laser name.
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    Question about Dr. Janet Hickman


    I have a specific question about the doctor you have listed for Lynchburg Va. I was seen by another doctor in this practice and I never heard that a colleague had a specialty in hair loss. Were you in contact with this doctor and what encouraged you to add her name to this list? I wasn't given any significant help through this practice and would have never known there was a specialist available.

    Thank you for your help. The list you provided is a great resource.

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    I am seeing a naturopathic doctor who has me taking Norweigen (or Iceland) Sea Kelp tablets. He told me that maintaining a healthy iodine level can kind of jump start my thryroid if my iodine levels are low. I've only been taking them for less than a week so I don't have any results yet.

    Also, with your high blood pressure I would suggest maybe seeing an endocrinologist if you don't have a doctor yet (or in addition to your current doctor). I just read today that they can specialize in Cardiovascular Endocrinology. For example:
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    Dr fiedler in Illinois- anyone know her?

    I have been loosing hair for 2.5 years. I have seen 14 different doctors. Most recent Dr. Virginia Fiedler in Wilmet Ill. She is professor of Dermatology at chicago U. specializes in hair and scalp disorders. I don't think she diagnosed me correctly. She read my prvoise labs, did the pull test{ do they really have to always do this? can't they take your word for it that your shedding?] looked at my scalp, and made her diagnosis . Alopecia areata. I have no signs of Alopecia areata. She put me on topical steroids, which I have used in the past, no help, and daily clariton, agaain no help after doing this now for over 5 months. Has anyone seen her? I would love to know, and what do you think about her.
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    Hi, I saw Dr. Fiedler when I lived in Chicago about 12-15 years ago. At that time she was affiliated with UIC (Univ of Illinois - Chicago). She wanted to prescribe a treatment that I could not afford at that time, so really I just used regular Rogaine for a while. I thought she was generally professional in her manner, but one time she was a bit abrupt with me, and I took exception to her tone of voice. Also, since I couldn't afford the treatment she wanted me to use, I stopped seeing her.

    Then I moved, had a higher salary, and tried to get another appointment with her a few years later. Apparently I was then on her "unfavored" list, because I was told that there was only one day a week she would see me (and I was coming from out of town to do this). So I got to town, was going to be there for several days and had other plans along with the appointment. At the last minute, her office called and told me that they were changing my appointment to a different day... not a day of my choice, and I already had other plans for that day. I just cancelled the whole thing.

    So, if you do want to keep seeing her, do not stop or she will never accept you back!
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    Dr Fiedler

    I find her also to be abrupt . I had some questions and she pretty much told me to be quiet. She does seem rather professional and I thought at first, at last I am seeing someone with knowledge, but I do not agree with her diagnosis of alopecia areata. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty positive that is not what I have. I have no signs of that. I don;t think she really ot listens to what I say, nor does she seem to want to answer all my questions . When I phoned her, I was happy she returned my phone call, I told her the steroid was not making any difference at all, she seemed annoyed and said= Well then don't use it if you don't want. I have seen her twice so far, and nothing has changed. NOTHING except my wallet is thinner. My hair loss is diffuse, very heavy shedding starting in May through July, slightly slowing from then to September, and by the time January comes it is very slow shedding untill April, but it never really stops. Then each coming year, again starting in May BAM, huge shedding and ach year is worse then the last.. The hair always grows back around September, November and so come March it is just starting to get good, then May comes and all hell breaks loose. No bald patches, and hair is always growing back. This is not a sign of alopecia areata as far as I read. Also, I get the itchy all year round, but in May it gets bad, along with red inflammed scalp, burn, and all those other wonderful scalp irritations.
    I just faxed Dr. Fiedler telling her again, for the third time the steroids {topical} did not change anything since sarting it in August, and saying I do not think I have alopecia areata. I guess I will now be on her @#$%$ list. She has tested my thyroid levels twice and once it was 4.5 and then around 3.4. She said they are fine, but I know anything over 3 is hypothyroidism. And she never test my free t3 or t4 which is important with the tsh. Also my ferritin is now 50 after trying to get it raised from 32 and she said it is fine now, but I keep reading it should be at least 70 re- wilma Bergfeld and others. Lastly, my estrogen is so low- 5.2 but she won't test that. I had it tested by a different doctor so I know what it is. I am 61 and that is low even for my age. . I guess I just think she should be doing more testing to find the cause as the steroid doesn't do squat and I'm panicking with spring just around the corner. I'm sure Dr. Fiedler has helped others, but I don't feel she has helped me at all. She also told me my hair loss in the very front and top front is genetic. I don't agree. it was part of my diffuse loss, and is growing back a lot. Same every year. Genetic hair loss does not do that. But she did not agree with me. I guess I'm just very frustrated at this point, When I faxed her previously she just said if your hair loss is getting worse, come see me. But what I told her was just what I said here. Right now it is slow, but the pattern of loss gets worse every year. I told her this from day one. Maybe I'm not being fair to her, I don't know. I can only tell you my experience so far. Has anyone else had an experience with her?
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    Hi MJA
    Thank you for your post. Can I ask what type of hair loss you have? Do you think her ttreatment that you could not afford at that time, would have worked? Was her diagnosis correct? How did she diagnose it? Sorry for all the questions. Are you finding anything, or anyone that has helped your situation? Did the rogain help and did she advise you to use it. She advised me to use it.
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    Hi, grankat --

    Sorry this message is so long...

