Looking for any women that love wearing wigs and which worked for them

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by twinmom, Mar 29, 2014.

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    Thank you! I really appreciate the hope. We could all use a little of that. I'd like to ask you a logistics question. Please ignore if you dont feel comfortable. Im wondering how woman keep their toppers on at night with their significant others. Do you just clip and your ready to go? Everything seems beautiful and ok untill friction, wind, water, pain, heat, ect.... come into play. Im obviously less further along in the journey of acceptance and am apprehensive about the details.

    Thank you for reaching out and tuning into my hair scare night mare
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    Well, I don't wear mine much to bed. I want to give my bio hair a break, and don't want traction where it clips in. But you could wear it to bed if you want to. I think you'd be surprised at how durable the toppers are. They can get wet, and some people even swim in them (check out Corner of Hope and Mane site). I would encourage you to let your S.O. know that you're wearing a topper. It's just much easier once they know. No hiding, no secrecy. Yep, it's a tough leap and I only let my husband know 10 years into our marriage! Can you believe that? He probably suspected but I'd trained him well not to ask about my hair issues, ya know what I mean? Wish I'd done it much sooner. He's fine with it, and I'm sure he would have been fine with it while we were dating too.
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    Hi Melissa, were you able to find a solution? I actually bought my first hairpiece this week from NYC Midtown 30s and 6th avenue, there are a lot of hair places. I brought the piece to Meeria Dearman who cut and will color it for me. She was great and the whole thing didn't break my bank. Good luck!
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    Hey... Do u have a pic of what it looks like? I ordered a topper, I'm still waiting cause the other one didn't match my color.. I've been taking viviscal professional.... Idk how long I'm supposed to be taking it but I like it.. I also been using topikk hair fibers sometimes... I don't wanna take Meds... Idk what else to do
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    Viviscal Professional? Is that different than the Viviscal that you can buy on their website?

    I've been taking 2/day (ordered from their website) for maybe 9-10 months. I can confidently say I notice much less shedding, but I can't say that my ponytail has gotten any thicker.