Looking for any women that love wearing wigs and which worked for them

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by twinmom, Mar 29, 2014.

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    I'm trying to look at other options and wigs is one. I'd love to hear wig success stories or toppers :)
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    Hi Twinmom: After a good amount of research and trying lots of different options (I went to FL in late February for the CRP therapy), I finally decided to go to a wig place to look for a topper. My hair is thinning primarily on the top and sides. I can tell you that it has been life changing and I probably could have saved myself so much pain had I decided to go this route earlier.

    My sister-in-law has had thinning hair since the birth of her children and I knew she was wearing some type of supplemental hair but I was always reluctant to talk to her about it. Strange how I wasn't able to talk about this with someone who was living with the same issue but it felt too vulnerable. Anyway, when I reached my breaking point, I decided to call her and she told me about her experience and how she wore a full wig that she purchased at Bitz N Pieces, a wig salon in NYC. I would have never guessed that she wore a wig because it looks amazing (I had thought she was wearing extensions all these years.) I went with one of my close friends a few days after speaking with her (it's by appointment only). After having a very brief conversation with the stylist, she brought back two options. When I put the 2nd one on, my friend's jaw dropped! I was transformed into a better me in seconds. The color is lighter than my natural color (I'm asian and this was dyed a deep brown). I loved it so much I had to wear it out. It's amazing how my confidence went through the roof in less than an hour. The staff at Bitz N Pieces are so lovely and supportive (they have different types of clients including celebrities, chemo patients and people that have thinning hair.) The receptionists were floored when I came out because it looked so natural. My friend said it was one of the best Saturdays he's had - imagine how I felt. We went out got a celebratory lunch afterwards with my 'new' head of hair.

    I got the topper on a Saturday and returned to work on Monday. My colleagues couldn't stop complimenting me on the color. I'm amazed that it wasn't more obvious that my hair was 5 times thicker than it normally is but everyone thought it was just a change in color! I did have to go back to my own colorist to have my hair lightened to match (my hair was already highlighted but I wanted to match the shade more closely.)

    I've really learned to love it and don't feel like I'm completely dressed until I put it on. I will say that it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster with a love/hate relationship for it. I love the way it makes me feel when I have it on but there have been times when I feel like a fraud, like I'm misrepresenting myself. This is particularly true because I'm single and just starting to date again. Ironically, without the supplemental hair, I wouldn't even have the courage to put myself out there. It's given me the much needed confidence I've been lacking.

    Oh, and on a side note, I also had my ferritin level tested after reading Elisabeth's success story. My level came back at 32 so I'm taking the supplements that she has suggested. I've been taking the supplements for about 2 months. I still have hope that my hair will come back but in any case, I'm living the best life I can right now with a solution that works for me.

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    Hello TwinMom,
    Im a personal consultant for women seeking alternatives for naturalistic hair units and would be very happy to discuss further with you any questions you may have, and supply you with affordable options. You may message me on here, and will respond momentarily.
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    Mimi where are you from?
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    Hi Mimi,
    I'm also wondering where you are, and would love to ask you some questions directly. Not sure how to do that. Do you know how?
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    Hi Pam, if you're still out there ... I'm just curious as to how you have handled telling (or not telling) men you're dating about your hair. I've been wearing toppers for a few years, and it has been an extremely uncomfortable and sensitive issue for me.
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    yes, anyone with wigs/toppers (whose not married); how have men in the dating scene reacted to this?
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    Hi.. I'm in NY and I need to find someone good in Long Island that does hair or sells natural looking extensions or pieces... I need to do something right now bc my hair is falling out too much and it's appearing thinner and thinner and I can't walk around this way.. If I end up doing an alternative medication which I'm
    Too scared to do bc of side effects, I need another option.. Can you please help or suggest something?
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    Hi All:
    I started thinning in my late 20's (AGA). Diagnosed by a great and sympathetic derm in Seattle. Tried HairClub (ugh!) and then finally met a fabulous African American hair colorist who" wears hair." She totally "gets it" and though she was more familiar with Black hair was able to help me find hair for me (Irish/Welsh background). I've been wearing toppers for many years now as I'm 49. I love love love Lori's Wigsite and order all my pieces from them. I only get the 100% human Remy hair. Costs about $300-$400 per piece for the ones I like (5x5 inch base). I've purchased the Impressions brand Lola and Impressions brand Terri. Soft, lovely. My colorist helped me pick the color and she nailed it! Might be the most difficult part of all is getting the right color but I think you can send Lori's Wigsite a sample of your hair and they will do it for you. They have fabulous customer service and can even do custom wigs/pieces (costs more). You can get straight or wavy, light or medium density. I'm pretty hard on my pieces and wear them everyday and they last at least 2 years each. I use wig clips to keep them on. It has totally given me my life back!!!! OMG this is such a challenging issue.
    Some tips: lighter density (less hair) may look more natural for some people (it does for me). French lace base is wonderful and undetectable. I have not yet tried "integration pieces" that have a mesh base that you can pull your own bio hair through to mix bio/hair additions but my colorist is encouraging that as she thinks integration pieces are wonderful. Try to keep your hair out of intense sun as the color on a hairpiece fades easier than on bio hair I think.
    If you live in the Pacific NW and want to meet up with me to see my hair pieces I am willing to do that. Just let me know. I'm in Seattle.
    I really thought my life was over when I realized this was happening. It's not. And the hair pieces have been my saviour.
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    Meliss9, if you can find a good stylist or colorist with experience to help you order something online, maybe try Lori's Wigsite. Or you can send the company a hair sample (I think they're based in Florida). Or at least call them and see what they can do to help you get a good hair piece. Then you'll need to find someone with experience to cut your hairpiece (usually the pieces are 10 inches and often need cutting to make them look most naturally integrated into your hair). All you need is enough bio hair to clip into. You don't need much... I have pretty darn thin hair.
  12. leap