    My hair loss is female pattern hair loss. I've been slowly losing hair for many years -- well, some years faster than others. I actually started noticing it at about age 20 (most other people didn't notice it then, but I did). Now I'm in my mid-50s.

    What she wanted me to do was to use a Rogaine concoction that was a lot stronger than what they sell in the stores. It was going to have to be mixed up in the pharmacy. At the time, it would have cost approximately $180/month, if I recall correctly. And because it's considered cosmetic, would not have been covered by my insurance. I could not have afforded it at the time.

    As to whether it would have worked, I am not sure. I have tried the Rogaine that is sold in stores (this was over 10 years ago), and it didn't seem to be working. I had more hair at that time than I do now. Also, I am not the most consistent person about remembering to do things that have to be done regularly, so did not always keep up with putting it on twice per day. Because of my habits and inconsistency about things like that, it was not the best option for me to try. Once a day would be o.k., but twice a day... am not so sure.

    As for her diagnosis, she did admit that I had female pattern hair loss -- which I already knew, since it had been thinning for over 20 years by that point. But, she also wanted to give me a diagnosis of alopecia areata.... and I didn't think I had that. I do think I have other complicating factors that might be sort of enhancing the hereditary hair loss, but not a. areata.

    I'm not sure I remember how she did the diagnosis. I remember her pulling out little clumps of hair but can't remember why at this point.

    About the Rogaine, from what I understand it does help some people... and the stronger version she wanted me to use might have even helped me if I'd been able to do that. I think it would be worth trying it... because it might help you.

    Another thing she suggested, that I still do, is to use Head & Shoulders and T-Gel for shampooing hair. (Actually, I haven't used the T-Gel lately, but still use H&S.) I am prone to seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp -- basically, dandruff that sticks to your scalp. I have an oily scalp -- although it's getting less oily as I get older-- and wash my hair just about every day. It doesn't sound like you have this problem. The H&S was the primary shampoo, and I was supposed to use the T-Gel once a week... which I did do for a few years. It does keep that problem at bay, and tends to make my hair fluff up a bit more.

    I have not found any other doctors or anybody else to help me with this. My regular doctor has helped by prescribing Nizoral shampoo at times. But I haven't kept up with asking for that prescription... need to do that. He also told me to take extra biotin with my vitamins. I do take biotin, but am also hampered by a natural inconsistency in taking them at all sometimes.
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    Oh, I should have mentioned... the seborrheic dermatitis also includes little scabby things on one's scalp, if it is out of control. Mine is usually under control nowadays.
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    What type of laser did you buy


    What type of laser did you buy? How is it working for you?? I hope you will let us know! The one I saw is 60k!
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    Dr on MA?

    Any recommendations for a doctor in MA? My primary physician doesn't take me seriously and I need to go to a specialist.
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    MJA- Well, guess what. I faxed dr Fiedler, telling her I did not think I had Alopecia Areata, asked her if she thinks it might be hormonal. Also told her, that the regimen she had me on since august, has not changed or helped at all. I told her this about 2 months ago, and she just told me to continue . Well I did continue, with no results, so I again told her it did not help and I am panicky about this coming spring summer when I start shedding horribly. I just got a letter in the mail from her yesterday, telling me to stop he regimen {which was topical steroids and clariton besides vitamins which I had been on anyway} And to see another doctor. I was so much hoping she would explore other avenues as to my hair loss, but that is not what happened. So I guess I am back to square one. I spent a lot of money seeing Fiedler as my insurance does not cover 1 penny for her. And now to find another specialist in hair loss is going to cost me a lot more. I think any doctor who gives a wrong diagnosis, or can't help you in any way, they should give you a refund. Wouldn't that change the way things are going now. Or at least they should tell you up front, they may not be able to help you at all. Maybe that's just a given? I'm just very dissapointed to say the least. But if a treatment a doctor has prescribed is not working, shouldn't they try something else instead of telling you to see another doctor? I'm sorry for rambling, I'm just really upset and getting down now.
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    Well, grankat -- I'm sorry to hear that, but not surprised at her response. I know it must be disturbing to be treated that way. Surely there is somebody else in the Chicago area who would specialize in this as well.