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    hi ladies
    im looking for anyone who would like to email or pm and support one another. im having such a hard time with this because no one in my family knows except my hubby who doesnt understand despite trying. im feeling so isolated and lost dealing with this all. i feel ive lost such a big part of myself. i dont remember the last time i smiled a real smile or felt happiness without heaviness. then theres the shame and embarressment of it. i miss feeling like me again. worst part is no one understands. i bought a hair system im waiting to come in but i have mixed feelings about it. just trying not to cry during my day is a struggle. this is not what life should be like :(
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    Thanks for your quick response to my post about laser therapy-I have my down days too and feel like I have lost a large part of who I am, due to my hair loss-I have 4 sisters and only one has some hair loss but nothing compared to mine. they just don't get it and think I should just get over it! well if it was one of them losing their hair I bet it would be a different story. My husband is wonderful though and gives me a lot of support. I don't think he would be agonizing about losing his hair but he never says a word about my spending money to try to stop the loss. so if you need to vent just let me know-we will email each other for support!