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    hi, everyone. i just discovered this site about a week ago and although i did post once, i never fully shared my story. i know sharing my story will help me so here it is. as a child, i had thick, shiny black hair. as i grew older, my hair became more fine although i still had all my hair. i spent my early teenage years obsessing about weight. why? i have no clue since i was always petite, but i wanted to maintain my frame through puberty. it got so bad to the point that my mother sat me down and made me watch an episode on oprah about anorexia. since then, i stopped obsessing about my weight. as i entered my late teens, i then became obsessed about these spots all over my legs. i had always been proactive so when i went to see my dermatologist about my acne (which wasn't bad, but had to be done to get prescription treatment), i asked her about the spots. she said that they're just pores. for years, i've been obsessing over them only to discover just last year that i have keratosis pilaris. now my condition is under control and by summer i hope to wear shorts and skirts without wearing pantyhose. i've never worn anything to reveal my legs so my legs look pasty white so i'm going to get a tan to add some coloring.

    now onto my latest obsession: hair loss. i honestly don't know when i started to lose hair. i've gone through all of my pictures throughout the years and although i have fine hair, i always had a lot of hair. one day i was looking at my reflection in the mirror and noticed how wide my part was. when i noticed how thin my hair was, the situation wasn't so bad, but i figured i'd take action rather than wait for the worse to come. my mother has hair loss, but i distinctively recall her mentioning going on hrt and had a major reaction to the premarin causing her head to become so hot and shortly thereafter she started to lose her hair. this tells me that her hair loss is hormonal. i got labs drawn and everything was normal. i switched jobs and had to work several over night shifts, which made got me sick. i think this might have been the triggering point. i'm sure i would have had thinning hair regardless but i think this expedited it. i lost my grandmother shortly thereafter. i will never be the same person, again. sometime within the last year, i was having dinner with my family and i stuck my fingers through my hair and when i pulled out my fingers, i had a wad of hair coming out. that scared me. i went back to the derm and i explained the events of my life and she said that if it were due to a triggering event as in the case with te, i would regain my hair after a few months. such was not the case. i saw a gynocologist who suspected that yasmin might have triggered the premature hair loss as i was in my late twenties so i discontinued the bcp. i've been reading all these success stories about yasmin and would love to try it, again, but i'm afraid that it'll make matters worse. it took awhile and several referrals down the line but i eventually saw a hair specialist. for a hair specialist, she had absolutely no recommendation other than rogaine. i asked her about spironolactone as well as propecia and avodart and she said that she doesn't recommend any of these. simply, she wasn't opened to alternative approach of treating the problem if the drug hasn't been fda approved as with most kaiser doctors. by the way, at this point, i had made an appointment with bosely and was conned out of buying hairmax. i never opened the damn thing b/c i know that i bought it out of desperation and without fully researching on it. i came this close to getting a ht b/c i had the financial means to do so and i figured what's the point of working hard for a good living and saving it if i can't spend it on my happiness. after reaching some more, i found out that ht is not recommended for female patients with diffuse thinning b/c men retain hair in the back and along their temple due to the dna makeup of these hair, you can transplant these hair follicles into the affected area and have a successful treatment whereas women have diffuse hair all over so the likelihood of a successful ht dramatically decreases.

    so, right now, i'm off the yasmin and using rogaine for about a year now. i also use nioxin and take their vitamins as well as a vitamin b complex. shedding has decreased although i still see hair in the bathtub and all over the floor. i heard that people lose 100 strands everyday. i don't think i lose this many strands. i know my hair is growing back b/c i see new hair sprouting along my hairline. i'm hoping i'll get some new hair at the back b/c that's where my hair looks worse. i wish i had started rogaine earlier to save my hair but alas like so many i was reluctant to start a regimen that required a lifetime of commitment. i still don't know what caused my hair loss. i read somewhere that hair loss in women is not normal and that there is always an underlying cause. i suspect, however, that my hair loss is due to stress that my career and i put on myself. i can't remove these stress factors so i know i'll just have to learn to deal with them. i think ever since i started to lose my hair, i've been noticing more and more women with thinning hair. twenty years ago, i'm pretty sure hair thinning in women was uncommon and these days the statistics are alarming-40% afflicted. i believe there is a connection with stress and just the way we lead our everyday lives. i read another post on tong ren therapy and i think the op is onto something. a quick google search of tong ren therapy indicates it's used to treat all sorts of ailments. as a massage therapy, i'm sure it helps reduce the stress. i tried to locate a therapist who practices tong ren therapy but found none. anyways, this post has been lengthy (I'm always a talker) but i think it'll help me to get this all off my chest b/c i think by sharing my story i'll find some peace with the situation and hopefully reduce my stress level just a bit. just today, i discovered this: http://www.hairsite.com/female-hair...1132-page-2-order-last_answer-category-2.html
    which took me to this: http://purplerust.blogspot.com/2008/01/update-what-i-am-doing-about-balding.html and then to this: http://www.hairloss-reversible.com/discus/messages/7/767.html?1180655552

    what do you ladies think about this? my main question would probably if you're using rogaine, is it okay to use this method? i think the rogaine is working albeit slow and the lifetime commitment i surely don't look forward to, but i don't want anything to interfere with the rogaine. any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks.