List of Dermatologists specializing in female hair loss

Discussion in 'Recommend a Doctor' started by Puppet, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. muchwantsmore

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    This is the third report of misdiagnosis by Dr. Strick I have heard of including my own. I am beginning to think a complaint should be filed against him.

    This is where you can file a complaint for misdiagnosis. I urge you to do so. I know I will. PM if you want my whole story.

  2. midnite113

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    I'm sorry to hear U had bad luck upon returning to your doctor. It's bad enuff we hafta deal with the hair loss, but having someone insensitive to how hard it is to hear that, is so unfair. Don't be in this business if U have no support for your patients. Sheesh !!
    I suppose your only hope is to try Rogaine ? Or is it only to don a wig ? Not very encouraging, is it ? I go...yet I think I avoid going back for fear of what happened to U. It's depressing enuff. Don't need to be told more bad news !!
    I avoid it the best I can. I'd like to know how we're supposed to get brave enuff to walk around with a shaved head ? I see n' hear some bad stories about a lot of doctors while we try to deal with our hair loss. It is the most devastating thing that can happen to our appearance, since we can't exercise of diet it off. And unless we get a total scalp hair transplant, we're gonna be bald !!
    I find that Rogaine only returns some peach fuzz. Not much more. Ineed way more than that to feel like myself again.
    An' if we wear the wigs, what do we do if we wanna go swimming ? I don't think a wig will hold up very well once we dunk our heads into the water. All I do is sweat n' I look like a mess. I'm sick n' tired of having to rewash my scanty catch of hair every single day...only to look like I'm mostly bald anyway.
    I've taken some mean insults since this has happened to me. Very embarrassing moments indeed !!
    I sure wish U all the luck in the world getting your hair back.If U ever find a workable cure, please let me know. Or if U hear about that hair cloning I've read about, I definitely wanna know where that's going on !!
    I think that's gonna be my only hope to ever see a bang on my face again !!
  3. muchwantsmore

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    I just wanted to say that my true diagnosis was something much more serious than hair loss. I realize that hair loss is painful and terrible- I have been there- but there are worse things. Concentrate on what you have and not what you do not have and you will find your heart lightened. Be grateful for your ability to walk, breathe, sleep soundly...all the little things... everything is still open to someone with hair loss, although it doesn't feel that way- it can be a struggle of self perception rather than true limits. Most of the people that you would want to know won't care about your hair loss... the people that do, who cares about them. The limits are mental- you're not in a wheelchair, you're not suffering terrible pain daily in a lifelong chronic condition (hopefully). I am not making light of this...I have lost 50% of my hair and much of it is not recovered. But I have lost so much more of my health since then that I would give anything for the days when the only thing that broke my heart was how much hair I could pull into a ponytail. Anything to have that be my main worry. Cherish what you have and focus on what you have. The beauty that you really need is in your heart and in the unbelievable world beyond your daily strife... that waits for you to be happy and alive again.
  4. Phillygrl

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    Quick note for anyone reading the list of Dermatologists at the beginning of this thread :

    Dr. George Cotsarelis and his group (Univ of Penn, Phila.) are NOT accepting new patients. (They aren't real friendly about it either, don't even ask if they have a recommendation for you or could they please have you in for just a consult):rolleyes:

    Thought Id save you the time ! XO
  5. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Thank U Phillygrl,
    It was most kind of U to tell us to save our time with this guy.
    Thanks !!! XO
  6. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    It wouldn't be so bad if all I had to worry about is my hair loss like U say. I do have chronic daily pain & I think my hair loss is from taking the meds to help it. SO what is my choice Much ? Be in excruciating pain with hair ? Or no hair and be able to get out of bed ?
  7. Belle

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    thank you for your touching post. It has been nearly two weeks since my diagnosis of scarring alopecia (Lichen planopolaris) which is thought to be progressive and has no cure. It's been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from grief, to helplessness, to anger, and I'm sure many more to come. Though what you say about focusing on what we *do* have if so important, and entering each day with gratitude and love. The pain of losing hair is true, but we can live our lives with greater joy and appreciation than ever before.
    As you say, "The beauty that you really need is in your heart and in the unbelievable world beyond your daily strife... that waits for you to be happy and alive again." thank you !
  8. lm83

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    anyone know of a good dermatologist specializing in hair loss in colorado? i am 29 and my hair has been thinning for a while. it seems early in my life for this to be happening, and i would really like to talk to a good doctor about this. previously docs have told me it may have been stress related, but it isn't stopping. thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  9. Tracy C

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  10. Kip

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    Jenn99 Georgia- Dr Griffin is in Atlanta and he specialized in hair loss can't find his card but it is Dr Edmond Griffin.

