live in IL.

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  1. Idesign50

    Idesign50 New Member

    I live in IL. and am looking for other women in the Northern area of IL. who are experienceing thinning hair. Would love to compare note with you.
  2. Emma Jo

    Emma Jo New Member

    I am in Illinois. Do you have any suggestions for doctors in the northern illinois area??
  3. BluzGirl76

    BluzGirl76 New Member

    Southern IL here

    Hi all - I live in Illinois also, but in the southern-central area just east of St. Louis.
  4. Emma Jo

    Emma Jo New Member

    Bluzgirl I am familiar with that area you are talking about...what town?? You don't have to say if you don't feel comfortable I understand!!
  5. Calla

    Calla New Member

    Hey girls,

    I am on the MO side but close to you. I would love to meet up with anyone!
  6. jolie135

    jolie135 New Member

    Hello Idesign50. I live in Chicago and would love to start a Chicagoland Hair Loss Group in the "Community" section of this forum! Is there anyone out there who would like to join? Perhaps it could grow into social group. Anyone in northern IL, southern WI, northern IN would be welcome to join, of course, or elsewhere in IL too!

    I have also been hunting for doctors and haven't seen anyone yet. The length of time it takes to get into see them has also allowed another third of my hair to drop out. In seven months, I lost 75% of my hair in a massive hair shed. Now there is a bald patch and a second developing and the diffuse thinning is accelerating to the point that I can only part my hair on the far side of my head.

    I was hoping that launching a group would allow us to find support, help each other find a doctor to diagnose our condition, and help us all to find good toppers -- wigs, hats, extensions, etc.
  7. kiersten001

    kiersten001 New Member

    Hi! I am in Naperville, Il, I would like to join! I have seen so many Doctors, it is ridiculous. The latest was Dr. Dy at Rush dermatology...not impressed. It is difficult to get an appointment with her and then her residents do much of the follow up and unfortunately they do not know a whole lot.

    My hair has been thinning on and off since about age has really picked up speed in the last 3 years when my iron dopped really low and my ferritin was in the 30 range. It has taken months to get the ferritin up. It is not only the high end of normal now and stillill falling out, but it looks like it kicked off the hereditary piece (AGA), I am 37 and using dermatch to cover the scalp area that shows through. I HIGHLY reccomend this product for anyone that has thinning hair. WAY better than a toppix or sprinkle type product. I am also using Natural Wellbeing herbs and emu oil on my scalp....and praying for results. Time will tell.
  8. emac

    emac New Member

    Doctor in Illinois

    I also have seen Dr. Dy and went through the whole exam. My ferritin was very low, but that is due to hemochromotosais which requires have blood removed every so often. The ferritin went up by all the shampoos recommended do not help. Started to use the Tea Tree shampoo with added Tea Tree oil. That helps somewhat.

  9. Pekkle847

    Pekkle847 New Member


    I live in Chicago and am 31. I am about to buy a topper as I have already been on Rogaine, Spironolactone, and Propecia for three years and there is non stop shed. I took a DNA test because all the women on my dad's side has AA. It came out positive so I know this won't go away.

    I am looking for people who have toppers and could recommend people who don't charge $950 for a $200 topper and are honest. I could also use help finding someone to show me on how to apply the topper with super tape. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!! I am just starting to date someone and don't want to have to take it off every night. And I'd just feel better for myself not doing it as well.

    Thank you! Also, if you bond any tips would be great. Also any stylist that has experience with hair loss would be good also.

    Thank you:)

    PS, I currently part my hair to the side as I have a receding hairline but am sick of bobby pinning it and using toppik.
  10. Pekkle847

    Pekkle847 New Member

    I would love to speak to you. I live in Chicago. What part of Illinois do you live in? Please feel free to email me at

    Thanks :)
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  11. UsNatureGirl

    UsNatureGirl New Member

    I'm also in the STL region of west central Illinois. Does anyone ever check on this thread any more? I'm new to the boards, but would love to connect with other local folks going through the same thing I am. I'm also looking for doctor suggestions.
  12. Teresa1004

    Teresa1004 New Member

    Hello all my name is Teresa and I to live in Chicago. I have just started experiencing TE after being on medications for another horrible condition. I feel very alone and would love to connect with other women in the area that are going through this. You can email me at I could really use a friend who understands, sometimes I feel like I won't make it through this. :(
  13. leap

    leap Member

    I am a 32 year old female in Chicago with alopecia who would love to connect with other females experiencing this life changing condition. It is truly a condition that unless experienced, will not be understood.
  14. leap

    leap Member

    Can someone direct me to where the community tab of this web page is? I am really trying to start a support group for women who live in Chicago to compare doctors, salons, ect...... Of the hair loss life. It's always helpful to have community that is in the same boat.