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    I am hoping that some of you might be able to clear up some confusion I am having. First off, I am looking for a dr in N.W. Indiana or Chicago. Any suggestions? Also, I have been to see a dermatologist, and with VERY little time or looking at my scalp, she said yes I have hereditary hair loss. She said there was a topical solution that was available but it was 300.00 per month and my ins would not cover it. She did not even look at any thyroid tests I had had done before I went to see her for another unrelated issue. She said she could tell by looking what it was, especially because I said my mom had hair loss on top, although neither one of my sisters do. I went to see a hair restoration dr. yesterday, and since my donor area is thin too, he will not do a transplant and he suggested that I see a dermatologist that specializes in hair loss, perhaps even have a scalp biopsy. Do you think that my problem could be something other than female pattern hair loss, even though I have been told the pattern is typical Ludwig ll? I guess I am confused because if it seems to be typical female hair loss, are the medical tests necessary? I am confused!!! Any help? Thank you!
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    Dr. in Chicago

    I had gotten the name of Dr. Maria Colavencenzio at Northwestern in Chicago actually from this website! I am very grateful that I did! I found her to be caring, thorough, kind, and encouraging. She and her staff were wonderful. Just wanted to recommend her to any of you who are looking for a Dermatologist that specializes in hair loss.