List of Dermatologists specializing in female hair loss

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    north Texas doc?

    I live in Sherman Texas (which is in extreme north Texas )but am willing to drive to Dallas or southern Oklahoma for a doctor if he is good.
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    I have one to add in the DC/MD/VA area

    I found a great dermatologist in Washington D.C. It's somewhat metro accessible (Foggy Bottom- I believe). But it's on M Street in Georgetown. If you're from this area you may have an idea of what I'm talking about.

    Her name is Dr. Cheryl Burgess at the Center for Dermatology. Link to her site is here:

    She was great and so was her Physician Assistant. From her, I basically narrowed down my hair loss issue to thyroid problems. She dismissed AGA based on the pattern of my hair loss, my age, and my family history. Tested me (on the spot blood take) for thyroid and hormones (to rule out PCOS - which was ruled out) and basically gave me kind advice and much MUCH needed diagnosis.

    I can't recommend her enough. She took her time with me, and I've scheduled a follow up to gauge the progress of my hair issues. One thing to note is that unlike many doctors she did not scoff at my diagnosis (from another doctor) of Adrenal Fatigue. If you have Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid medication does not work adequately - resulting in rapid hair loss (which is what happened to me).

    Office visits are not cheap, and she does not take insurance (only accepts them for lab work). So it's about $180 per visit, but it was totally worth it.
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    Need a good endo.

    I live in No. NJ I could really use a good endo. that specializes in PCOS. I can't afford Dr. Redmond. If there is someone else I would greatly appreciate the info.
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    anyone in northern Virginia area?

    I would really appreciate it if you could provide any information on someone practicing in northern virginia
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    Try this one

    For general endocrinology Dr Caryn Borger in Florham park is a good DR I see
    diagnosed with PCOS, prediabetic, and a few other goodies. She does not specialize in hair loss aspect.
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    Philly Doc

    George Cotsarelis, M.D.
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

    I tried calling for an appointment yesterday and this doc is not taking any new patients. I asked if anyone else in the practice dealt with female hair loss and the receptionist said no...back to square one
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    Dr. Bergman in Cleveland

    I noticed Dr. Bergman at the Cleveland Clinic was listed in your article. Very unfortunately, she is not taking new patients. But I have had 2 appointments so far with Dr. Zimmerman, an endo, also at the Cleveland Clinic. I don't know if his treatment is going to help me yet, but he does have a great bedside manner and really took his time thinking about my case.
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    doctor NY area?

    Can anyone give any ratings for Philip Kingsley hair clinic in NYC? I called but they don't do scalp analysis or hair analysis, just look under the microscope. I have feeling they just try to sell their products but i may be wrong.
    Also what about Dr. Jerry Shapiro at NYU Medical Center...his ratings don't seem too high. I am willing to travel and trying to get appt with phila doctor george cotsarelis although not easy.....
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    Docs in Chicago Area

    I have seen Dr. Lady Dy, affiliated with Rush Medical Center in Chicago. Had the pull test and biopsy I also have Seborrheic dermatitis and telogen effluvium. Prescribed Ketoconazole to use every day for 2 weeks. According to the pharmacy this is rather strong to be using every day. The itchy scalp is the thing that drives me crazy. This is the second shampoo that has been prescribed, it seems if one shampoo does not work then a second is prescribed.

    Has anyone found the product that stops the itching?
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    Do U know of any located in New Jersey ? And why would I look at Dermatologists rather than Endocrinologists ? Isn't hair loss an internal problem ?
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    Treating hair loss often requires treatment from the inside out as well as the outside in. It is more difficult to determine the cause of hair loss in a female patient than it is in a male patient. So it is probably a good idea to work with both an endocrinologist and a dermatologist who specializes in treating hair loss to determine the cause.

    Bernstein Medical has a clinic in New Jersey as well as New York.
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    Thanks Tracy. I'll have to look Bernstein up & see if it's anywhere near me. I can't travel very far.
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    Dr. Richard Strick in Los Angeles

    Have any of you been treated by Dr. Richard Strick in Los Angeles?
    Dr. Strick is awesome. He's a super nice guy and very knowledgable. He examined my hair follicles under this large magnifying glass, type instrument and was able to assess I had TE, due to the size of the individual hair follicles. We talked about possible triggers and he said stress could definitely be the culprit. He asked me if I was taking any anti-depressants, because those can also sometimes cause hair loss. He reassured me that my hair would eventually grow back, but it could take up to a year. Sometimes patients have reoccuring TE. He said to keep using Rogaine.

    I also had a few small cosmetic cysts on my scalp that I was self conscious about and he said that the cysts often prevent hair follicles from growing in that area. I went back and had them surgically removed and he did a great job! No scars, not a trace. I highly recommend him.
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    I'm hoping someone can give me some input on a hair loss specialist that I might see. I live in the midwest and a someone in the office of Dr. Amy J. Mcmichael reffered me to a Dr. David Whiting in Dallas, but I just read some feedback on another site that discourages me from contacting him. Also, I'm wondering where people get wigs that look natural. I have a very petite head and I think getting a wig may be a problem if I decide to go that route.
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    Too many Drs

    I live in Ohio. I have been to Dr. Whiting in Dallas. He was not bad but not worth the trip also there was no follow up from him. I went to Redmond in NY. He did more harm than good. I spent years going to Dr. Burgfeld at the Cleveland Clinic. She is by far the best doctor and nice person. However she doesnt take patients now and the Dr she trained is impossible to get into. Tracy told me about Dr. Haber in Cleveland. I liked him. He is helpful and follows up with you.
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    I would look in the phone book or online (Yelp??) for wig stores in your area or check with the american cancer society for wig suppliers. My recommendation is that you do not buy your wig online, go to a store. The higher end and specialty wig stores will help you find a wig that works best for you and looks the most natural with the shape of your face, etc. They will also trim the wig for you. I got a great syntyhetic wig for about $200 by Rene and I love it. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair (no one knows it's a wig) from all my friends and co-workers. I would go with a high quality synthetic wig rather than human hair because human hair is expensive and a pain to maintain. Synthetic wigs look and feel like real hair and you can even wash it and style it.
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    dermatologist internist and edriconologist

    I need help finding a doctor in the state of Alabama. I have tried for several years to find a solution or program to atleast slow the process and know the cause of the hair loss.
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    No to Strick.

    I didn't have a positive experience with Dr. Strick. My diagnosis with him was the same, strange, T.E. I read a post by someone else accusing him of always diagnosing T.E. and misdiagnosing her, but I don't know how she knew that he "always" does. Still I have my reasons for not recommending him.

    Are there any doctors that can be suggested for Northern California? Vera Price is no longer seeing patients. Paradi Mirmirani is impossible to get an appointment with. I am also willing to fly somewhere if it's to a real hairloss specialist and not just a average derm.

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    I, too, was diagnosed with TE by Richard Strick in Santa Monica three months ago. I was hopeful after my visit thinking that the hair loss was temporary.
    My shedding persisted and three months later I called him -- he again assured me that it was TE -- now likely advancing to CTE as it had been lasting longer than 6 months.
    I decided to get a second opinion. Which brought me to Anthony Oro at Stanford. He diagnosed me with a much less encouraging condition -- Lichen Planopolaris. A scarring, inflammatory Alopecia caused by an autoimmune condition. The itching and burning that I had was his clue. And, that I have frontal scarring -- meaning patchy white spots in the front (above my ears toward my tempals). He put me on topical steroids and if this is not effective, we will try oral, which have nasty side affects, and are not known to be a cure -- just treats the "symptoms"). I see him for a follow-up in 8 weeks.
    I've gone on a paleo (anti-inflammatory) diet and am getting accupuncture treatments twice a week. I am giving my body the best chance possible to heal.

    It's all very scary and at times feels hopeless.
    My heart goes out to all women who are suffering from this loss.