Looking for girls in nashville suffering from hair loss!

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by carole felton, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. carole felton

    carole felton New Member

    I live in nashville area,,i need some buddies! ;) i have been suffering hair loss for over 4 years! No one understands! Looking for women in the same boat im in! :)
  2. bangsgone

    bangsgone New Member

    from Murfreesboro

    Im in Murfreesboro. I am 33- just starting to see hairloss in my bangs.... so thin! I just ordered Rogain 2%, Biotin 10,000mg, a whole food Iron supplement and Tagamet. I started noticing hairloss during pregnancy 5 years ago- and with my 2nd pregnancy too. I have PCOS and realize now that it is a factor. My dad had super thin hair, but never went bald so it must be from him. I'm on Facebook under Sarah (Dennis) Scott
  3. Jules88

    Jules88 New Member

    Hi Carol...are you still out there? I'm in Nashville!
  4. Jules88

    Jules88 New Member

    Hi bangsgone! are you still out there? I"m in Nashville.
  5. BTGirl118

    BTGirl118 New Member

    I'm in the Nashville/Murfreesboro area, as well.
  6. Amanda Mitchell

    Amanda Mitchell New Member

    I am in Nashville...Are you all still out there?
    Would love to talk about stylists, options, etc!
  7. BTGirl118

    BTGirl118 New Member

    Amanda, I sent you a private message.
  8. catgirl0306

    catgirl0306 New Member

    Did you guys ever create a meetup? If not - let's do it. I really need women friends who are going through this. You are the only ones who actually understand. Let me know.