Looking for some REAL advice! I'm at my wits end...

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    Hey everyone--
    I'm Jodie, I'm 31 and from Nashville. My hair started thinning in my early 20's--I quickly began using Nioxin, and that seemed to help me for many years. Then, when I was 28, I went thru a brutal divorce and my hair started falling out significantly from stress, not eating or sleeping well, etc. Again, I used GOOD, salon grade products meant for hairloss, Nioxin, Intra Force, etc, and eventually my hair became healthier. I was also taking vitamins (Biotin, Collagen, Formula 50, NuHair, etc) I wasn't having to load up on product every day to make it feel and look thicker. Now, here I am in my 30's and my hair gotten worse again. Despite doing everything I can to keep it healthy, it just looks thinner and thinner day by day, and there is more and more hair coming off when I wash it, comb it, etc...I'm currently using Ultrax Laboratories full line of products (Surge, Solace, Lush, and Maxx), have been for roughly a year now I think...and just obviously still don't feel I'm getting the results I should be. I'm still taking other supplements as well (fish oil, B12, Folic Acid, and again, the Biotin with Keratin added in), I am currently off of my birth control (not trying to have a baby, just my rx ran out and I haven't renewed it...totally my fault!), I eat well and drink plenty of water, I don't smoke...I'm ultimately pretty damn healthy! :) Had some bloodwork done in September, came back spotless. But I can't kick this hairloss thing no matter how hard I try. I know its hereditary, my maternal grandfather passed away when I was 5 but I do remember him being pretty much bald when I was little. So I guess what I'm beginning to wonder is, what out there is actually WORKING for everybody? I have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on products and treatments over the years to help aid me in keeping my hair and making it thicken up, and still feel like I'm getting nowhere....

    I've been reading up on Pura d'or organic shampoo for hairloss, its supposedly a #1 best seller on Amazon. Anyone have any luck using it out there? I just want to get real advice, from real women out there who have similar issues, and hear what is helping them. I know everyones situation is different, but I'm really beginning to think I need to try something else, since what I'm doing doesn't seem to be doing the trick!

    Now I will say, I don't have bald spots, but have very significant thinning all throughout my hair. I have to use thickening cream, dry shampoo, and keratin fibers everyday to make it looks halfway near decent and keep my scalp from showing thru. I have had very minimal new growth here and there over the last year and half or so, but defnitely not enough to make a difference in my hairline, etc.

    Looking forward to what ya'll might have to say!! Thank you so so very much....I'm hoping this forum will be extremely helpful and informative for me!!
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    Find anything that works?
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    Hi Jodi,

    There are millions of people selling hair products to rejuvenate hair . These people are making billions of dollars. Meanwhile millions of people are living on earth with hair loss/baldness. The extortion of desperate people who are suffering from a lost body part is criminal. This legal crime is best dealt with by recognizing it and avoiding it. We must patch ourselves up without the help of criminals. Unfortunately, the world we are in just adds insult to injury.
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    Hi Jodie,
    I agree with Leap. Your hair will very likely not come back. I have AA too, for the past 20 years. My hair will not be coming back. It's the brutal truth, and I don't want to dash hopes, but I really do feel that accepting the loss will buy your freedom. Concealers and toppers/wigs will buy you your confidence back. As Leap said, there are many charlatons willing to take our money as they know we are desperate. I'd recommend the site "Out of Thin Hair" and the video on there about accepting your hair loss. Kellie is the author and she's fabulous. 25 years old with androgenetic alopecia, like what it sounds like you have.
    I've given up thinking my hair will grow back and now wear a topper and all is good. I'm despondent thinking that my kids will have to endure this hair loss thing too but I'm trying to take it one day at a time. I also hold out hope (for their sake) that hair cloning/amplification will become more affordable and will be an option for them when the time comes. All my best to you.