List of Dermatologists specializing in female hair loss

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    I keep hearing the name Heather Wickless. has anyone reading this seen her? Any comments?
    Thanks, kathy.
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    Hi...I have an appointment at Northwestern Hospital's (Chicago) hair loss clinic on Feb 19th. My appointment is with Dr. Maria Colavincenzo who is a dermatologist specializing in hair loss. (She and Dr. Wickless are colleagues.)

    She was also widely quoted recently in an article about hair loss in women. Here is one of the placements.

    There was a seven week wait to get into see her, so I'm hoping that I can get some answers.
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    Thanks for posting this. I just found out that Dr. Wickless has left Northwestern (and also I think she has left the Chicago area). So in the Chicago area, Dr. Colavincenzo would be another one to try.
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    Keys,, PLEASE let me know how your appointment goes. Thank you for giving me a heads up. I hope you find an answer. Kathy
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    Hi everyone. Just a quick word to say that I had my initial appointment with Dr. Colavincenzo. I was first seen by her resident who asked questions, took down my history, etc.

    Unlike some of the other posts I have read here, both of these physicians were kind, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. I told them about the research that I had done on my situation and what I thought I had and what the trigger was. (AGA that has now manifested itself because of the TE.) My theory is that my early AGA used to be well hidden because of the quantity of long thick hair that I had. (The thin areas were always camouflaged by the rest of the thick hair.)

    Now that something (my theory is stress) has triggered the TE and significant thinning has occured, you can really see the AGA. Make sense?

    In addition to blood being drawn to run all of the usual tests to rule out thyroid, iron deficiency, etc....they suggested that I use men's Rogaine 5% foam to prevent the anagen hairs from moving into the telogen phase and to see if it could help the AGA.

    Also, they recommended a multivitamin, B complex, biotin (2.5 to 5 mg per day) and Omega 3s.

    Blood tests should be back midweek and on March 2nd I also have an appointment with an endocrinolgist to review the bloodwork and also to get his take on the hormonal side of things. (I informed the doctors of this and they supportive of my getting another specialist involved.)

    The other thing is...I have spent a lot of time talking to friends about the situation and also investigating wigs. I'm trying to be more positive and less tearful.

    I'm not quite at the wig stage now, but if the TE continues for another month, that will most likely change. (I was told that TE typically runs its course in about three months, dependant on finding/stopping the original trigger.)

    I was also told that with TE, sometimes you never discover what the trigger was.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share with the group that there are knowledgeable, compassionate doctors out there. I felt listened to, my research was acknowledged and validated and I was treated with hope and dignity.

    Regardless of what path my own personal situation takes, I know I am not alone and I am working hard to make sure my hair no longer defines me.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Keys,
    I'm 26 and from the Northwest Indiana area and have had a recent flare up of extreme hair loss. It has only happened one time before, when I was 16. At that time I had thick, amazing did re-grow thankfully but it came back extremely fine and was never the same. I recently discovered several bald spots and freaked out and cut about 12 inches off my hair, which was pretty hard to do. I've taken vitamins and tried just about everything, including stopping straightening and blow drying etc...I went to a local dermatologist and wasn't impressed so I made an appointment with Dr. Colavincenzo, the soonest I could see her is May, which I was expecting. I have had several blood labs done, which all have been deemed "normal". No one else in my family has experienced hair loss, so it's somewhat of a mystery. I just wanted to thank you for your input and experience sharing on here. Like you, I have cried and stessed and asked myself why it has to happen to me. I have just recently accepted that there's NOTHING I can do to change it, if it's going to fall out I'm not going to put faith and stock into a bottle of rogaine or cortisone shots. I am also deeply researching lace wigs right now in case it comes to the point that I need one down the road. The girls I have talked to and seen photos of personally look amazing, I never would have guessed they were wearing a wig. So I think the best thing we can do is keep a positive attitude no alternative is perfect but at least we have options. and might I add most of those girls have better hair than I EVER did on my best hair day! :)
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    Thank you Puppet!!!

    Puppet--thank you for posting that list---it's awesome and should be helpful to many. I have my own list that I have created based on physicians who are publishing and researching in this field and many of those physicans are on mine. The physicians on that list are ones who are often (currently) presenting at conferences, getting research dollars, and being published in articles. Thanks again for helping many out! (P.s. for those in Australia--Rodney Sinclair is a really good one---recently recieved a huge grant to help build a hairloss research center (think it will be opening in 2011)). Also, Paradi Mirmirani at Kaiser Permanente in California should be added to the list (studied under Vera Price). Of course, these are just my opinions, but I hope others find them helpful!
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    It looks like she may have moved to Durango, Co. Yay to those living in Co., sad for those living in Chicago:(.
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    Far away, but there's some very well known doctors/researchers over at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (looks pretty from the Olympics:). They have a hair loss clinic!
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    Anyone in Seattle?

    Looking for a good derm who specializes in hair loss...
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    anyone in san diego, california?? Thanks Puppet

    Is there a specialist in San Diego, Ca?
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    Any luck finding dermotologist in South Florida? (Response to earlier post)

    I noticed you posted a similar request to mine. I'm also in the Boca/Ft. Lauderdale area. Did you ever get a referral?
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    Michigan Doctors?

    Does anyone have a Michigan doctor that they can recommend? I live in the metro Detroit area. My hair loss has slowed but my scalp shows pretty well through the front of my hair. My grandmother had extremely thin hair and I don't want to be like that. I'm only 31. I would appreciate any help that I could get. THANKS!
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    Any specialist in San Diego, California?
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    Dr in Tampa Fl

    Hi everyone,

    I too am struggling with hair loss and my current doctors all think I'm crazy. Does anyone know of a doctor in the Tampa FL area who specializes in hair loss?
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    Have any of you been treated by Dr. Richard Strick in Los Angeles?
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    Reply to CT question

    Hey, did you ever find anyone in CT? I have been seeing Dr. Paula Bevilacqua in Cheshire and am VERY disappointed. Any ideas?

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    I'm looking for a hair loss specialist in San Diego

    I'm really having a hard time finding Help in the Medical field..Anyone know of any good Referrals in San Diego??( PUPPET--YOU SEEM TO BE A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE ON THIS TOPIC!! Need your help!)
    I am Struggling Emotionally from my Continued Hair Loss--at an alarming rate...
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    Don't know how to post to blog area

    Hey, sorry I know i'm in the wrong area but if someone can please let me know how the girl( ForeveBlue) is she o.k.?? I don't know how to post but have been a member for several years and I'm just worried her last post sounded very upsetting...... Please let me know if she is o.k. Been there myself and unserstand what she is feeling..... Thank you, Lisah:confused::confused::confused: