Liver Maybe?

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    I have had long lustrous hair for 20+ years. Feb 2011, I was severely injured from being kicked in the chest by my horse. I had numerous injuries and 61% of of my liver was pulverized. I was in and out of the hospital for four months.
    June 2011, I had an IV P.I.C.C. and one week after my hair started falling out. People told me I was just paranoid but I wasn't and the doctors said it was my thyroid and it wasn't.
    I have been taking Biotin/Folic Acid for about 4 months now. My hair is growing back but it's not the same texture. It's very fine, thin and weak. Not certain if this is due to the liver. For months have looked online and cannot find anything relative to this.
    Maybe someone is familiar with injury to the liver that resulted in hair loss?

    Thank you