    Puppet, thank you so much for sharing all of this info. I hope that one of these were able to help you.
  11. Miss84

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    Hi, can anyone recommend a good hair loss derm in northern NJ? I saw one but was not pleased at all...he basically rushed me & told me I was fine. My hair loss started 9 mos ago, and I'm now losing an average of 350 strands a day. I am def not fine! Please help! Thank you.
  12. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Unfortunately, I have run into the same type of reaction from a Dermatologist in central NJ. Wish I could help you. I totally agree that we are not suffering from nothing !!
    If I should come across anyone worthwhile I'll be sure to post name, address, etc.
  13. Miss84

    Miss84 New Member

    Midnite113 - thank you so much. It helps to know I'm not alone & not going crazy. My MD (who I have visited on 3 occasions for this) tells me I am also fine & sees no problem. My blood work looks good. I feel so alone at times, like noone understands what I'm going through. My family thinks its more psychological than anything, because they don't see much of a difference. My hair has always been fine... Now looking back to when this all started, and I was losing between 100-140 strands daily, it does seem pretty normal compared to 330-360!
    There are days where I feel "numb", I can't even get an emotion out of this anymore. I just want it to stop and go away. I'm only 29! I never thought I would be going through this at this age. It's ruining my life, completely. I don't even feel like leaving the house anymore. :(
    I'm just tired of trying & trying & nothing working. I wish I at least knew the cause...
  14. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Hi Miss84,
    You have every right to feel upset. My regular doctor just told me to go to a dermatologist if I was concerned. I started out with thin hair like you and noticed a lot coming out and it was starting to show to the point where I had to try doing some comb-overs !! I did that for while but eventually it got worse and started coming out in clumps that there was no way I could miss them.
    Your pretty young to be starting hair loss but it isn't unheard of. My blood work showed fine also. I think we really need a sympathetic doctor who is more aware of the sadness hair loss brings us. I began stopping all chemicals I put on my hair to avoid damage from that. Like bleaches, coloring, perms, etc.. Then I started using special shampoos and thickeners, but it still fell out. Even Minoxidil hasn't stopped it.
    I'm not sure how you manage to actually count the hair that fall out. I could never do that. Maybe I was afraid to ? Actually, no need to since it's very noticeable anyway, so the numbers don't matter. I know it's bad.
    You are certainly not alone. That's for sure. I think most hair loss people tend to pay more attention to mens hair loss and leave women by the wayside. It isn't fair.
    Hair is our crowning I understand how upset you feel.
    I found a comfortable hair piece that I've been wearing for years now. But the store stopped making them so I'm in trouble now. And I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to shave my head and go in public. Or even be that way in my home. I'm too embarrassed. I wore a scarf out one day and got laughed at by a couple of little girls. Their father made them apologize but it made me cringe.
    I don't know what the reason is for my hair loss either. I almost don't care. I just it back !!
  15. ConcernedDad

    ConcernedDad New Member

    Hi Luc30, was interested in hearing about your progress and follow-up with this Dr. Would you still recomend her? Thanks!
  16. HeathHackbarth

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  17. batgirl2

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    I havent been on this site for a while, I've pretty much given up. No decent doctors, ( been to at leat 8 dermatologist in the last 10 years ). My bloodwork is ok.
    Hair is shedding more than ever now and have to start looking at hair pieces even tho I cant afford it. The frustrating thing is also that I never have gotten a specific diagnosis, tho its probably androgenic alopecia. Right now my scalp is covered in bumps, some painful, some itchy. I use tee tree shampoo and avoid heavy conditioners, but doesnt help much. Anyone out there found a good doctor in NY (Long Island )yet?
  18. Meliss9

    Meliss9 New Member

    Inneed help ASAP! Inneed a good doctor in. NY any dr I seen all they want to do is meds meds meds. Inneed help I'm in panic mode. And now that summer is here how do I continue wearing toppik in heat and now I can't swim!? I'm getting physically sick from all of this.