Looking for NY Wig Places??

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by NYCGirlie, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. NYCGirlie

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    Can anyone recommend a wig/topper place in New York? Anyone have any experience with Shuly Wigs (Brooklyn NY), Patricia's Salon (Astoria, Queens, NY), or Adam & Eve/Oggi Salon (Hartsdale/Scarsdale NY)?
  2. KathyLI

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    I went to Dov Salon in NYC. He is the most compassionate, incredible human being. His wigs and toppers are beyond amazing.
  3. NYCGirlie

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    I will have to check that salon out! I went to 2 salons in Manhattan but they were hair salons which also offer custom wigs...super expensive!! What did you buy? What's the price range?
  4. KathyLI

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    He is expensive but the pieces last so much longer than other places. I have a clip on piece to hide crown. May soon move to topper. He is not pushy AT ALL and will not sell you anything you dont need. He actually talked me out of moving ahead too fast. Worth evry dime
  5. Luc30

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    Dov salon

    I have not been to Dov, but the reviews for that guy are amazing not only here but also on the web. I already made my choice that if I need a wig or topper that's where I'll go.

    I'm also planning on moving to NYC next year - so that's another reason why I want to see him, especially for hair cuts. To be honest, I can see myself shaving my head more than wearing a wig/topper - but I wouldn't consider anyone else at this point if I find I need to make that decision. I just hope he continues to work for many more years, or at least has a good following from his staff!!
  6. homegirl

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    I went to Joseh Fleischer on 5th Ave. and 30th Street. A custom lace topper was $2,800. YIKES!
  7. KathyLI

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    i went to Patricia's salon and was not very impressed. My consultation with Patricia was us sitting in the middle of a salon with no privacy. As I spoke to her she was looking right past me and answered her phone twice.....I highly recommend Roberto Filipo, Dov Salon (both in Manhattan) or Riveria in Syosset Long Island. All are terrifiic places- cant go wrong with any of them.
  8. homegirl

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    Thank you for the referal. Have you gotten pieces from all three? What should one expect to pay for a custom nat hair topper?
  9. Lana007

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    Dov Dismissed Me

    I went to Dov's this past weekend based on the recommendations on this site and walked away fairly upset and discouraged.

    I'm relatively young and stressed with classic female pattern balding (Ludwig I-4, diagnosed) that I cover with powder every morning for work - I never wear my hair down and have for a number of years fielded concerned questions from friends and family who have noticed how my hair has changed. Granted, I luckily have very curly / frizzy hair that I further tease in order to cover the thinning areas.

    BUT Dov essentially told me that I do NOT have a problem, that I should stop biting my nails and stressing about it, that no one sees what I see, and that I should find a way to be happy and come back only when my hair loss is severe and until then enjoy what I have.

    While I may not be ready for a topper, the last thing I wanted to be was dismissed as overly obsessed. He made me feel like I was making a mountain out of a mole hill (hardly!) and pointed to other women at the salon who admittedly were further along in more severe stages of hair loss as examples of those who would feel lucky to trade places with me.

    I feel....discouraged and even more unhappy.
  10. homegirl

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    Hi, Lift your head up. Things will get better after you have found your solution. One never knows who is posting or recommending various vendos or products on this page. NYTimes. com has a factful and objective article on DOV that you may want to read.

    Hair loss for me seemed sudden; one day I had curly healthy hair; and it just seemed; that one day I did not. My boyfriend and many other friends said they did not notice my thinning hair; but it is not about what others think; it's about what we think. Although my boyfriend said it was not time for me to get a hair piece, I knew that it was. At first I found it difficult to accept my new hair piece; but I realized that for me there was probably no other alternative. I bought my topper from Joseph Fleischer on Fifth Ave in NYC. At first I had difficulty with my need to wear it, but when I finally accepted it, I realized that it is a real confidence builder. Now when I wear hair, I feel beautiful. I also now wear hair ornaments, headbands and various fabric in my new hair, and I am loving it. My topper was very expensive, but well worth it.
  11. Lana007

    Lana007 New Member

    Thanks Homegirl, I really (and truly!) appreciate your comment.

    I found the NYT article you referenced on DOV (http://www.nytimes.com/2004/03/14/n...ox-jewish-woman-wig-that-s-more-than-wig.html for anyone who wants to read it) and it seems very positive, albeit from 2004 - it is likely that my experience is unusual.

    I might check out Joseph Fleischer once I steel my nerves to try again. I agree that no one can tell you when the right time is to move to a topper - at this point, I constantly worry that I'll get caught in the rain without an umbrella and all those "lovely" keratin powders will run down my face. I instinctively flinch away when my boyfriend reaches to touch my hair....well you know the drill and your hair history sounds very familiar to mine.

    Anyway, I'm so happy that the topper is working out for you and that you feel more confident and beautiful! That's the true goal, though at this point I'd settle for feeling safe (from being found out / exposed)...I guess I'm still working on this whole positive attitude thing :)
  12. homegirl

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    Hair Places

    I liked my experience with J. Fleischer. Hair is well matched to yours, and added or subtracted as you wish. The session was private. So, yes I am very happy. I could try purchasing from another vendor because it would be much cheaper, but doubt I would be as happy with the final product, so I will most likely stick with J.Fleischer.
  13. Kirthi

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    Looks like I should go to Manhatten...

    This recommendation sounds promising. I've been ignoring my hair loss for 3 years now and yesterday I looked at myself in the mirror and had to ask myself who I was fooling with Toppik.
    Anyhoo, time has come for me to buy a topper. Looks like Dov's a good place to start, but I'm a really poor student.

    So, could some one please tell me how much I could expect to spend at a place like Dov's at a bare minimum?

    Also, should I go in with an appointment. Sans Toppik? Spend on the same day or come back (credit, installments and stuff).
    Also, when you do buy a topper, how do you wear it in to work? How do you explain away a head of hair when there was little earlier (Since I live in Lala land where no one has noticed my hair loss)?
    Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance!
  14. homegirl

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    Joseph Fleischer

    I went to Joseph Fleischer, and I spent $2,800. I had them make me a piece that looked very natural. Yes, I now have more hair, but most people just said "oh your hair looks nice today" or something similar.

    Dov's is less expensive according to the article in the NY Times.You can also check out KATs page on this site - under Toppers.

    The clips with the toppers are sometimes uncomfortable; so you may also want to think about purchasing a bonded piece. A lot of research is involved; but there is a lot of information out there- especially on this site.
  15. Jerseygirl

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    I have bought from Kiki and Yaffa in Brooklyn. Also Flora (Design by Flora) in Teaneck, NJ. Flora now has a shop in Manhattan.
  16. naturesorganic

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    we went to Patricia's beauty salon and wasn't really amazed. My personal consultation along with Patricia was all of us relaxing in the middle of a beauty salon with no privacy. As I spoke to the woman's she had been looking right past me personally as well as clarified her telephone two times.....I highly recommend Roberto Filip, Dov Beauty salon (in Manhattan) or even Rivera within Cosset New York. Each one is terrific places- cannot go wrong along with them.