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    Questions with wearing toppers:

    1.) Can you sleep with one on?

    2.) Is there any way to bond a topper behind your natural hairline and keep your bio hair unshaved? Another words, can you use a clip on topper the way you normally would, but attach in an ultra secure way that does not involve clips or pins?

    Thank you! Trying to work it
  13. thinhair1

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    Hi Leap,
    You can sleep with a topper on. I've done it on occasion but I try not to. I use clips and I'm afraid that the traction might cause bald spots where I clip. So I try to give my hair a break at night by taking off the topper.

    For question 2, I don't know much about that. I use clips and they work well for me. I think you could use tape or glue but maybe then you would need to shave.... not sure.

    I would really recommend checking out Lauren's website "Corner of Hope and Mane". She talks all about toppers and shows lots of photos of her own toppers, etc. You can also join in conversations, which I have not yet done.

    Just got an Impressions brand Rose HH topper from Lori's Wigsite for around $350. (human hair, soft as can be, curly) I absolutely love it. It came with 3 clips but I'll be adding more. It's really good being on the "other side" of this hair loss issue. No, my hair will not be coming back. But my quality of life is definitely back.
  14. leap

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    I am so happy for you that you crossed that bridge into acceptance with it and living fully again. I will check out that website and that brand name wig. I'm so scared to shave. Thanks for your answer though and inspiration
  15. leap

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    Yes, I have the same question. I can be incredibly confident in my bathroom. But then how do I believe that any man would stay after finding out? I don't have the confidence with the men. That is the hardest part.
  16. thinhair1

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    Check out the post from Lauren (from Corner of Hope and Mane) in regards to the man question. She's got great advice on that one. Wish I'd followed it. Instead, it took my husband coming across my topper that I'd accidentally left on the floor to finally "out" myself. 11 years into our marriage!! Yes, it's true, I hid it for that long. Really ridiculous in retrospect.
    Know what he said as I cowered under the covers? "Whatever makes you feel more comfortable is fine with me".
    That's it. Seriously it took 10 seconds. The conversation I'd been dreading for years took 10 seconds. And we've not talked about it since. :)
    He's a great guy, and most of the guys out there are. I think I've been underestimating them.
  17. thinhair1

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    Also please check out the website "Into Thin Hair" (I know, love the title, right?)
    This woman has the right ATTITUDE!!!!! I'm not there yet, but someday!!!
  18. leap

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    Thanks thinhair1 for the encouragement. Looked into your advise. Seems like once a man falls in love with you, theres more hope. I'm thinking about getting a net weave. Anyone know if this solution pulls all your hair out?
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    Hey all. Have any of you taken Viviscal Professional? My dr told me to take it and being I got a "biopsy" that gave a blank report and just said androgenetic alopecia when I'm telling the 2 stupid dermatologists my hair count is at 350-400 I had finally went to a hair specialist that told me it sounded like telogen effluvium and not to take rogaine and other stuff BC I'll get into more of a "shed" so I've been on viviscal for last few weeks praying it works. All the dermatologists say is here's rogaine! It says you will see the difference in 4-6 months. I've ordered a topper anyway but mine was wrong color so I'm waiting for the other one still.. Scared to use it. I've also been using toppik hair fibers. Any of you use that as well?
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    Yes there's hope! And I gave you the wrong website, it's actually called "Out of Thin Hair" (not "into thin hair") Sorry 'bout that. Good luck. It's gonna be OK. There was a time when I really, really didn't think it would, but now I know FOR SURE, it's gonna be OK for me and for you, and for all the women out there this is happening to. It really is a mind-$%@& but it's going to work out. The photos of the women on these websites will inspire you.
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